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When you’re ready, sign up for the Bible study course and take it at your pace. We’ll work with you to find one that fits your schedule and location.

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Watch Video: "What Can You Learn In The Bible Study Course"

Why study the Bible with us?

The Bible contains the teachings of God. Inside is where you can find the guide to life and most importantly, instructions for salvation. So, when you sign up to attend Bible studies in the Church Of Christ, you’ll gain an understanding of God’s words and how to live a meaningful life according to the Bible.

Bible studies are different in the Church Of Christ

  • Bible studies are done in a question-and-answer format
  • Answers come directly from the Bible
  • There are no personal opinions, speculation, or random storytelling

What can you learn during a Bible Study?

  • Are God and Jesus the same?
  • What happens to me after death?
  • Are the words of God written in the Bible?
  • Are all religions the same?
  • How can I pray for my family?
  • Do I need to be part of a Church?