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We’ll contact you through email to schedule a time to meet with you about the Bible studies in the Church Of Christ.


We’ll answer your question(s) by video conferencing and share what you can learn in the Church Of Christ. And if you have more questions, we can schedule additional sessions.


When you’re ready, sign up for the Bible study course and take it at your pace. We’ll work with you to find one that fits your schedule and location.

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Bible studies are different in the Church Of Christ

  • Bible studies are done in a question-and-answer format
  • Answers come directly from the Bible
  • There are no personal opinions, speculation, or random storytelling

Why study the Bible with us?

The Bible contains the teachings of God. Inside is where you can find the guide to life and most importantly, instructions for salvation. So, when you sign up to attend Bible studies in the Church Of Christ, you’ll gain an understanding of God’s words and how to live a meaningful life according to the Bible.

Watch Video: "What Can You Learn In The Bible Study Course"

Questions you may have about signing up for the Bible study course

  • Are God and Jesus the same?
  • What happens to me after death?
  • Are the words of God written in the Bible?
  • Are all religions the same?
  • How can I pray for my family?
  • Do I need to be part of a Church?

Bible studies are conducted at the pace of the Bible student, and is coordinated with the assigned minister who is conducting the Bible studies.

No. Bible studies are free.

No. Signing up as a Bible student does not mean you automatically become a member of the Church Of Christ.

Feel free to bring a notebook and pen to take notes during the Bible study, and to jot down any questions you may have about the lesson, to ask the minister afterward.

Bible studies are usually conducted in-person. But depending on the schedule of the Bible student and assigned minister, Bible studies may be conducted online via Webex.

We actually have a process in place to help non-members, like your friend, learn more about the Church Of Christ and guide them to hopefully attend a Bible study or worship service. I suggest letting your friend know that the Church Of Christ welcomes questions and to drop us a line on Just a reminder that your Resident Minister in your local congregation would be more than happy to help you. Your Resident Minister is sent by the Church Administration and can answer your friend’s questions regarding our faith and the Bible. Feel free to make an appointment with your Resident Minister.