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Qualities of the True Church

In this part 1 of our prophecy series, we'll find out if there is actually one true Church mentioned in the Bible. And what are its qualities? And how does prophecy prove that it’s a true Church?


Prophecy Series Part 1

  • [0:23] -The true Church and its identification through biblical prophecies.
  • [2:15]]The confusion caused in choosing a church.
  • [6:36]The reasons people hold onto different beliefs and religions.
  • [7:11] The importance of the truth and the deception of false miracles. 
  • [9:45]The importance of biblical prophecy as the correct basis for choosing a church is emphasized.
  • [11:49]] Why prophecy matters and how it helps identify the true Church.
  • [16:05]What are the prophecies about God’s children being gathered into one body or flock?


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INC International Edition


Brother Bob: So many churches and religions claim that they are the true church even though some of what they teach is not recorded in the bible. Are there biblical prophecies that identify the true Church? And why does prophecy matter? Also, what may be the wrong basis to use to find the true Church? Remember, dear friends, if you use the wrong basis, of course, you will find the wrong church. 


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Today’s Topic: Prophecies that Identify the True Church


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Bob Pellien

Minister of the Gospel

San Francisco, California


I’m Bob Pellien. Today we’ll begin part 1 of our series of episodes studying Biblical prophecies. So as to identify the true religion in our time. And joining us in our discussion are Brother Eric Waterman in Quezon City, Philippines. Brother Jay Acuña there in Mississauga, Canada. Hello Brother Jay. And Brother Niel Almeda in New York. Brother Niel, welcome to our program as well. Brothers, before we start our discussion, let us take a look at this short video clip asking what kind of advice are Church leaders nowadays providing online. What are they giving to people when it comes to how to choose a Church or Religion? Take a look. 


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Narrator: Here are five tips for finding a good church. First of all, pray. If you have a family, pray with your spouse and with your children that the Lord will lead you to a good church.  


Secondly, seek the counsel of a pastor, elder, or church teacher. Perhaps you know someone who is sound in their understanding of the Bible who can help you find a sound church. 


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Speaker 1: what’s important is the preaching of God’s word, the centrality of the gospel, the community, and the commitment to see its members raised up and use their ministry gifts in the world. 


Speaker 2:  It can be about the lights, and the cameras and the stuff like that, and I’m not here to discredit those things.


[Video ends]


Brother Bob: As you can see, Brothers, there are lots of videos and opinions online with so many tips on how to choose a church. And yet, as you notice, none of them had biblical prophecy as their criteria. And because of misinformation or lack of proper Biblical guidance, there are those who end up saying things like, “ Well, they don’t believe in any church at all anymore. They have completely lost faith. ” because they are so confused on what to believe, right? 


Brother Jay Acuña: Yes, Brother Bob and there are even some who say they were already born into a certain religious group. And for them, they don’t see a reason to change anymore. Others say that they never lost God and they have kept faith in God, and that’s good enough for them. So they would just do it on their own way. 


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Jay Acuña

Minister of the Gospel

Ontario, Canada


Brother Bob: Dear friends, on a previous International Edition episode, an episode of this program, we learned there about the basis of the Church, which truly belongs to God, and that is biblical prophecy. But first, we should say that well we certainly can not cover the full spectrum of prophecies with just one or two episodes. So we do hope that you will continue to watch this program regularly.  And we hope most of all that you will be enticed to come and meet face-to-face with a minister of the gospel here in the Iglesia Ni Cristo at a congregation near to you. So that you can learn in depth all about Bible prophecies regarding this Church during your Bible studies there. 


But meanwhile, let us get started with the discussion right here on our episode today. Brothers, what are you seeing as to, well, what other religious groups and religions are using then as their basis in thinking that they belong to God, they belong also to Christ? If it is not biblical prophecy, then what do they use? 


Brother Jay: Well, let us allow the Bible to reply. What basis do others use which guided them to believe the wrong way? Let us read what the Bible says here in the book of Mathew in chapter 7, and the verses are 22 to 23.  


Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your Name? And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ 

[Matthew 7:22-23 New King James Version]


What do others hold on to as their basis? They say that they also prophesy or preach in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. They have cast out demons and done many miracles in Christ’s Name. They believe in and even use the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, but what is noticeable about their basis that they use, such as preaching in the name of Christ, casting out demons, and performing various miracles? That is not the correct basis in determining the true religion. What is the proof? Our Lord Jesus said, “I will declare to them I never knew you.”


Brother Bob: Wait, wait, Brother Jay, why did Jesus say that to them? And is it significant for us to understand that man doesn’t belong to Christ just by saying that we know Christ? Or, as mentioned in those verses, even by using His Name? 


Brother Jay: Very significant, Brother Bob, because these are the same works which the different churches today are presenting. And they say this is their proof of their election or what they present as evidences of being those who belong to God and to Christ. 


Brother Bob: How so? What do you mean? 


Brother Jay: They say that they use the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in prophesying. But notice it is not the true biblical prophecy. They use the Name of our Lord Jesus, they say in performing miracles and even casting out demons. That is the reason many people are believing them today. We shouldn’t allow them to deceive us. 


Brother Bob: Wait, wait why do you say that they would be deceiving us? Those who rely on miracles and rely on healing and those kinds of things.  Quite miraculous, right? They would say they are merely doing what Christ and the Apostles did, right? 


Brother Neil Omelda: Well, they may say that Brother Bob, Brother Jay, Brother Eric, and our viewers. 


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Neil Omelda

Minister of the Gospel

New York


They may say that and firmly believe it and hold on to that notion. However, why is it, dear friends, that we can not just base our true religion or being in the true religion if one has miracles or able to cast out demons in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ? You see, when we base on the Bible, there is a warning given to us by our Almighty God through the Apostle Paul. And it is recorded here in ll Thessalonians chapter 2; the verse is 9 -12.


The Wicked One will come with the power of Satan and perform all kinds of false miracles and wonders, and use every kind of wicked deceit on those who will perish. They will perish because they did not welcome and love the truth so as to be saved. And so God sends the power of error to work in them so that they believe what is false. The result is that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken pleasure in sin, will be condemned. 


[II Thessalonians 2:9-12 Good News Translation]


There we go, dear friends. Why isn’t it that miracles shouldn’t be the basis if one is in the true religion? Well, the fact, according to the Holy Scriptures, not all miracles are from our Almighty God. In fact, who else can use miracles? Well, the Devil or Satan. And what will he use it for? Well, surely not to bring people to salvation. But to condemnation or punishment. 


Brother Bob: What happens, brothers, what happens once people lose sight then of the correct basis in choosing their religion? The correct basis and then instead allow themselves to be deceived by the Devil. How dangerous is that? 


Brother Neil: It is very dangerous, Brother Bob, because if people were to reject the truth or the path that would bring them to salvation and allow themselves to be deceived, well, according also to the verse, God sensed the power of error to work in them, so they believe in what is false. 


Brother Bob: And that is why, dear friends, it is, for this reason, what is it that Apostle Paul taught that we should all do so that we can avoid, and every one of us would want that, right? To avoid being tricked by the Devil? What do we need to do to be protected?  


Brother Neil: In order for us to be recipients of the blessings of our Almighty God, we have to accept and love and the truth. The teaching of our Almighty God written in the Bible. You see, dear friends, if our basis in choosing a religion is not the truth but is only based on the deception of the Devil, then we can be sure the religion that person would be in would be the wrong religion. 


Brother Bob: So dear friends, what we are clearly seeing here, then and brothers, what you are reading here it is that using our own feelings as guidance to choose which church that we should belong to, well, that is a very dangerous thing, right? And that is not what God wants. So instead, we are being guided to welcome and love the truth written here in the Holy Bible because otherwise, the Devil might try to trick us into believing and into following what is false. Did I get that right, Brothers? Is that what you are reading here? Is that what we should be getting from this, for the sake of all our viewers? 


Brother Eric Waterman: Yes, Brother Bob we should base our religious beliefs on what is the truth in the Bible, not our feelings, not anything else.


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Eric Waterman

Minister of the Gospel

Quezon City, Philippines


 So that is why we are confident about our Bible studies inside the Church Of Christ. We only teach the truth that comes from God, as recorded in the Bible. All the ministers will simply do is ask questions. But the answers will come from the Holy Scriptures. So we invite you all to visit the closest congregation, speak to the minister who is closest to you, and he will truly be happy to continue to study the biblical doctrines of what is the truth. And when we say Bible study, that is exactly what you get. A study of God’s words that are written in the Bible. 


Brother Bob: Brothers, dear friends, when we come back in just a moment, we’re going to ask next, “Why does prophecy matter so much?” Stay with us right here on the Iglesia Ni Cristo International Edition.


Brother Bob: Welcome back to Iglesia Ni Cristo International Edition. Today we are talking about Bible Prophecies that identify the true Church that belongs to God and to Christ. Now Brother Eric, according to prophecy, prophecy about Christ’s death, who would our Lord Jesus Christ die for?   


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Today’s Topic: Prophecies that Identify the True Church


Brother Eric: So let us not rely on our opinion or tradition but let’s read what is in the Bible. So let’s find out here in John 11:51-52 the prophecy. 


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Eric Waterman

Minister of the Gospel

Quezon City, Philippines


Actually, he did not say this of his own accord; rather, as he was High Priest that year, he was prophesying that Jesus was going to die for the Jewish people, and not only for them, but also to bring them together into one body all the scattered people of God. 

[John 11:51-52 Today’s English Version] 


So what did the High Priest then prophecy concerning our Lord Jesus Christ? He said in the scripture that Jesus would die not only for the Jewish people but also for all the scattered Children of the Lord God. 


Brother Bob: Wait, wait, Brother Eric, does that mean He prophesied as you read there he didn’t say it, did I hear you correctly, of his own accord? What does that mean?


Brother Eric: It wasn’t his own opinion. According to what we read in the same verse in another translation, in the Living Bible, it clarifies that the high priest, he didn’t think of it by himself. But he was inspired by God to say it. That is why dear friends, prophecy is so vitally important. It is God Himself that is telling us what will happen. And what He wants us to know and understand for our salvation and our life. 


Brother Bob: Thank you, Brother Eric. So dear friends, according to this particular prophecy, then Brothers, what will be done to all of God’s children there? 


Brother Eric: Very clearly, Brother Bob, it said they will be gathered together and made one. They will not be left scattered. 


Brother Bob: What would they be gathered into?


Brother Eric: As we read earlier in biblical prophecy, in only one body. 


Brother Bob: I see.


Brother Jay: That is very important, Brother Bob and Brother Eric because the Bible also describes that one body where God’s children would be gathered. How does the prophecy mention this? In the same verse, verse 52, in another rendition of the Bible, this is what we can read.    


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Jay Acuña

Minister of the Gospel

Ontario, California


And not for that nation only, but to gather in one fold the scattered family of God. 

[John 11:52 Rieu Translation]


How else does the prophecy describe the body, where in God’s children would be gathered? That body is also one fold or the flock. What else is significant about those who will be gathered as God’s children? In the same verse, John 11:52 of the Amplified version of the Bible. It says.


… the purpose of uniting into one body the children of God who have been scattered far and wide. 

[John 11:52 Amplified Bible]


Brother Bob: So Brother Jay, even God’s children who are far away, they too will be gathered together in only one body, or in one fold or in one flock according to that prophecy? 


Brother Jay: Correct, Brother Bob, this is the true purpose of God according to the prophecy. And those whom He recognizes as His children will belong. 


Brother Neil: Thank you for that, Brother Jay and Brother Bob. But which one is the true fold or flock of our Lord Jesus Christ? 


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Neil OImelda

Minister of the Gospel

New York


Is it safe to believe what others feel that as long as they have accepted our savior and one is already in the fold or flock of Christ? Well, let’s base it on the truth written in the Holy Scriptures. We are going to read in Acts chapter 20  verse 28 of the Lamsa Translation. 


Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock for which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood.

[Acts 20:28 Geroge M. Lamsa’s Translation]


Dear friends, the fold, or the flock, is none other than the Church Of Christ. And how important is the Church Of Christ? Well, the true Church Of Christ is the one that was purchased with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Brother Bob: So the commonly place idea then, Brother Neil, the common place idea that many religions, even if they have different names, they have different teachings and different basis or different foundations in service to God, they all can’t be true then, right?


Brother Neil: That is correct, Brother Bob. As mentioned earlier in the verse read, they will not be scattered, but they will be united or gathered in one body. And what further proves that the children of our Almighty God are in the one true Church Of Christ? When we read Colossian 1:18, it clarifies that the body is the church, headed by our Lord Jesus Christ. 


And he is the head of the body, the Church;

[Colossian 1:18, New International version ]


And through this, we already know the Church is referring to the Church Of Christ or the flockheaded by our Savior, redeemed by His blood.


Brother Bob: Well, that is a very important prophecy, Brothers; thank you for that. They are all going to be gathered together in one flock, one fold, one church. Is there another prophecy at all about God’s children truly being gathered only in one flock or in only one Church Of Christ? Any other prophecy that establishes that? 


Brother Eric: Yes Brother Bob. Aside from those that were in His true flock in the first century, who else was prophesied that our Lord Jesus Christ would gather together in one flock? We can read this in John 10:16. Allow me to read in the Easy-To-Read New Testament. 


I have other sheep too. They are not in this flock here. I must lead them also. They will listen to my voice. In the future there will be one flock and one shepherd. 

[John 10:16 Easy-To-Read New Testament]


So when our Lord Jesus Christ was still here on Earth, He already foretold that He had other sheep who were not of the flock gathered in the first century. What will also be done for them and to them? Our Lord Jesus Christ said I will lead them also, and they will hear His voice. So Brother Bob, according to our Lord Jesus Christ’s prophecy, when they will listen to Christ’s voice, they will be gathered in one place.  Where would they be gathered? Into one flock. What period of time? According to the verse, in the future.


Brother Neil: That is why, dear viewers, thank you for that, Brother Eric. This proves that prophecy is indeed very important. Because we have studied that this is God’s way of teaching and telling people what will happen in the future. And in this case, will point out what is the true religion as it is fulfilled precisely based on prophecy.


 Brother Bob: So, Brothers, unfortunately, we are almost out of time here, but you know it, this has to be where we pick this up again in part 2 of this important series regarding prophecy. Because we have some very important follow-up questions at this point, right? Questions that we have got to delve into, like what has occurred back then which has brought about the need for God’s people again to be gathered in the future? And has there been a reemergence of the true Church Of Christ again in the future, just as Jesus prophesied there in that earlier verse that we read Brother Eric? Has that happened?


Brother Eric: Brother Bob, the answer is absolutely yes. The Bible prophesies describing the future time of the true church’s reemergence. The prophecy regarding the true church’s place of reemergence. The method of reemergence. The name, the doctrine, and so much more are prophesied in the Bible and are fulfilled only right here in the Church Of Christ, the Iglesia Ni Cristo.  


Brother Jay:  Yes, this is the reason, dear friends, you must return and continue to study with us in part 2, where we continue to study all the details of these prophecies, and you will see these serve as the evidence that this is the true Church Of Christ. And no one can copy these. And before we go, let us take a look at this video and see what the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the Church Of Christ, has to offer you and your entire household. 


[Video Starts] 


Speaker 1:  The Bible study that really made me “ok, there is where I need to be” It was the one about the true Church. And that was like, ok, this is the true church because it says it right there in the Bible. And this is why I need to be in the true church, I know I’ll have salvation. 


Narrator: Did you know the Bible talks about a true church? Maybe it never crossed your mind, or maybe you never considered it. Tawanda certainly didn’t 


Tawanda Cochrane: It was pretty much, just going to church, and as long as you go to church and have faith in God and Jesus and you’ll be saved and have your salvation in the end.  And so I started going to Bible studies and ok, “That is not all true” I need to be in the true church to have salvation. 


Ivan Sanchez: One thing that stuck out about that very first lesson that I heard was that the minister kept on saying the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the true church, the only true church. And that was something I was thinking, well, at least this church is being honest about that, about them saying that. 


Narrator: But don’t take our word for it. Investigate it for yourself. They did. 


Jennie Guerrero: I asked a lot of questions, and the minister was very patient with me and read the Bible and showed me passages. And I remember asking him if this is the true church and how there are so many miracles happening around the world. You know from  other ministers, preachers, and churches, and I remember he read the verse Matthew 24:24 

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

[Matthew 24:24 New King James Version]


And I remember we read that, and I was like, “Woah ok, that makes a lot of sense,” and from that day forth, I started attending more Bible studies. 


Mary Gueverra:  I remember sitting there and listening to every word and would just start bawling, the tears because I  felt shocked that my mother had all my life taught me that all these things were ok. And I’m like it was the realization that all those feelings that I had were right. And she was wrong, and I had been taught the wrong way.  


Grace Federa: I was reading and learning more about the church, and I realized that there’s only one true God as versus to many other churches who have so many gods. But there is only one true church and one God. Which is the Father in Heaven, and our Lord Jesus Christ is the mediator. So that was really important to know the truth.


Narrator: You may have never considered it, but if you have been attending a church all your life, wouldn’t you want to go to the one that is true? 


Ivan: And it was after that I felt that, “Hey, this church, this is different. This church is actually teaching the true teachings from the Bible.” Because it wasn’t complicated to understand, and that is what made me want to continue, and that’s when I realized this is where God wants me to be. 


Narrator: Set up a time to speak with a minister of the Church Of Christ and discover the answers you need to hear.


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“Get to Know Us”


Set up a time to speak with a minister of the gospel.


[Video ends]


Brother Neil: Dear friends, if you have any questions or clarifications or you would like to know more about the Church Of Christ and our schedules and Bible studies. Please reach out at, and we would be happy to assist you. Especially with the congregation or the nearest minister to you.


Brother Bob: Well, dear friends, we would like to thank Brother Eric Waterman in Quezon City, Philippines. Brother Jay Acuña there in Mississauga, Canada. And Brother Neil Omelda there in New York. Brothers, thank you, thank you for giving us Bible-based answers so that, as Apostle Peter said to the members of the church, you’ll be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you are living the way you are. That is 1 Peter 3:15. Well, that does it for part 1 right here on the Iglesia Ni Cristo International edition. Regarding this part 1 of our Prophecy series, we hope you join us next time for part 2. I’m Bob Pellien, thanks for watching. And, dear friends, as we come to the end of our program, we would like to invite you to join us for a short closing prayer.


Brother Neil: Our most kind and loving Father in heaven. We praise and honor Your most holy Name. Thank You so much, dear God, for You have guided each one of us through the use of this program. That many more people will come to know the knowledge of the truth that will lead everyone to the true religion and be saved come the Day of Judgment. May You bless all of us, especially our friends and loved ones, so that everyone may continue to seek the truth written in the Holy Scriptures. If You allow more people, dear Father would be saved on the Day of Judgment. May You continue to bless this program and all of the helpers and instruments of Yours through the Church Administration that this program may reach many more people that will lead to the promised salvation. Our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we thank You from the bottom of our hearts for Your constant guidance and blessings. May You please intercede all of our prayers to the Father, including the forgiveness of our sins. Dear Father, as we return on to You in prayer, may You continue to uphold the Church Administration as well as Your entire Church in these last days so that all of us can be led in the proper manner of service of Your most holy Name. We ask all of these and entrust everything onto You only through the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen! 


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