INC Giving Show
Wildfires in Northern California

Wildfires rage in Northern California and INCGiving Volunteers take action. Stay tuned to for more updates on the outreach to the Sonoma County communities.

50 West
Celebrate With Us – Submit Events

50 Years in the West is not just a celebration of one day or one place – it’s also an opportunity to remember and celebrate the blessing of God by proclaiming it in our communities. Every month, we’ll be featuring projects and ideas you can do in your region, and we’ll be sharing news about events and activities that celebrate what it means for the Church of Christ to be in the West.

INC Giving Show
Never Too Young To Inspire

Youth INC Giving volunteers in Daly City, California team up with Project Green Space to make the community a little greener and a little more rainproof.

Church News
A Lesson on Kindness

A mom from California teaches a valuable lesson. INC members run for their faith in Oakland, California. Young Christians defy a growing trend in the US.

Kindness Challenge

They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so we’re challenging you to 21 days of kindness. Take a photo, share it online and use #INCGiving.

European Languages
Haben Sie schon von der Kirche Christi gehört?

Vielleicht haben Sie dieses Siegel in der Stadt oder sogar online gesehen? Oder vielleicht, wurde Sie […]

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Perhaps you’ve seen this seal around town or even online? Or perhaps, you’ve been invited to […]

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Whether it’s back to school time or even in the middle of the school year, there […]

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The Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church of Christ is a global church with over 6,000 congregations worldwide. Find out how this Church continues to grow.