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Bible Time: The Birth of John the Baptist

It’s Bible Time! Learn about the birth of John the Baptist.

Free Bible Studies

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Religious Programs
Why have so many people taken interest in the Bible when it is just a book?

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El Mensaje
Los Mensajeros Son Puestos Para Predicar Las Palabras de Dios en la Biblia (Messengers Are Appointed to Preach God’s Words Written in the Bible)

Está escrito en la Biblia que hay los que son nombrados para predicar la palabra de […]

The Bible – Fact, Fiction or Fallacy?

The Bible – Fact, Fiction or Fallacy?

Religious Programs
Which is the right version of the Bible to follow and why?

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English Shows
Contradicting the Bible

Many churches claim to use the Bible as the basis of their faith. These churches also […]

INC and the Bible
The Bible

Most religions have a book on which they base their faith. Above all books, however, is […]