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Learning Biblical Truth Not Interpretations

Looking for a church that turns to the bible for the answers? See how the search for biblical truth led these individuals to the Church Of Christ.


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DOUG CHRISTIAN (LA MOTTE, IOWA): In churches that I attended before, as the Bible was read, if it was even read, you had the Bible interpreted by whoever was officiating. They told you what that verse meant.

BRIAN RAMIREZ (FORMER BAPTIST, PENTECOSTAL & NON-DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN): What was very alarming and strange for me, was that I would ask the different ministers from the same church, both the churches, the church I grew up in, and there were different answers, actually amongst the ministers. So when I would have a question, there would always be two different sides of the same question that I had. So I was always wondering like, there’s no unity here, there’s no solid basis.

HERMAN KING (FORMER PREACHER): Even though I was a minister in the Church of God and Christ, I was a minister in the Pentecostal church and I always have known and I always had this inner feeling that what the Bible says, is what it means. And it’s not something that I give my interpretation of or it’s not my saying that’s going to matter in the end.

BRIAN: And I also noticed that when I asked these questions, a Bible wasn’t necessarily pulled out. It wasn’t the first go-to. They were mostly their interpretation. And that always confused me of course.

CHRISTOPHER HIGGINS (FORMER CHURCH OF ENGLAND): I used to do Bible studies when I was younger in the Church of England. But the teachings did feel wrong. When you ask them questions, they never read from the Bible. You never got the answers from the Bible.

VOICEOVER: In the Church Of Christ, we don’t think learning the truth should be this hard. Especially when there’s so much at stake.

CHRISTOPHER HIGGINS (JOINED THE INC IN 2017): Not like the Church Of Christ. Everything you ask, oh let’s ask the Bible. It’s actually read from the Bible. That’s one reason I believe.

JALENA ROLLINS (JOINED THE INC IN 2016): When they teach lessons in the Church Of Christ, they do question-and-answer format. When I came to the Church, everything was very thorough, clear and precise and to the point, they told me exactly what they were looking for in the Bible and they pointed it out to me and they read the messages and it stuck with me. 

HERMAN KING (JOINED THE INC IN 2016): And I was amazed because I’ve never been to a Bible study like what I attended that day. And it was— everything came straight from the Bible. The questions were asked, the answers were [taken from the Bible]. But I’ve never been exposed to the Church Of Christ and I sat there through the first Bible study and I said, you know what I’m going to think about this and give it a try because I’ve never heard anybody ask the question and the Bible gives the answer.

MARY GUEVARRA (FORMER CATHOLIC): Because I would read things in the Bible and like what the Bible says is contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches. So the first Bible study that I went to, it was like, wow. 

MARY GUEVARRA (JOINED THE INC IN 2020): That’s what I wanted to know, I wanted to know this, this is something, it’s information I had never been given all my life. And he broke everything down and he actually backed it with the Bible, which has never been done before. I’ve never heard it like that. It’s there, it’s there for you to see it.

BRIAN RAMIREZ (JOINED THE INC IN 2017): The biggest difference that I found in the Church Of Christ was I could ask any minister the same question and I always got the same answer. And the reason why was because they all went to the Bible for the answer. It was always the same verses, it was always the same advice given, and it wasn’t from their own interpretation. So that made me feel a lot more comfortable, and a lot more solid in what to believe in. And knowing that it was coming from the Bible, it just made it all even better.

DOUG CHRISTIAN (JOINED THE INC IN 2018): You’re able to actually hear the answer as it was written in the Bible. But not only is it being looked at in the Bible, but they’re using different versions of the Bible. And I have a linguistics background, so translations are something that’s very interesting to me. And so by using many different versions of the Bible and by not publishing our own version of the Bible, but by using all of the Bible [translations] that already exist, this too, helped me to realize that the Church Of Christ is the one true Church.

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