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Local Heroes Recognized After Queensland Bushfire Emergency

Australians across the eastern coast come together to thank emergency responders in Gracemere, at a Heroes […]

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Volunteers Step Up During Government Shut down

While some national parks were neglected during the shutdown, INC Giving volunteers of the Church of […]

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Neighborhood in Durham, Ontario Benefit from Community Service of Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo)

See how volunteers from the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) give families in Durham, Ontario […]

Church News
Working Hand In Hand For The Community

Brethren in Romford, United Kingdom work hand in hand in a clean-up drive to help their […]

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Responding with Love in Seattle: Iglesia Ni Cristo responds to Arson Attack

Iglesia Ni Cristo members respond to attack on the worship building in Seattle with a community […]

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Help for Isabel Hospice

Watch as INC Giving Volunteers in Hertfordshire, England offer what they have to help the Isabel […]

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Partnering to Make Playgrounds Safe

When a 6-year-old partnership between INC Giving volunteers in Bloomingdale and the City of Glendale Heights […]

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Keeping Storm Drains Clean in High Point

Watch as INC Giving Volunteers help the city of High Point keep storm drains clean for the benefit of […]

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Gideon Gives

You are never to young to give as this young INC Giving volunteer proves. Watch what […]