INC and the Bible
The Bible

Most religions have a book on which they base their faith. Above all books, however, is […]

Tagisan ng Talino – International Bible Trivia Competition

International Bible Trivia Competition held at the Philippine Arena with 39 participants from the various Ecclesiastical […]

Centennial Featured
Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Bible – The International Centennial Special

Taking a closer look at the 100 years of God’s blessings through the achievements and progress […]

Centennial Featured
Hollywood and Bible Epic Films

Are Hollywood’s depictions of Bible story films helpful or harmful?

El Mensaje
Quién Es El Verdadero Dios De Acuerdo Con La Biblia (Who The True God Is According to The Bible)

La Biblia enseña que solamente el Padre es el único Dios verdadero en la Biblia. Si […]

English Shows

Is the Bible the only source of God’s words?

INC Kids
In the Bible

The youth members of the Church of Christ express their faith through song.

Religious Programs
Is Christmas in the Bible?

Why do some religions NOT celebrate Christmas? Why do all Jesus-branded religions celebrate Christmas when they […]

Face the Truth
The Truth about God – Part I: The God of the Bible

God. People have been trying to describe Him paint Him and define Him from the very […]