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Does The Catholic Church Have The True God?

Whom do Catholics recognize as God? Is the God that Catholics believe in the same God […]

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Sharing In Paradise – BLOG

Maioriko Menge, a pastor, and preacher from a Baptist church in the community felt the warm welcome of Church of Christ members in Pohnpei, Micronesia

El Mensaje

Hay muchas personas hoy en día que están dejando sus religiones y perdiendo su fe en […]

God's Message Podcast
How Much Do We Love God?

We’ve probably heard of God, some of us may have even tried to pray to Him…but is that enough? The Bible has the answers.

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Is Changing Religions a Sin?

Are all religions the same? What should be one’s basis in choosing a religion? You asked, […]

Christians During Calamities: What's the Protocol?

Natural disasters are a part of life, but how can Christians prepare and deal with calamities?

INC International Edition
The Must-Do’s in Livelihood

Ever since Adam and Eve committed sin, man has had to work to earn a living. […]

God's Message Podcast
God’s Wisdom For Salvation

What’s the correct way to start a relationship with God? Get to know Him through the instructions of the Bible. We’ll discuss how we know the Bible is real.

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Wisdom Needed For Young Minds

Children in the Church Of Christ come together for a Bible quiz with one girl in […]