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Take a Weekly Adventure With Us!

Here you’ll get the chance to choose one episode to show a week to the INC Kids in your district. Feel free to also use them for any of your INC Kids activities!

Episode 16: The Birth of John the Baptist

Learn about how John the Baptist on Bible Time; Sweetie teaches us the word ‘Prayer’; Watch INC Kids in Alaska perform “Members of the Church Of Christ”


Episode 15: The Prayer of a Righteous Man

On this week’s episode of INC Kids Adventures, we are taught about a righteous man named Elijah who had a special prayer; Sweetie teaches us a new word, ‘UNITY’; Sing along with the song “We Are Young, We are One” Children’s Storybook Animation.

Episode 14: The Creation of All Things in the Beginning

On this week’s episode of INC Kids Adventures, we are taught how God created the world on Bible Time; James teaches us to draw a nature scene and Klay gives us tips on how to properly wear a helmet!

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Need a fun activity for your INC Kids? Check out the new activity sheets and coloring pages featuring Bible Time characters, Sweetie, and Klay!

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