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The Truth about God – Part I: The God of the Bible

God. People have been trying to describe Him paint Him and define Him from the very […]

Faith and Family
From Miscarriage to Motherhood

When I was a 8 years old, I had a favorite baby doll, with red yarn […]

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Premarital Sex: Is it OK?

Do society’s feelings about premarital sex agree with the Bible’s stance? You asked, the Bible answers.

About the INC
Learn With Us: What to Expect When You Study

We invite you to learn with us, to enroll in a free Bible course with the […]

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Is God a Trinity?

Many people who consider themselves as Christian believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, which says […]

Unidos Contra La Pobreza// Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California

Angie Fisher, host of Iglesia De Cristo Mundo, finds out why it was important for Rigoberto […]

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Why You Need to Experience a Worship Service with the INC

7 Benefits That Prove It’s Worth Your Time  Searching for a church to help you grow […]

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

What is the significance of Christ’s death? Was it necessary to happen? You asked, the Bible […]

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Worldwide Walk in La Motte

HERALD-LEADER — April 26, 2018 The community of La Motte will be a hopping place next weekend, as […]