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Learning from Failure

For anyone wanting to cope with failure, and more importantly looking to persevere in the face of failure…

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Serving the community: INC to distribute flu shots, clothing, food and more at fairgrounds Saturday

VICTORVILLE DAILY PRESS – JANUARY 12, 2018 VICTORVILLE — Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church of […]

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Is the Old Testament Applicable Today?

Has God changed instructions in the Bible at different points in time? You asked, the Bible answers.

Goal-Setting Playlist

Goal-Setting Playlist 4 Bible Studies to Help You Grow in the New Year With 2017 in […]

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Is God Ignoring My Prayers?

In the process of asking something from God through prayer, is He ever slow in answering? Do our actions have anything to do with receiving an answer? You asked, the Bible answers.

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Teaching Children to Budget

We’ve tackled the subject of money before on the show. The Bible is full of lots of instruction when it comes to money- including advice and warnings.

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December 10, 2017 [Ministers’ Night]

Ministers and ministerial workers together with their wives gathered for a special occasion wherein they received a Bible based message from the Executive Minister.

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What does God think of those who practice sorcery? You asked, the Bible answers.

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Your Way or HIS – Does it Even Matter?

Many people believe that any service rendered to God would be accepted by Him, thinking that […]