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What Will I Learn from Free Bible Courses?

When you enroll in a free Bible course with the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), you'll receive answers to your Biblical questions like, what is the importance of the Bible? Who is the true God? Is there really one true religion?



Voiceover: Everyday might look the same.  We’re tired, pressured, we’re stuck in a routine.  

We wonder, Is this it?  It doesn’t have to be.  

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What To Expect When Studying With The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC)

Voiceover: We’d like to invite you to learn with us, to enroll in a free Bible course and learn what the Bible prescribes for true fulfillment in life.  

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Learn with us!  Join a free Bible course today!

Voiceover: You will learn things that, perhaps you’ve never heard before.  No opinions, no theories, no personal storytelling. Just a question and answer format where the answers are read from the Bible.  

Studies show that spiritual fulfillment helps human beings thrive.  It’s worth our time to pause, and to make time to find that authentic and personal relationship with God.  

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Why do we exist?

Voiceover: To understand the reason for our existence and to find meaning beyond our day to day grind.  We’ll begin our studies by asking questions like:

What is the importance of the Bible?  

Who wrote it?  

Who is the true God?  

What is the right kind of worship

Is there really one true religion?  

Will there be a day of judgement?  

Why is an organized church necessary for salvation?

Has pop culture distorted our view of who our Lord Jesus Christ really is?

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Who is Jesus Christ?

Voiceover: We’ll examine the Biblical account of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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What does the Bible say about Christ?

Voiceover: What happened to the Church Of Christ after the first century?  We’ll also learn about the Church Of Christ today.  From one man preaching in Manila, Philippines;

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How has this Church spread across the globe?

Whom does God send to make the truth known?

Who is God’s messenger in these last days?

The timing of the Church’s registration in the Philippines and its movement from East to West, we’ll learn how it’s all backed up by Biblical prophecy.

You’ll learn about the doctrines upheld in every congregation of the Church Of Christ throughout the world.

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Worldwide Growth

Voiceover: The trademark of the Church Of Christ is that every teaching will always be supported by the Bible.  We’re confident what you’ll be learning will be unlike anything you’ve heard before, using the Bible; a book you may have known all your life.  

To become a member of the Church Of Christ, you’ll go through the entire Bible course to fully understand the fundamental Biblical teachings upheld in the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ.  A listener who completes the lessons and believes and obeys the teachings may receive baptism.  We believe in the importance of baptism as a prerequisite not only for membership in the Church, but also for the attainment for Salvation as stated in Mark 16:15-16.  These Bible Studies are free of charge and at your own pace. You will learn things that will change the way you look at your life and your life to come.  

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Take notes and ask all of your questions!  

Voiceover: Feel free to bring your copy of the Bible and take notes.  You’re also encouraged to ask questions as you learn.  Whenever something breaks the mold, we rethink our thinking.  There are no guarantees in life except that it will be worth your time to learn with us.  Stop wondering if there is more to life. This could be the truth you’ve been searching for.

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Join a free Bible course today!



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What Will I Learn from Free Bible Courses?