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A single mom finds her bearings and can afford to send her kids to school. A grandmother discovers her true purpose in life. Teenagers uncertain about their future finally have direction. A young father of three can focus on raising his children, instead of how to put food on the table. And an entire remote village can now look forward with hope.

This type of meaningful change is the kind of impact the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ is making around the world.

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From Village to Village

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Africa Celebrates

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INC Music Video: Thank You (from Africa)

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True Hope - Part II

A Closer Look

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Brother Phillip meets with Betty, a retired teacher and a deaconess in the Church Of Christ. She reveals the impact the Church Of Christ has been making in her community which was once filled with crime and violence.

“Even the mayor (of Ladybrand) talked about them, that there was a lot of crime in Manyatseng. But because Church Of Christ came to rescue them, they have changed. Even the police now, they are living free because they do not have a lot of work to do like they used to do.”

Meet Limakatsu, a single parent of four who had to also take in her nephew. Sending the kids to school was an impossible dream; she could barely put food on the table. But their lives dramatically turned around when they discovered the Church Of Christ. Limakatsu was given work on the Eco-Farm in Ladybrand allowing her to put her daughter, Poncho and nephew, Teboho through school.

Teboho wants to pursue an education in law and Poncho wants to be a teacher. 

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When the crew met Poloko in 2017, he was already on the right path– deeply involved in the Church Of Christ and working hard for a successful future. But that wasn’t always the case for Poloko. 

During  the crew’s recent trip to South Africa, they learned more about Poloko’s rough past and what he had to do just so he could eat. 

Today, Poloko’s life is filled with purpose and has become a walking example of a life touched by the words of God

About the show

Eye ‘N See (INC), is a VLOGumentary series launched by the Executive Minister, with a mission to inform others of the great work that God is doing around the world and to inspire everyone to be part of this work.

Go behind the scenes with Brother Phillip Velasquez and crew and see the efforts of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) to bring true Christianity to every corner of the world–including remote regions of Africa and India–and how it is changing lives.

About the Host

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Brother Philip Velasquez

Born and raised in Peckham, London, Brother Phillip Velasquez has been a Minister of the Gospel since 2011 and has a passion for meaningful storytelling. He loves to travel but deeply misses his wife and cheeky daughter whenever he is on assignment.