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Getting My Bible Questions Answered



Fred Reed: For a long time of my life, I had lots of questions.

Sol Velasquez: So I kept looking through all the churches, all the religions and still my questions were not answered. And sooner or later I just left because I was disappointed.

Voiceover: This might sound familiar to you. In fact, chances are you’ve walked out of your own religion for the very same reasons.

Sol Velasquez: I didn’t go to church for so long because they were all the same.

Voiceover:  It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all want answers, real ones. Ones that are backed up with more than just someone’s story. But what would it mean to you if you actually got answers to your questions? Like really got the answers .

Fred Reed: You don’t have to wonder or imagine, that type of deal, a lot of the hocus pocus stuff that goes on in some churches.

Nicholas Victorio: I think once you get to a Bible study, and you hear the lessons, that’s the biggest hurdle. And once you get to a Bible lesson you wanna learn more. 

Voiceover: You see this place does exist. A place where questions about the Bible are answered, well by the Bible. 

Nicholas Victorio:  Any question I had was answered.  They explained it to me using the Bible. And not using their own interpretation of it. So, coming from a Mormon church it wasn’t like that. When you ask questions you got different answers all the time.

Fred Reed: And all of a sudden, there’s actually THE church that actually teaches what’s in the Bible.

Voiceover: And the good thing is you don’t have to look for it anymore. You just have to take a few minutes to set up a time to sit down with one of the ministers of the Church Of Christ and ask your questions.

Nicholas Victorio: Once I started hearing the gospel and the way we teach the Bible, it was a no-brainer for me to really know that this was the true Church.

Voiceover: They did it. They found their answers, isn’t it time to find yours?

Sol Velasquez: So I went to the Bible study and they treated me like part of the family. So okay I’ll sit in and I learned, I learned a lot during that Bible study.

Fred Reed: I always gain something from every minister, not seeing anything like this in my entire life, where you can walk up to any one of them and they can answer any question you have but they’re not gonna give you their opinion. They’ll never give you their opinion. All they’ll do is reach over pull out the word of God and let’s see what it says right here in the word of God and they’ll find a scripture and yes it does answer the question.

Nicholas Victorio: And the unity of Iglesia Ni Cristo is what I love. You truly see the same answer that you ask from one minister to the other. Seeing that we just use the Bible and we just believe what the Bible says, is truly the only truth I can believe in.

Voiceover:  So ask yourself — what do you want to do next? What are the Bible questions you’ve waited so long to ask? And when you’re ready, we’ll be right here waiting for you.



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Getting My Bible Questions Answered