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Thank You, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for the INC Giving Project

The INC Giving Project, like many activities of the Church Of Christ, have inspired individuals all over the world to be better Christians. It’s through the example of the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, that we carry this inspiration with us — today and every day.


Thank You, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for the INC Giving Project

Love Ann Sison: The Church Of Christ is unlike any other church because we put the love for God—and for our fellowman—in the center of everything that we do.

Jewell Buenavista: Because of the INC Giving Project, the Church Of Christ has been able to help so many people throughout the world.

Brother Bob Pellien: It has moved and inspired members of the Church to be active in so many elements of our faith.

Murrielle Ocon: When we have activities such as this—such as INC Giving—we’re able to showcase to the world how great our leader in the Church is.

Aliw Pablo: It’s really because of Brother Eduardo Manalo that the INC Giving Project exists.

Brother Bob: The Church was primarily just having what we call the Lingap Sa Mamamayan projects or the aid to our fellowmen projects, mostly there in the Philippines. In 2011, in Los Angeles, when the first INC Giving major project happened, it was right after the dedication of the new house of worship in Los Angeles.

VO: The INC Giving Project of the Church Of Christ inspired its first volunteers in 2011 through Neighborhood Appreciation Days.

Aliw: One of the biggest impacts is opening our chapel doors and our compound gates to the neighborhoods all over the world, especially for those where it’s a brand new house of worship, they were able to do a chapel tour as well. We wanted a way where we can say “thank you” to the neighbors and being able to thank them for their patience in the road work or anything that has interfered with their daily lives. And so, when they got to know, “What? I can go in even though I’m not a member of your church?” It really softened their hearts and it made them want to know more about the Church, and get to know the brethren.

Brother Bob: It broke down the barriers of uncertainty between the community and the Church. They knew that we’re here for them—we’re here with them—and they’re always welcome.

Lois Paula Riturban: And since then, this effort to extend a hand or open doors has moved into communities across the world, through individuals, families, and groups performing acts of kindness through this project launched by the executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Brother Bob: The activities of the INC Giving Project, the vision that Brother Eduardo had, for that, has accomplished that and so much more.

Love Ann: It’s become a source of hope and inspiration for many, whether it’s donating to food banks, clean-up drives, appreciating our neighbors, frontliners, firefighters

Aliw: …shoveling snow after a blizzard, whether it be giving out relief goods in evacuation centers or, even better, giving spiritual support by the ministers in the Church…people really need to feel the hope and the power of God’s words that can have in their lives, especially during these times.

Murrielle: I never really used to do volunteer work. The INC Giving Project has helped me to realize that a smile, a couple of words, a couple of hours with somebody makes a big difference to someone who’s really struggling in life.

Nicole Constantino: Thanks to this project of the Church Administration, love, encouragement, appreciation and hope have been spread to the community.

Renezen Benedicto: …With members of the Church Of Christ, especially here in the US, where—maybe in their congregation, there’s just a handful of them—they’ve been able to go out there, and meet their neighbors…that, for me, has always been the most heartwarming to see…to see them wearing their INC Giving shirts and going out there in the community and making a difference, even if there’s only a few of them.

Love Ann: Since the launch of the INC Giving Project, I have been able to help organize Teacher’s Appreciation Day events in our congregation in Heathrow for about five consecutive years. Teachers have come to me and said they’ve never felt so appreciated in their entire career as a teacher. And to me, that says a lot. Those memories will be—will stay with them and they will remember the Church Of Christ in the most special way.

Sophia Espiritu: Because of the INC Giving Project, the Church Of Christ is thriving. People have returned and joined the Church Of Christ because they see us sharing our own faith and kindness.

VO: Individuals, like Sophia, have taken the inspiration of the outreach projects organized by the Church Of Christ, and do it on their own—they take the spirit of the INC Giving Project, and do good unto others in their own way, every day.

Nicole (Italian): INC Giving helped me to become more altruistic and appreciate what others are doing for us and to spread the act of generosity.

Murrielle: It not only helps the person that you’re giving help to, it helps you as an individual.

Jewell: I especially love the INC Giving Project because it has created a platform — a platform for me as a mother — to be able to teach my kids the importance of giving.

Love Ann: Even with my kids—they’re so young—they know that if there’s an INC Giving activity, they’ll give their time wholeheartedly. And they’ve learned to be confident in sharing their faith and inviting their teachers.

Brother Bob: Profound missionary impact was a vision that Brother Eduardo had that we didn’t anticipate from the very beginning.

Renezen: Here in the US, especially because the Church [Of Christ] isn’t as well known in certain places around the country, for a lot of these congregations, where they’re smaller, it’s given them an opportunity to connect with their community; to build relationships with them, so that they have a foundation to be able to go out there and invite them to a Bible study.

Murrielle: That’s what the INC Giving Project does—it reaches other people so that they have something to gain today by listening to the words of God—that has something to gain tomorrow and beyond.

Love Ann: Through the INC Giving Project, we can show them we’re not just helping the communities here—we’re doing it all over the world—and it makes us feel really proud to be members of the Church Of Christ.

Murrielle: We’ve never stopped. We continue on, even though now there’s a pandemic, there’s still so many activities. The only difference is that we’re doing it in a different medium—we are now just doing it in our homes.

Kevin Lamoureaux (Member of Parliament, Winnipeg North, Manitoba): Over the years, I’ve been able to, as a parliamentarian, get to know a lot of different individuals and groups. And the Church Of Christ in the members of the congregation have played a very important part of my life personally, virtually since I was first elected 30 years ago. And over those years I have seen the Church Of Christ do many different things. You see members of the congregation coming forward and helping, whether they’re seniors, dysfunctional families, by providing care packages. These are the types of things that speak volumes in terms of just the impact that the Church has actually had here in the City of Winnipeg. Through its local leadership, we have seen members of the congregation contribute both in a volunteer capacity and also the impression that they leave in their work environments, in their home environments—a very strong moral fabric—that has really contributed to who we are. As the community has grown, so has the Church Of Christ.

VO: And just as the INC Giving Project, and many activities of the Church Of Christ, have inspired members all over the world to be better Christians, it’s through the example of the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, that we carry this inspiration with us—today and every day. 

Aliw: It’s really because of Brother Eduardo Manalo that the INC Giving Project exists.

Renezen: His concern for people—not just members of the Church Of Christ, but our fellowmen—it’s given us an example to follow: to be concerned about our community.

Jewell: Because of him, it continues to teach me how to be a good member of society, how to be a better parent, how to be a better daughter—just being a more compassionate person.

Nicole (Italian): I am always all the more inspired to share my faith and the Christian values. 

Murrielle: I know that a handshake or even a hug is really difficult to comprehend right now. But one day, I hope that we can do an activity—INC Giving activity—where we can show to the people of this world once again how much we really care. There has never been a time that the Church Of Christ or the Iglesia Ni Cristo has stopped. No matter what, we kept going and no matter what, Brother Eduardo keeps going, and that inspires me.

Love Ann: He doesn’t get tired of reminding us to not stop doing what is good, to not be discouraged and to never get tired of sharing our faith. He helps us to stay focused. No matter where we are in the world, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo will always find a way to reach all of us for the sake of our faith, because that’s how much he loves us.

Aliw: We hope that INC Giving can be a project that can continue for generations to come; that it’s something that young people in the Church—no matter where they are, what language they speak—that it’s something they can invite their friends to come—“Hey, volunteer with me!”—and that’s how they introduce the Church.

Brother Bob: Here we are, so many years later from that initial launch—it continues. We’re thankful that all of the districts continue that and keep it alive and well. Because of its effectiveness, and because of the need, and we’re thankful to Brother Eduardo Manalo for all of that.

Aliw: Thank you, Brother Eduardo, for the INC Giving Project…

Sophia: Thank you, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo…

Jewell: …Brother Eduardo V. Manalo for the INC Giving Projects, for your love…

Renezen: …for your love and leadership, and for inspiring all of us to care…

Sophia: …and for inspiring us to be selfless and do good in our own communities… 

Nicole (Italian): …for your love, your guidance and inspiration for us to do good whenever it is possible. 

Murrielle: Thank you so much, po, for inspiring all of us. And as members of the Church Of Christ, we see you po. We see how much and how hard you work for the entirety of the Church.

Aliw: …because of this project po, you have really moved all of us to always be motivated by love and to be able to see what it really means to be a true Christian. Thank you so much po for always moving us forward and always thinking of projects and ideas that will not only help us in the Church, but especially, that would help the world. 

Brother Bob: All of this, we are thankful to you for. For the inspiration that you provide us…to have a part in the great mission that God has entrusted to the Church, under your leadership. 

Aliw: Happy anniversary, po!

Murrielle: Happy 11th anniversary, po!

Renezen: We love you po and happy 11th anniversary!

Jewell: We love you po. Happy 11th anniversary!

Nicole (Italian): Happy 11th anniversary! 

ALL: We love you so much! Happy 11th Year Anniversary!

Brother Bob: Happy, happy 11th anniversary of your leadership! We love you with all our heart.

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Thank You, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for the INC Giving Project