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Young Christians Appreciating Teachers

Teachers in Heathrow felt reaffirmed in their calling to become educators after attending a Teacher Appreciation Day, which was led by young Christians inside the Church Of Christ.


Ms. Maynier (teacher): Yeah, Teachers Appreciation—which is so nice because we never really…

Ms. Molfeta (teacher): Yeah, it was our first time and we loved it.

Ms. Maynier: We really appreciate it.

VO: Receiving an invitation to the Heathrow Local Congregation’s recent Teacher Appreciation Day was quite a surprise for these local educators.

Sarah Irons (Sparrow Farm Infant & Nursery School): I was a bit gobsmacked, to tell you the truth.

Vee Sison (event organizer): It felt truly blessed because not only were we able to express our thanks to the teachers but they were able to see how our faith—we can express our thanks through our faith.

Debbie Lupton (Feltham Community College): I was just so impressed with the young ones and how confident they were to just get up and do their thing.

Ms. Molfeta (Rivers Academy): I was really moved. I mean, it was really touching to see all of these students showing their appreciation verbally. I loved it.

Jake Cloves (Feltham Community College): The proverb of the INC Giving thing, you know, it’s just really nice to kind of know the people are actually doing something with their faith, you know?

Sarah Irons (Sparrow Farm Infant & Nursery School): We should all probably make a bit more effort to actually just stop and say “thank you” for the little—all the big things.

VO: The teachers were not only appreciated by their students but they were reminded of the reasons why they became educators in the first place.

Ms. Maynier: You get lost sometimes. You know you’re where you’re supposed to be and you’re going through the motions, but sometimes I pray, “If I could just make a difference in one or two,” because sometimes, you don’t realize the difference you make. It’s not something that you see. Then, for the first time, it takes someone saying “thank you”—you don’t expect it but it’s just being given to us—which is a blessing which I’ve prayed for. Sometimes, you just want to see your works appreciated. Maybe God was listening. You just want to feel something saying “go on.”

Debbie: I think it’s just made us realize what a worthwhile job we’re doing; that we are appreciated.

Jake: Sometimes, it’s quite difficult and it can be quite stressful at points. But you can lose perspective and you could easily become disheartened but it’s things like this that kind of make you realize, you did that in the first place for a reason. It just helps to remind you that it’s worthwhile. It’s a good thing to do.

Sarah: And I don’t know if it is for everybody but for me, personally, teaching is a calling. It’s something that God just called me to do. So, it’s lovely to come and to remember that, and for me, I think He knew He wanted me to be here. So, it’s pretty much affirmed that calling.

Ms. Maynier: A happy person is a person who knows where he is in God’s plan and I know I have to be a teacher. That’s what I want to be.

VO: And we pray that these teachers continue in their work of being positive influences for the children in their care, knowing that they are appreciated.

Sarah: This is pretty special.


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Young Christians Appreciating Teachers