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As Hurricane Florence Rages, Faithful Are Gathered In North Carolina

Church of Christ house of worship in North Carolina, with overlay text: "Local Congregation of High Point, North Carolina
Iglesia Ni Cristo Dedicates a House of Worship in High Point, North Carolina.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Dedicates a House of Worship in High Point

SEPTEMBER 16 (HIGH POINT) – As Hurricane Florence made landfall across the Carolinas, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), an international religious organization that holds its Central Office in the Philippines, opened the doors to a newly renovated house of worship. The 5-acre property and 8,000 sq. ft. worship building located at 1934 Eastchester Dr., High Point, North Carolina was dedicated during a special worship on Sunday, September 16.

“We have prepared for the dedication of the house of worship in High Point for a long time, and the most important part of those preparations was prayer. So when we saw that inclement weather was predicted we knew it wouldn’t hinder the special worship service – God is with the Iglesia Ni Cristo,” said Matthew Capistrano, District Minister of the 24 congregations in the Mid Atlantic region of the east coast.

The property in High Point was purchased by the Iglesia Ni Cristo in 2012 from a local religion, the Deep River Church of Christ. The adjoining building on the property contains several offices and a function hall. Renovations to the house of worship include internal upgrades to the lighting, restyling of the sanctuary, as well as a complete redesign of the facade.

Voluntary contributions from members all over the world allow for the building and renovation of INC edifices like this one in High Point, that has elements unique to the local culture and building’s history, but monument to INC chapels seen globally.

Since the beginning of 2018, the INC has dedicated over 100 houses of worship worldwide – with an average of three worship buildings a week being built. Additional chapels are currently under construction or renovation to meet the needs of its fast-growing membership worldwide.


About the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ

The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ is a global Christian Church that upholds Bible-based Christian teachings. It maintains congregations and missions in 143 countries and territories and its membership consists of 133 ethnic groups and nationalities.

The INC continues to fulfill its pledge of sharing the gospel and extending help, to the best of its ability, to strengthen the bond between the congregations of the Church Of Christ and the communities in which they serve – through aid and services, promoting education, socio-economic well-being, environmental awareness and health improvement. This is done with the help of local governments and community establishments, through the Aid For Humanity Program of the Felix Y. Manalo (FYM) Foundation and also the worldwide volunteer force of the INC Giving Project enacted through the Christian Family Organizations of the Church Of Christ.

Photos Courtesy of Iglesia Ni Cristo Public Information Office