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Church Of Christ Reaches Kamloops, British Columbia

Despite freezing temperatures, many gather in Kamloops, British Columbia to take part in an inaugural worship service, as the INC continues to grow in Canada.


Naomi De La Cruz: Canada is known for having some of the harshest winters and for those on the road, commutes can be dangerous especially during the winter season. But in Kamloops, British Columbia we learn the journey of a man who didn’t let inclement weather keep him from something of utmost importance. Mia Mendoza has the story.


Mia Mendoza: Known for its beautiful mountains, hiking trails, and lakes, the city of Kamloops is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and it is also here in this beautiful city where Ferdinand and his family are. Residents recently made the move because of a new opportunity.

Ferdinand Francisco (Resident, Kamloops, British Columbia): My wife got her job offer here in Kamloops.

Mia Mendoza:  But as members of the Church Of Christ, the first thing Ferdinand and his family consider when going to a place is how they can continue in their worship services to the Lord God.

Ferdinand Francisco (Deacon/GWS Overseer, British Columbia): Before we decided to move here, we asked “where is the nearest worship service in Kamloops?” So they told us that it’s in Vernon.

Mia Mendoza: From Kamloops, with a travel time of an hour and a half away to the nearest house of worship, Ferdinand and his wife recognized the importance of finding reliable means of transportation.

Ferdinand Francisco (Deacon/GWS Overseer, British Columbia): I pray to God that I hope we can afford to get a car just to have a worship service. Lord’s will, that we bought a car.

Mia Mendoza: Even offering help to other members and making it to the worship service.

Ferdinand Francisco (Deacon/GWS Overseer, British Columbia):  I am the only one to have a car, so I carry some of the brethren to go to Vernon. We traveled around one hour and 30 minutes or 3 hours in total.

Mia Mendoza: And in addition to long commutes, the journey proved to be truly dangerous, and at one point even experiencing a fatal situation.

Ferdinand Francisco (Deacon/GWS Overseer, British Columbia): Around 6 p.m. So it’s a very winding road and yeah, it’s very dark. And then there was a pickup truck carrying a camper trailer, and the camper trailer swung out from his lane and went into my lane and I directly hit the camper trailer. And then after that, in just a second, then it’s already in front of me. Then that’s it.

Mia Mendoza: But despite the unexpected obstacle they encountered, Ferdinand and his wife, along with the brethren, remain steadfast in their faith, unhindered and fulfilling their duties as members of the Church Of Christ.

Ferdinand Francisco (Deacon/GWS Overseer, British Columbia): We’re still thankful to God that we’re still alive, and nothing happened seriously to us.

Mia Mendoza: It is here in Kamloops, where members have been praying for their own congregation, not only to bring worship closer to them but also to introduce the true faith to their community. And today, their prayers to Almighty God were fulfilled. Despite freezing temperatures, members from all over the District of British Columbia gathered to take part in the inaugural worship service in Kamloops. The study of the words of God led by the supervising minister, Brother Glendo Baitan further inspired those in attendance at this momentous occasion.

Ferdinand Francisco (Deacon/GWS Overseer, Kamloops, British Columbia): This is the answer to our prayer, to give our worship services near to us. We are very thankful as for my family and all the brethren here in Kamloops.

Brother Ranniel Serreno (Assistant District Minister, Ecclesiastical District of British Columbia): Despite hindrances, worship service is a manifestation of the fulfillment of God’s promise to the entirety of the Church of Christ that he will never forsake His Church.

Mia Mendoza: Grateful that they now have a place of worship nearby. Members are even more inspired to fulfill the duties they love.

Ferdinand Francisco (Deacon/GWS Overseer, Kamloops, British Columbia): I know that God will help us that this worship service in Kamloops will grow in all its glory.

Mia Mendoza: The establishment of a new congregation in this area is a testament to God’s love and guidance to the Church Administration aiming to meet the growing needs of its members and to enable more people to hear the pure teachings of God. Mia Mendoza, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.


Naomi De La Cruz: All praises be to the Almighty God. If you are celebrating a significant event or milestone in your congregation, drop a comment below and share the excitement with us. Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Sunday for new episodes on INCTV and every Saturday on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Naomi De La Cruz. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.


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Church Of Christ Reaches Kamloops, British Columbia