INC Extends Care to Struggling Families Across Latin America

On the left, the Mexican flag flies over buildings; on the right, a man reaches out to hand a goodwill bag to another man.

The INC extends help to families in Latin America experiencing poverty through a series of ‘Care for Humanity’ events; a former Hindu is inspired to learn more about the true doctrines of the INC after attending a ‘Care for Humanity’ event in Calgary.

INC Extends Help to Refugees, Residents, Organizations in Ottawa

On the left, a man in a suit hands a man sitting down a bag of food; on the right, a woman smiles for a photo holding up a bag of food.

Refugees of war, low-income residents, and organizations impacted by demands receive assistance from the INC through ‘Care For Humanity’; from the ecclesiastical districts of the Mediterranean, New Zealand, Tokyo, Japan, and Micronesia— the latest events inside the INC.

How Much Do Words Matter?

Hand on book while turning page

We ask the question “How much do words matter?” And hear from a published author about her journey in deciding to share positive words through her children’s book and later hear from a Clinical Psychologist about the neuroscience behind how words we hear, read, and even say really matter and why our words are so powerful.

Learning Kindness From Parent-Child Bonding

Father and son walking on beach carrying trash bags.

Listen to how this father grew to understand the ways a parent can serve as a role model for their children and how parent-child bonding through acts of kindness can make a lasting impression.

Uniting To Help Flood Victims in Lismore

Two men carrying wooden debris across the street.

Coastal communities have a delicate relationship with the bodies of water that run along their borders. See how INC Giving volunteers traveled near and far to provide help for flood victims; provide care for mangrove trees; and showed a neighborhood that they are an important part of a community.

Recognizing The Need For Action

Man loading boxes into truck filled with donations.

Recognizing the basic human needs of others is an important first step to making your community better. See how some were able to recognize the need in their city through a community outreach program and how others even took it a step further by helping those that were outside of their own community.