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Turning to God During Crisis

When people are going through trials, they often turn to friends and family first. But what are the true benefits of turning to God first and why does He allow problems to exist in our lives in the first place?


[3:41] Should we think it’s strange that various kinds of disease and epidemics are happening in the world? 

[5:37] Why are the problems in the world today so severe and unexpected? 

[7:22] What can we learn from the Holy Scriptures about the facing of problems and troubles in our everyday life

[9:40] What does the Bible tell us about the heavy burdens and sadnesses that come into a person’s life

[15:05] What feeling comes to people when problems and troubles are arising in their lives? 

[18:30] How are we to deal with the problems and troubles that we experience in life so that these troubles and problems would not adversely affect us? 

[21:35] Why trust and believe in the true God that is taught in the Bible?

[23:19] when God helped ancient Israel, what exactly was He proving or manifesting to them? 

[24:53] How does one prove that they have faith in God?  

[26:03] Would they have experienced the same positive attitudes and outcomes in their lives if they didn’t turn to God in times of trouble? 

[30:53]  Who will God accept when they worship, and listen to when they pray to Him? 

[32:50] Who does the Bible refer to as ‘the redeemed’?

[34:22] Why is being a member of the Church Of Christ so important? Can a member of the Church Of Christ be certain of having deliverance from all the troubles and problems that we may be experiencing in this life? 

[37:10] What is the true solution to the problems and troubles of the world today?

[41:44] According to the Bible, what must man do in order to be saved? 

[43:27] Which is the flock that Christ was referring to that one should enter into to find safety or salvation

[46:51] What great blessing awaits those who are counted amongst God’s people? 

Turning to God During Crisis

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Brother Randy Weir: We’ve all probably heard of “March Madness”, a college basketball tournament that is held every month of March, wherein universities and colleges come together and vie for the number one position in the country. 

We have and now become familiar with another kind of March Madness, where there is no college basketball, there’s no NBA, soccer, hockey, even baseball. They’ve all been canceled. International travel is at a halt—impossible to go anywhere in the world. Even locally, the malls, schools, and theaters, are all closed, including restaurants. 

Employers are closing down their doors and sending employees home, like Disney, Amazon, and many others. People are panic buying and the stores are empty of their goods. 

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INC International Edition

Topic: Finding Real Solutions to World Problems and Troubles

Brother Randy: All of this, because of an unexpected visitor—an unwelcome one at that. He is COVID-19. 

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Randy Weir

Quezon City Philippines

Minister of the Gospel

Brother Randy: Welcome, dear friends, to this episode of the Iglesia Ni Cristo International Edition. I’m Brother Randy Weir here in Quezon City, Philippines, and joining us in this week’s discussion are Brother Donald Pinnock in Toronto, Canada, Brother Archie Talens in Washington, DC, and Brother Richie Juatco joining us from our studios in San Francisco, California. Welcome, dear brothers, to the program, and to our discussion on this timely topic. 

Brother Donald Pinnock: Hello, Brother Randy, thank you for having us.

Brother Richie Juatco: Thank you so much, Brother Randy. 

Brother Matt Karl Talens: Thank you, Brother Randy. 

Brother Randy: Tell us, brothers, how is the situation where you are with this COVID-19—Brother Donald?

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Donald Pinnock

Toronto, Canada

Minister of the Gospel 

Brother Donald: Well, Brother Randy, it’s very tense here in Toronto, Canada. 

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The Latest on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

“23 new coronavirus cases confirmed in Ontario”

Brother Donald: In fact, when it comes to all of Canada, it’s a very tense situation and time. 

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Coronavirus: Toronto’s emergency operations centre upgraded to Level 3, its highest level

Ontarians call for malls to close as coronavirus continues to spread

Andrew Potter: Canada’s federal government is on the rose in coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis won’t last forever, and Ottawa will come out of it with the power and legitimacy either strengthened or greatly weakened

Brother Donald: Everybody’s trying to implement the instructions coming from the WHO, the World Health Organization. So, there’s a vast change when it comes to the normal lifestyle of people here in Toronto, Canada, and in virtually all of Canada at this time. 

Brother Randy: And Brother Archie, there in Washington, DC?

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Matt Karl Talens

Washington, DC

Minister of the Gospel 

Brother Archie: They have a limited number of occupants in shops or even in establishments. 

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The Washington Post

Live updates: Maryland, Virginia combine to add 33 coronavirus cases; U.S. marshal at D.C. Superior Court tests positive

Coronavirus Is Causing Industry-Wide Layoffs in D.C., Hitting Service Workers Particularly Hard

Cherry blossom festival events canceled as coronavirus concerns mount in Washington

Brother Archie: And the world-famous cherry blossom festival has been canceled. 

Brother Randy: Brother Richie, there in San Francisco. What can you say? 

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Richie Juatco

San Francisco, California

Minister of the Gospel 

Brother Richie: You know, Brother Randy, here in the San Francisco bay area, as what we can see all over the internet, life is greatly affected by what is happening with the coronavirus. 

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ABC News

‘It’s kind of apocalyptic’: San Francisco residents describe coronavirus lockdown

Brother Richie: Many different cities have an ordinance that they’re calling shelter by… shelter in place, which means people are not to leave their homes.

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In ‘defining moment’, San Francisco to order residents to stay home over coronavirus

Coronavirus closures: SF mayor, families react after Newsom says schools likely closed for rest of year

Brother Richie: People don’t go to work, people don’t go to school. So, from what is happening, everyone is feeling the effects.

Brother Randy: That’s also true here in the Philippines, where the government has announced it’s in a state of calamity throughout the Philippines. 

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Philippines isolates Manila to fight coronavirus outbreak

Brother Randy: Especially here in the Metro Manila area, there is the community quarantine. 

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COVID-19 cases in the Philippines jump to 140, death toll at 12

Brother Randy: Everybody must shelter themselves in the home, 

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Coronavirus outbreak

Chaos in Manila as Philippines launches coronavirus quarantine measures

Brother Randy: Avoid public contact with one another. Even public transportation has been canceled. So, life as we know it has come to an end. 


Brother Randy: But, let’s find out, brothers, should we think it’s strange that something like this is happening—various kinds of disease and epidemics cropping up on us? 

Brother Donald: Well actually, no, Brother Randy. When it comes to the members of the Church Of Christ at least, we do not find these events strange or surprising. Because, in truth, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He forewarned that terrible events like these would occur at the time that we are living in—a time called ends of earth or these last days. And the proof, we can read here in Matthew [chapter] 24 and the verses are 6 to 8:

And you will hear of wars, and rumors of more wars, but don’t be alarmed. All of these events must take place, but they do not mean that the end has come. Because when the end is actually approaching, many nations will rise up and war against many other nations, and kingdoms against other kingdoms. And there will be famines, disease epidemics, and earthquakes in various places. But even these are only the beginning of the birth pangs.”

[Matthew 26:6-8 The Last Days Bible] 

Brother Donald: What we have read, beloved friends, is a part of a discussion that our Lord Jesus Christ was having with his apostles. They were asking him, in truth, when or how could the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ be recognized? And our Lord Jesus Christ pointed to certain signs or events, and included in this series of events—please note this—our Lord Jesus Christ says ‘disease epidemics’. So no, it’s not surprising when it comes to us, members of the Church Of Christ, that we are seeing this happening—this pandemic happening—right before our very eyes. 


Brother Randy: So brothers, what we are now experiencing is one of the fulfillments of Christ, what He spoke about in the Bible—but why is it so severe and unexpected? 

Brother Richie: You know, Brother Randy, it is the severity of the problems that we would actually know if it is the sign that our Lord Jesus Christ is giving. Now, why do we say that? Just how severe are these world problems going to be, which our Lord Jesus Christ mentioned? Now, what was read earlier was Matthew chapter 24, we’ll stay in that book and chapter, but now we’ll read verse 21. Our Lord Jesus Christ says this: 

Because there will then be frightful persecution, calamity, and sufferingfar greater than any other since the beginning of time until now. There will never again be anything like it.

[Matthew 24:21 The Last Days Bible]

Brother Richie: So, our Lord Jesus Christ is the One that said, that these sufferings will be greater than any before. 

Brother Archie: People are not prepared for this event, and even the health agencies of the different governments are being overwhelmed by the intensity of this pandemic. 

Brother Donald: You know, Brother Archie and beloved viewers, so many people around the world, including you yourselves, are being inundated when it comes to news or information about this phenomena that has gripped us this COVID-19 or coronavirus. And, in fact, it is so perplexing. Because of this, so many people, in fact, virtually all people, they are being affected in one way or another when it comes to this pestilence that has gripped the entire globe. 


Brother Randy: But our troubles and sufferings, aren’t they a regular part of everyday life? Who doesn’t experience, in their life, various kinds of problems and troubles? Wherever we may go, everyone faces problems and troubles. So brothers, what can we learn from the Holy Scriptures about the facing of problems and troubles in our everyday life—Brother Archie?

Brother Archie: Brother Randy and to our viewers, what you said a while ago is very true, because that is actually what the Bible is teaching us. There’s no place in this world that man could go to avoid problems. Let me read to you what is written in the book of Job, in chapter 14 and the verse is 1: 

“We are all human beings. Our life is short and full of trouble. 

[Job 14:1 Easy-To-Read Version]

Brother Archie: This is the testimony of the Holy Scriptures. We are born to have troubles. This is something we cannot avoid or run away from. As we live in this world, we will surely experience these things. After all, what did the Bible say? We were born with it. We were born with troubles, and even illnesses, like what is happening right now. 

Brother Donald: That’s so true, Brother Archie. In fact, when it comes to experiencing troubles, as recorded in the Holy Bible, we can know about the effect that it has on many people. In Proverbs [chapter] 1 and the verse is 27, this is stated: 

Great trouble will come to you like a bad storm. Problems will hit you like a strong wind. Your troubles and sadness will be a very great burden on you. 

[Proverbs 1:27 Easy-To-Read Version]

Brother Donald: Well, is this not the case, beloved viewers? When it comes to bad storms, we can mention like hurricanes, or typhoons, or tornadoes, or cyclones. Is it not, such storms, they affect the individual lives of people? How much more when it comes to communities? And when troubles come upon a person like a bad storm or a strong wind, indicating its severity, well indeed, sadness and also troubles, they come upon the life of man. 


Brother Randy: So brothers, does the Bible give examples to us as to what kind of troubles can bring or come into a person’s life? Brother Richie, what does the Bible tell us about the heavy burdens and sadnesses that come into a person’s life? 

Brother Richie: Brother Randy, you asked if the Bible gave examples—it does. It enumerates different examples of what these troubles might be, and we can read that in II Chronicles, the chapter is 20 and the verse is 9. It says this:

“Perhaps we will have troubles. The trouble might be war, punishment, illness or we might have no food. Then we will come and we will stand in front of you. We will stand in front of this temple because your name is in this temple. Then we will ask you for help when we are in trouble. Then you will hear us and you will save us.”

[II Chronicles 20:9 Easy English Bible]

Brother Richie: So, according to what we’ve read, the Bible does say what these troubles will be. It talked of war, punishment, illness—as what we are seeing and many people are experiencing—and even having no food. 

Brother Archie: That is so true, Brother Richie, and to all our viewers out there, there are indeed armed conflicts in different parts of the world, even acts of terrorism. And what do these things bring? Untold number of troubles, problems, burdens in the life of many innocent people. There are calamities that happen and sicknesses. Many countries around the world are, in fact, in all the continents, are being struck now by this COVID-19 or coronavirus. This, indeed, brings great burdens, as the Bible says, on the lives of people. 

Brother Donald: You know, Brother Richie and Brother Archie, what you mentioned when it comes to all of these tribulations—the wars, the conflicts, and again the sicknesses—well, they are just part of what we read earlier in Matthew 24:6-8. And all of this points to the fact that we are living in a time period called the ends of the earth or these last days. Let me allow, or allow me, to read that citation one more time: 

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. 

[Matthew 24:8 New King James Version]

Brother Donald: So yes, again, all of the events that are unfolding before our very eyes, they are just proof-positives that we are living at a time called the ends of the earth or these last days. 

Brother Richie: So brothers, based on what Brother Donald just explained, no one should really be caught off-guard if they know that truth written in the Bible. If it’s unusual, well the Bible has already forewarned what will happen. There’s nothing we can really do about it because it is God’s words, and God’s words does have fulfillment but we should understand that that is clearly the sign that our Lord Jesus Christ mentioned of the sorrow. 

Brother Donald: In truth, with everything that is happening—especially with this COVID-19 or coronavirus spreading throughout the world—it has affected the, for example, the economy when it comes to the different regions and different countries. 

There are those who are losing their means of livelihood, and because of this, could lead to them losing their homes. Many people are being told not to come into the workplace, so definitely, unemployment is going to rise. We’ve even heard of these stock markets plummeting because of the sad predictions of economists when it comes to how this pandemic is going to affect the different economies around the world. 

We’ve heard of companies, and it was mentioned by yourself, Brother Randy, earlier, they’re virtually closing down their doors. Small businesses are also closing their doors. They’re not allowing any huge gathering of people within their doors. We hear of schools, is it not? They’re closing their doors to the students. Some students are continuing their education online, while others are just waiting to get back to their place of education. All of these are an attempt to curb the spread of this very, very contagious and deadly virus. 

Is it not that we also hear of countries that are under lockdown? They’re virtually closing their doors to foreigners per se? Curfews and restrictions on travel—they’re also being imposed. So again, we can see a ripple effect when it comes to this COVID-19 or this coronavirus. It is affecting mankind, not only when it comes to huge numbers, but in every facet of his life. 

Brother Randy: Those are all remarkable facts that we have heard from the Holy Scriptures, what we’re able to obtain from news agencies and what we can be able to read online. 


Brother Randy: But what feeling comes to people when they are not even able to do what they are used to doing in their everyday life? When these troubles and problems are arising, what will they experience? What will happen to them? Brother Archie, what does the Bible tell us about the reaction that can come to people? 

Brother Archie: The Bible is not silent even about that, brother. Let me read to you what is recorded in Lamentations chapter 3 and the verse is 19: 

Just thinking of my troubles and my lonely wandering makes me miserable. 

[Lamentations 3:19 Contemporary English Version]

Brother Archie: This is the experience of the many people in our time. Just the thought of the troubles, just imagining what other people are going through—even if that person who is thinking about it has not even experienced what hardship other people are going through—that already makes him miserable about the things that other people are experiencing as well. 

Brother Randy: But why does that kind of feeling befall a person when they are just thinking about their problems and troubles—Brother Richie? 

Brother Richie: You know, Brother Randy, we are able to see how a person gets to feeling miserable because the Bible shows us that progression. We can read that here in Job, the chapter is 4 and the verse is 5, it says: 

But now trouble comes to you, and you are discouraged. Trouble hits you, and you are upset!

[Job 4:5 Easy-To-Read Version]

Brother Richie: So, the Bible says when trouble comes, we get discouraged, we get upset, and of course if there’s no solution that we see, we constantly think about it then we will become miserable. There are people that fall into depression and there are those, because of that, they start to think irrationally and they don’t know how to make proper decisions for their life. 

Brother Randy: Yes, that’s one of the things that the Bible said, is that people will act irrationally. They won’t be thinking properly. They will be in a panic. For even as the Bible just said, trouble will hit you. Yes brothers, we’ve learned so much about the problems and troubles that are inevitable in peoples’ lives—even the kind of troubles that we are now facing. As the Bible had just said, troubles will hit you. Brothers, how do we feel when we get hit by something, especially when it’s unexpected? We get upset, sometimes we won’t even be able to think properly. That’s exactly the feelings that people are having nowadays with the problems that are coming. But, we need to find the proper solution to these things. What do we need to know? How can we be able to face these things? 

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Brother Randy: How can we overcome the troubles that come in our everyday life without adversely affecting our daily life? The Bible will answer this and much more as we continue our discussion right here on the Iglesia Ni Cristo International Edition. Stay with us. 

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TOPIC: Finding Real Solution to World Problems and Troubles

Brother Randy: Welcome back, as we continue with our discussion. 


Brother Randy: Our question we have now which we need to answer, is how we are to deal with, overcome the problems and troubles that we experience in life so that these troubles and problems would not adversely affect us. So, Brother Donald, what does the Bible teach us about this? 

Brother Donald: Brother Randy, that’s a very, very good question because as we stated earlier, when it comes to many people nowadays—due to the rapid onslaught of this COVID-19 virus—well, many people are perplexed. They’re flustered and they really don’t know what to do. But what should be our reaction? Well, it should be the reaction of the servants of the Lord our God in the ancient times. And, to understand what we are referring to, let’s read Psalms [chapter] 46, and the verse is 1: 

God is our refuge and strength, a help always near in times of great trouble. 

[Psalms 46:1 Contemporary English Version]

Brother Donald: Please notice, when it came to the people of God in ancient times, they also experienced their own fair share of troubles and/or difficulties. But, please notice, they didn’t cower. They did not run away. They didn’t hide from the situations that they were experiencing—no. But rather, they turned to God. 

Brother Randy: But, Brother Donald, why did these ancient servants of God turn to God when they were facing the troubles in life? 

Brother Donald: It’s right in the verse that we read earlier. It’s stated here, “God is our refuge and strength”—and what is a refuge? Well, beloved friends, beloved viewers, we know what a refuge is. It is a place of safety. It’s a fortress. And in this sense, if God is our refuge, then we can find strength and courage to face our problems. 

Is this not what we need now? We need to be strong—and we’re talking about inner strength as well as physical strength, but inner strength, spiritual strength—and we need to face the problems or challenges that we are experiencing now—a time of great trouble. 

Brother Richie: That’s 100% correct, Brother Donald. That’s why people, when something unusual happens to them, a problem in their life, instead of facing it with their own limitations—that’s what makes someone discouraged or upset or miserable—face it with faith. Face it with trust in God, because God has no limitations. He is all powerful, He is Almighty, and He is the One that has the solutions to any of our problems. 

Brother Randy: Well, what you said brothers, the true God taught in the Bible is Almighty. He can deal with and handle all the problems and troubles that can come into our lives. But, you know, there are many other religions in the world, and these religions and churches teach about and believe also in God. 


Brother Randy: But, why trust and believe in the true God that is taught in the Bible—Brother Archie? 

Brother Archie: There are many people nowadays who do not even accept the existence of God. And, even if they would believe in God, they say that God is to blame for the things happening in our time. However, what we should do is to completely trust in our Almighty God—the God that is being taught by the Holy Scriptures. This is what’s written in Deuteronomy, in chapter 4, verses 34 and 35:

And has any other god ever tried to go and take a people for himself from inside another nation? No! But you yourselves have seen the Lord your God do all these wonderful things! He showed you his power and strength. You saw the troubles that tested the people. You saw miracles and wonders. You saw war and the terrible things that happened. The Lord showed you these things so that you would know that he is God. There is no other god like him!

[Deuteronomy 4:34-35 Easy-To-Read Version]

Brother Archie: According to the testimony of the Holy Scriptures, there is no other God like the God being referred to by the Holy Scriptures—and who is He? The Father. What did our Almighty God do, the Father in heaven? He took for himself a people inside another nation and freed them to be his own people. God did this in ancient times to the ancient Israel. 


Brother Randy: Well, Brother Archie, when God did this to Israel, what exactly was He proving or manifesting to them? 

Brother Archie: Well brother, the verse said, our Almighty God showed His power and strength. With His power and strength, He delivered His people, the ancient Israelites from various troubles. He allowed them to go through tests of faith. However, He still performed miracles and wonders before them, which proved His presence in their lives. 

Although they went through wars, other terrible things, but what did our Almighty God do? He delivered and kept them safe amidst all of these. But, why did our Almighty God do all these things in the past? The Bible said, the Lord showed you these things so that you would know that He is God. There is no other like Him. 

Brother Randy: So, what God did in the past was to prove to people that they need to turn to Him—to have faith and trust in the Almighty God. He is the only One who can help us and provide solutions to the many problems and troubles that we are facing in life today. 

Brother Richie: Now, Brother Randy, although it is true that one should have faith in God, we know that faith has to be proven. It’s easy for anyone to say that they have faith. 


Brother Richie: So, how does one prove faith? We’ll read here in Psalm, the chapter is 86 and the verse is 7, it says: 

Whenever I am in trouble, I cry out to you, because you will answer me. 

[Psalms 86:7 Common English Bible]

Brother Richie: The earlier servants—when they were in trouble—to prove that they had their faith in God—according to what we’ve read , it says, they cried out to Him. So, they prayed to Him. Why would they pray to Him when they’re in trouble? It says, because He answers them. 

Brother Randy: But Brother Donald, what was the firm conviction of the servants of God about their prayers when they would offer them to God? 

Brother Donald: Well, their conviction was that God would hear and also deliver them from their troubles. It was their firm faith and conviction that as they worship the Almighty God, He would be on their side. He would fight for them, He would give them that strength, that ability, and also determination and courage to overcome whatever troubles or difficulties that they were encountering. 


Brother Randy: Here’s an important question—but what if God is not on their side? What if they had not made God as their refuge, their strength? What if they did not turn to Him for help in the time of their troubles? Would they have experienced the same positive attitudes and outcomes in their lives? Brother Richie, what would have not happened to them if they did not have God on their side? 

Brother Richie: That is a very good question, Brother Randy. If God wasn’t with them, it would be a very different outcome. The proof of that is written here in Psalm [chapter] 124. We’ll read verses 2 to 6, this is the testimony of God’s servants. It says: 

What would have happened to us if the Lord had not been on our side when people attacked us? Our enemies would have swallowed us alive whenever they became angry at us. Our enemies’ armies would have been like a flood washing over us, like a river drowning us. Those proud people would have been like water rising up to our mouth and drowning us. Praise the Lord! The Lord did not let our enemies catch us and kill us. 

[Psalms 124:2-6 Easy-to-Read Version]

Brother Richie: The servants of God admitted, if it was not for God, what would have happened to them is, they would have died by the hands of their enemies. It says, they would have been swallowed up. They would have drowned. They would have been killed. 

Brother Archie: If I may just jump in, Brother Richie and brothers, our viewers, that is exactly what many people in our time are experiencing as well. When they are swamped with troubles and problems, what do they feel? It’s as if they are being swallowed up by them. They’re already drowning in these troubles that one can hardly breathe. 

And that’s what this servant of our Almighty God, who wrote this psalm, that is what they will also experience if God were not [on] their side. But because they turned to our Almighty God, they’ve trusted in Him, they had faith in Him and in what He can do for them, what happened to them? As what we have read, “Praise the Lord! The Lord did not let our enemies catch us and kill us.”. So, they were exactly or they were saved by our Almighty God. 

Brother Donald: Brother Archie, I’d like to focus on what you said just now, when it comes to praising the Lord, because that is what people need to do. They need to praise and worship the Almighty—our Father in heaven, our Creator—who knows what is best for us and has the ability to help us. 

If one will place their faith and trust in the Lord our God, if they would offer worship unto the true God, and a worship that He will accept—by so doing, no matter what we encounter, no matter what we may experience in this life, well, the Lord our God will be with us. He will give us that power. He will give us that strength. He will give unto us the confidence that no matter the tribulations and the increasingly intense difficulties that man will experience leading to the day of judgement, God is going to keep us safe just like what He did when it came to HIs people in the ancient times. 

Brother Randy: But, brothers and dear viewers, what kind of worship does a person need to render to the true God to be certain to find His mercy, to help and to strengthen them in overcoming all the difficulties and trials that are coming into life? Is it just any kind of worship and service that God will accept? And in them He will bless the one who renders it? 

[Music starts]

Brother Randy: The Bible will answer that and more as we continue with our discussion right here on the Iglesia Ni Cristo International Edition. Please continue to stay with us. 

 [Music stops]

Brother Randy: Welcome back, dear friends, and welcome back, dear brothers as we continue with our discussion. 

Who doesn’t want to be helped, be given strength, and even delivered from the many troubles and problems in life? We’ve learned from the ancient servants of God in the Bible: offering a prayer and true worship to the true God was the key to finding the solution to all of these. And, that solution was given to them by the Almighty God. 


Brother Randy: But, is it just any kind of worship or just anyone calling upon God, offering Him worship, and they would be heard and answered? Brother Richie, what insight from the Bible can you give to us about this? 

Brother Richie: Well, Brother Randy, we know that although it might be a common belief that anyone can pray to God, anyone can worship Him, God will listen and He will answer their prayers, but that is not what the Bible teaches. 

So, if we want to know the truth, the biblical truth of who can pray to God, who can be heard by Him, who will He listen to and answer their prayers, we should read the answers that come from the Bible. And we can read the answer. We’ll read here in Psalms chapter 4 and the verse is 3, it says:

Mark this well: The Lord has set apart the redeemed for himself. Therefore he will listen to me and answer when I call to him. 

[Psalms 4:3 The Living Bible] 

Brother Richie: According to what we’ve read, not just anyone can call to God and He’ll listen to them. In fact, what we read, it said, “mark this well”—so our God wants to make very clear of this truth. It says here that the Lord has set apart the redeemed for Himself. So, it is the redeemed that can call to Him and He’ll answer them. 

Brother Randy: So, our Lord God has identified, specifically, the people who have the right to call upon Him or pray to Him, and to find answers, help, and solution to their problems. They are the redeemed. But here’s an important question. 


Brother Randy: Brother Archie, who are referred to, in the Bible, as the redeemed? 

Brother Archie: Let us allow Apostle Paul to answer that question. I’ll read Acts [chapter] 20 and [verse] 28, this is what it said: 

Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood.

[Acts 20:28 Lamsa Translation]

Brother Archie: My friends, which has been redeemed or purchased by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ? It is none other than the Church Of Christ. Therefore, those who are within the Church Of Christ are the ones who are considered the servants of our Almighty God. And what can they expect if they would call on, cry out, pray to our Almighty God? Not only would He listen but He would also surely answer them. 

Brother Randy: That is why everyone needs to consider to listen to, to believe and to follow what the Bible says. If we want to be helped, if we want to be delivered from the many problems and troubles in life, the Bible says, be amongst those whom God considers as redeemed because they have the right to pray, to be heard and answered by our Lord God. Those who are redeemed, the apostles told us right here in the Bible, they are the members of the Church Of Christ. 


Brother Randy: So, Brother Donald, why is being a member of the Church Of Christ so important? Can a member of the Church Of Christ be certain of having deliverance from all the troubles and problems that we may be experiencing in this life? 

Brother Donald: Brother Randy, when it comes to being a member of the Church Of Christ—it is a great calling, it is to be counted amongst those who have been set apart by the Lord our God. The Lord our God is prepared to hear and answer their many prayers and give unto them the many graces that they need in this life. And, most certainly, of being delivered from the experience of all these terrible calamities that are taking place in the world. 

Now, one might be asking, well, “How can that be? We are still living in the same world or on the same globe as we are”. But, to clarify that answer, let’s read here, Hebrews chapter 12 and the verses are 22 to 23: 

But you have come into the reality (of which the symbols only pointed to), to Mount Zion, the New Jerusalemthe heavenly city of the living Godand you are part of that city. you have come to join millions upon millions of angels rejoicing in God’s presence, into the heavenly sanctuarythe true church of Christwhose identities are stored in heaven. …

[Hebrews 12:22-23 The Remedy New Testament]

Brother Donald: Yes, when it comes to the other people in this world, we are living in almost the same predicament. There are troubles, there are calamities, there are many hardships. But, when it comes to the members of the Church Of Christ being delivered, the true deliverance being referred to —apart from having their prayers heard and answered by the Lord our God as they sojourn in this world—is to be saved come Judgement Day. 

That is why in the citation that we’ve read, the apostles point out, ‘you are part of that city’. Which city is being referred to here? It is none other than the heavenly city of the living God. And, who are those who are being recognized as having a part when it comes to that heavenly city or that heavenly kingdom? It is also mentioned, the true Church Of Christ. 

What a great blessing, beloved friends, to be members of the true Church Of Christ. All of these spiritual rights and privileges being bestowed upon us—and the greatest being, deliverance come the day of judgement—because we have that assured hope of entering into the heavenly kingdom and being saved. 


Brother Richie: That is so true, Brother Donald and to all our friends that are watching us at this moment. We started the program talking about troubles and problems in this life, and now, we are seeing that entering the Church Of Christ is the solution. Why is it so important to enter into the Church Of Christ. What’s to come? Well, we can read our God’s teachings here in Isaiah [chapter] 65, the verses are 17 to 19. It says this: 

“Pay close attention now: I’m creating new heavens and a new earth. All the earlier troubles, chaos, and pain are things of the past, to be forgotten. Look ahead with joy. Anticipate what I’m creating: I’ll create Jerusalem as sheer joy, create my people as pure delight. I’ll take joy in Jerusalem, take delight in my people: No more sounds of weeping in the city, no cries of anguish; 

[Isaiah 65:17-19 The Message]

Brother Richie: The very solution to all the problems and all the troubles in this life is entering God’s nation which is the Church Of Christ in these last days. What is it that our God wants us to understand? He said, “pay close attention now”. Well, what is it that we should pay close attention to? He said, “I’m creating new heavens and a new earth.” So, if we are able to enter into that, what will happen? It says, “All the earlier troubles, chaos and pain are things of the past, to be forgotten… No more sounds of weeping in the city, no cries of anguish”. 

Brother Donald: You know, Brother Richie, this is the true solution when it comes to what is happening in the world today. And we have to agree—is it not, beloved viewers?—that when it comes to this situation of man, it’s not getting better. As time goes by, it’s getting worse. And one may say, “Well there’s always been earthquakes. There’s always been disasters.” But, if we notice, the intentensity and the frequency of these events, it’s just becoming so horrific. And we are in the midst now of this pandemic that is gripping people with so much fear in different parts of the world. 

But to become a member of the Church Of Christ, we will fully understand all of these events, they were prophesied to happen. And, they all point towards the day that has been appointed by the Lord our God, and that is the day of judgement or the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

That is why we continue to reach out to you, our friends, our viewers, those who are not yet members of the Church Of Christ—come and listen to more of the teachings that we uphold as members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in Filipino, or Church Of Christ. Attend the worship service of a local, and especially when all this pandemonium has come back or return to normalcy. 

Learn more about the truths that we uphold inside the Church Of Christ, because for sure, you will be enlightened and you will understand that it’s not just to become a member—It is a calling. God is calling one in order to be protected when it comes to the even more intense problems that are bound to occur before the day of judgement and to be saved on that day, and to be able to enter our true home, the Holy City. 

Brother Randy: What you have read, brothers, and what you have told us—that is so true. Who doesn’t want to have all of their problems, their chaos and troubles of their life to be a thing of the past and to be forgotten? To be able to experience that, the Bible said we have to reach the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. 

But, the only ones that will be able to do so are the people who are redeemed. That which was redeemed, as what we read earlier, is the Church Of Christ. And it’s the true Church Of Christ that is written in heaven. That’s why, if we’re going to do something, if we want to find these kinds of blessings and to be saved, beloved brethren, let us join our Bible studies here with the Church Of Christ. 


Brother Randy: In fact, Brother Archie, what does the Bible teach that a person who wants to be saved ought to do? 

Brother Archie: Brother, it’s not just us, the ministers inside the Church Of Christ, who [are] telling or inviting the people to become a member of the Church. Let’s allow the Saviour Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ, to tell us the way on how man will be saved. Let us read John [chapter] 10, [verses] 7 and 9:

So Jesus spoke again: ‘In very truth I tell you, I am the door of the sheepfold.” I am the door; anyone who comes into the fold through me will be safe. …

[John 10:7,9 Revised English Bible]

Brother Archie: Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself was the one speaking here. What was His commandment to those who would like to be saved come the day of judgement? He said, ‘enter into the fold through Him’. There are many people nowadays who would say that they have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. They have allowed Him to enter their hearts, that is why they were also able to enter our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Brother Archie: However, where can we find those who truly entered our Lord Jesus Christ? According to our Lord Himself, they are in the fold or the flock. And what will they receive if they are inside that fold or flock? Christ assured that they will be saved. 

Brother Randy: So, Brother Archie, the specific instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ to all who believe in Him, is that they should enter one fold or flock. 


Brother Randy: So, let me ask you, Brother Archie, which is the flock that Christ was referring to that one should enter into to find safety or salvation? 

Brother Archie: Let us read Acts [chapter] 20 [verse] 28 again. This is what Apostle Paul said: 

Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood.

[Acts 20:28 Lamsa Translation]

Brother Archie: According to the Holy Scriptures, the one flock is none other than the Church of Christ or Iglesia Ni Cristo in Filipino. It is inside this Church where man could attain salvation. And that is not the teaching of just anyone, but rather that is the teaching and commandment of the Savior Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Brother Donald: You know, Brother Archie, Brother Richie, and Brother Randy, it’s so very, very clear what the Bible is teaching. When it comes to the key of having our solutions to the problems that we encounter. The help and strength that we need to overcome, to endure the different kinds of hardships, the different kinds of challenges or hurdles that we encounter in life. That strength that we need, it can only come from God. And God is prepared to give that strength and also the guidance and the help to those who are recognized as His servants. And these servants, they’re members of the Church Of Christ according to the Bible, and not according to mere opinion. 

Brother Richie: Brothers, we should also notice, it is God Himself that assures —if one is a member of the Church Of Christ that we have just learned from the Bible—He’ll be the one to help us, to strengthen us, to guide us in all the different problems that we face in this world; all the different hurdles and different obstacles, and ultimately, be able to enter into what He is preparing and creating which is that Holy City on the day of judgment

Brother Randy: Well brothers, we have spent a lot of discussion time using the Bible in order to find insight in how we can be able to face, to overcome, and to be safe amidst all of the trials and troubles that we are facing. In fact, what we’re facing in life today, is but the fulfillment of the prophetic word of the Lord. 

But, in order for us to be triumphant, in order for us to find the courage and to be brave in facing all of these, we need to follow what the teaching of the Bible is: and that is to become a member of the Church Of Christ where we will find God on our side, and that He will guide us, help us, deliver us, and bring us to our salvation on the last day. 

So, before we conclude our discussion today—brothers, do you have any last words to our viewers who have joined us today? Brother Donald, let’s begin with you there in Toronto. 


Brother Donald: Brother Randy, thanks for giving me the opportunity, because there is something I would like to say before we reach the end of our program. And if you would permit me to read Psalms [chapter] 29 and the verse is 11, and the following is stated: 

The LORD gives strength to his people and blesses them with peace. 

[Psalms 29:11 Good News Bible]

Brother Donald: Did you hear that, beloved viewers who are not yet members of the Church? The Lord gives strength to His people. If we are not counted amongst the people of God, we cannot anticipate that strength. And not only that, the Bible teaches, He blesses them. God blesses His people with peace in the midst of the chaos that we can see in this world, is it not that we need peace? Is it not that we need some level of tranquility when it comes to our family, when it comes to our home, when it comes to our life? 

You yourselves have to admit that so many people around us, they are fraught with fear. When it comes to this pestilence that is invading not just communities per se, but the entire globe. And again, when it comes to members of the Church Of Christ, we are not startled, we are not surprised. It was forewarned, proof-positive that we are drawing ever closer to the day of judgement. 

But while still living in this world, as the people of the Lord our God, we get that inner strength to courageously face the onslaught of these difficulties, looking forward to the last great promise of God, and that is salvation and eternal life. It is an open invitation when it comes to all members of the Church, to our friends. Beloved friends, while we still have time, while we still have life, may you grasp this opportunity. Learn more about the Iglesia Ni Cristo, become a member of the Church Of Christ. 

Brother Randy: Thank you very much, Brother Donald. Brother Richie, there in San Francisco, do you have any last words to our viewers? 

Brother Richie: Just one short verse to give one last biblical truth to those that might be watching us here. This is in Psalm [chapter] 119, [verse] 165. It says: 

Those who love your law have perfect security, and there is nothing that can make them fall. 

[Psalms 119:154 Good News Bible]

Brother Richie: So for anyone that is watching, and he or she wants perfect security, well according to what we have read, that is for those who love God’s laws. So, we encourage you: learn more of God’s laws. All that you have heard here that we’ve been able to share or read from the Bible—these are God’s laws, as what Brother Donald mentioned earlier. God loves His people. That goes without saying, that is obvious. 

So, how is it that one becomes part of His people? They have to follow His laws. So, we just encourage those that are watching. Learn more so that you could know God’s laws. Observe a worship service inside the Church Of Christ, listen to the Bible studies. As you hear His laws, follow them, love them, be part of His people and be able to receive that guidance and strength that He promises. 

Brother Randy: And Brother Archie, there in Washington, DC, can you lend some last words for our viewers before we go? 

Brother Archie: Yes brother, and thank you for this opportunity. You know, when we would experience difficulties, especially these troubles that come one after the other, sometimes it gets the best of us. But this is the invitation of our Almighty God recorded in Proverbs, in [chapter] 1, the verse is 33: 

But the one who always listens to me will live undisturbed in a heavenly peace. Free from fear, confident and courageous, you will rest unafraid and sheltered from the storms of life.

[Proverbs 1:33 The Passion Translation]

Brother Archie: These are the blessings that our Almighty God is offering. What are those? As what we have read, free from fear, confident, and courageous. But despite the calamities in life, the great storms that may come, there are those who would rest assured and unafraid because they will be sheltered by our Almighty God. 

But who will they be? They are the ones who would always listen to the words of our Almighty God taught by His true messengers. That is why, as what was mentioned by our brothers a while ago, we continue to invite you, our friends, to listen to the teachings we uphold inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church Of Christ, because not only will we be guided by these words in our services to Him, but these will also lead us to the solutions to all our worries in life. 

Brother Randy: Thank you, dear brothers, for these biblical truths, and these biblical truths are so important. More important than anything else for us to find strength, courage, help from God, security, and even as the Bible had said, to have that undisturbed feeling amidst all the troubles that we are facing in our time. 

But we would also like to remind everyone that using preventive or precautionary measures as what we are hearing from community leaders, to help prevent the catching and spreading of this COVID-19 is very important for us also to follow. 

Let us remember that these measures were also told to us by our mothers when we were still so young—the washing of our hands properly at least for twenty seconds. I remember my mother used to always tell us, ‘sing the alphabet song, then you will know you have washed your hands good enough. Cover our mouth with a tissue or handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. And if we’re not feeling well, stay home. Drink plenty of fluids. We can’t thank our mothers enough for telling us these things that we have lived by all these days of our lives. 

But above all, we must thank our Lord God for giving us this time through this program to join us in this biblical discussion today about how to find the guidance and help from our Lord God to overcome all of the troubles that we are now facing. So, we’d like to thank Brother Donald Pinnock in Toronto Canada, Brother Archie Talens from Washington, DC, and Brother Richie Juatco from our studios in San Francisco, California, for giving us Bible-based answers so that as the Apostle Peter said to the members of the Church, ‘you will be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks you why you are living the way you are.’ That we can read in I Peter chapter 3, the verse is 15. 

Well, that does it for us here on the Iglesia Ni Cristo International Edition. We hope you’ll join us again next time. I’m Brother Randy Weir, here in Quezon City, Philippines, and we thank you very much for watching. 

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