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Tools to Share Our Faith

Talking about your faith helps in the spread of God’s words and His teachings found in the Bible. But is there only ONE way to start a faith conversation?

Spoiler Alert: No. There isn’t.

Your Next Faith Conversation is Just Around The Corner​

Every interaction—at work, at school, at a coffee shop, or even on your commute — is an opportunity to start a faith conversation. Discover the different ways you can share your faith and fill up your toolkit with tools you can download, print, and share wherever you go. Want to stay up to date on new tools and tips to start a faith conversation?

INC Media Cards

Shareable pocket sized graphics on the go. Give them as a thank you to your server or uber driver. Or simply share it with someone to brighten their day.

Episode Guides

Curated playlists to binge watch and listen to your favorite INC Media shows.

Introductory Videos

Find the perfect video for your next Bible study or Evangelical Mission. With short videos ranging from three to seven minutes, you can choose a video that complements your event.

Family Resources

Find wholesome activity sheets and other resources for you and your family.

Conversation Starters

A guide to starting a faith conversation through online messaging and a helpful starting point to create captions when sharing our faith through social media.


Some of our beliefs at-a-glance to simplify and help others understand the teachings taught in the Church Of Christ.

Creative Christian Planner

Prepare and stay inspired with the Creative Christian Planner. Download and start planning for the new year.

INCGiving Resources

When you do community service, let your community know who you are! Represent the Church in your next volunteer or outreach activity with the INCGiving logo.

More Tools

Care to Share Toolkit

Sponsor your own "Care 2 Share" Campaign! Gather your friends or take it on solo. How-to guide, graphics, captions and videos—download the complete faith conversation starter package and get to sharing!

INCMedia App

Stream your favorite INC Media programs on your streaming platforms or the INC Media mobile app.

INCMedia Social Media Accounts

Follow @incmedianews for updates, share a Bible verse from, or follow individual shows for show-specific posts. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

YouTube Channels

Our videos are also available on YouTube! Great for sharing with your friends and family.

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