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Worship Service and Evangelical Mission in the Philippine Arena Inspires Thousands

In the Philippine Arena, more are inspired to learn more about the Church Of Christ after a special worship service and evangelical mission led by the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.


Michelle Peredo: The work of propagation in the Church Of Christ is an ongoing endeavor of members around the world with the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, at the forefront.

And in the Philippine Arena, a worship service and an evangelical mission led by the Executive Minister himself, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, was held introducing many to the true doctrines found in the holy scriptures. Janina Rufino has the report.




Janina Rufino: The Church of Christ’s commitment to propagation remains steadfast, as evident through activities such as  “Project 109,” the intensive effort in the works of propagation launched by the Church Administration, musical evangelical missions, and a myriad of other events aimed at amplifying the spread of God’s teachings.

And today, at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, members along with invited guests, gathered for a special event where the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, led a worship service and evangelical mission. 

In this event, members filled the venue bringing tens of thousands of friends, loved ones, and neighbors where guests like Miyuki were able to listen to an important message.

Miyuki Takahashi (Guest, TV Talent): I’m very happy because I saw everyone of all ages listening, and I’ve never seen someone so passionate talking about God. For us, the younger generation, it’s an important reminder that there’s more to life than what we are used to now. We should believe what is in the Bible, and we should not give in to pressure around us just to belong. That’s really important to me– that we don’t twist what’s in the Bible into our own words just so the people around us will accept us.

Ali Sotto (Guest, Movie Actress/TV Host): Brother Eduardo, the Executive Minister himself—hearing him preach the words of God and it was my first time hearing him. It was very moving, very inspiring, and it touches you to the core.

Rey Langit (Guest, Philippine Journalist): There are so many members in the Church Of Christ plus their guests. I was really overwhelmed. It’s actually my first time here in the Philippine Arena and I was overwhelmed when I saw how it was filled with people who united in this event. 

Janina Rufino: This grand event was also broadcasted via video conferencing to various local congregations celebrating their milestone anniversaries where both members and their guests eagerly attended like in the ecclesiastical district of Northwest California.

Sam Perez (Choir Member, Pacifica, California): Today was a special worship service Pacifica was fortunately able to partake in, and it was led by our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. It was especially significant because this is our local’s first year of being established. Him being able to make opportunities for the whole world to be able to share their faith, be able to invite people to the Church and just learn from him the words of God, I think that in itself shows how much he cares for our faith.

John Borg (Deacon, Pacifica, California): The lessons that Brother Eduardo gives us are timely and definitely needed in the world. When I see those people that are being invited, I can see myself when I was in their position. I was one of them.

Janina Rufino: And for Bible students like Emmanuel, even from thousands of miles away, he felt the love and care of the Church Administration.

Emmanuel Fonacier (Doctrinal Instructee, Daly City, California): I believe that he is leading the church. And to be able to reach out throughout the world and to hear from him– it’s powerful. I feel like I’m not too little and I’m a part of the organization, the Church. This is a way that others outside of the Church can get invited and learn more about the teachings of God just like the way I came about with my neighbor who reached out to me and invited me to his Bible study.

Janina Rufino: With many enlightened after today’s evangelical mission, it’s instances like these that continue to serve as inspiration for members to share their faith–  including the message of the most important work that must be done by man– the work towards salvation.

John Borg (Deacon, Pacifica, California): To inspire us to do our best to invite people. To propagate as much as we can. All the local [congregations], everybody that have listened to Brother Eduardo should realize the importance of inviting someone, their loved ones, friends. His lesson should be an inspiration to give us a good reason why we should do our best to invite those people out there and bring them into the fold of the Church Of Christ.

Janina Rufino: Motivated by love, members unite and are determined to unceasingly share their faith with as many people as they can resulting in more from all walks of life learning about the true faith.

Janina Dela Paz Rufino for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.




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Worship Service and Evangelical Mission in the Philippine Arena Inspires Thousands