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Frustrated and disappointed by your current church or religion? Wondering if it's time to go? Read four signs to know if it's time to leave your church.

Janlynn Valerio

Start your Mondays with reminders from the BIble. Whether it’s verse of the day or Bible verses for your week, see how biblical reminders can change your life.

Michelle Barreda

See how God is at work in your life, using all things for good. Read stories from individuals who experienced blessings through the hardships they faced.

Janlynn Valerio

Keeping adult friendships is hard. Get tips on connecting and maintaining friendships through shared faith, vulnerability, and making time for friends.
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Hannah Limon

New home, school, friends, and big overwhelming! Read about how different families deal with change and learn how to call a place “home.”

Macy Nucup-Padilla

Jeffrey de Guia