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INC Growth Continues: Church Of Christ Reaches Menifee, California

Through the eyes of a retired environmental manager, witness the growth of the Church Of Christ this time in the quaint city of Menifee, California– leading to an inaugural worship service.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: The unwavering dedication of Church Of Christ members worldwide to spread the gospel is yielding results, as evidenced by the establishment of additional congregations. In the Ecclesiastical District of San Diego County, a new congregation has been established to further care for the growing number of members. Taylor Joy Lacpagan gives us that report.




TAYLOR JOY LACPAGAN: Menifee, California, located in Riverside County, is known for its suburban yet relaxed atmosphere and affordability for those seeking to settle down. And a city Jeffrey chose for retirement after working as an environmental health and safety manager.


JEFFREY QUARLES (RESIDENT, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): It’s not a big city. It’s more of that rural country type of living, but I think that you’ll see, there will be a lot more department stores and commercial growth in this area.


TAYLOR JOY LACPAGAN: Part of the growth he observed was also the increasing number of members in the Church Of Christ in this area.


JEFFREY QUARLES (RESIDENT, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): A lot of even our brethren who are moving this way. Coming up here to buy a house to live in this area.


TAYLOR JOY LACPAGAN: Ron, who is also a member of the Church Of Christ and moved here two years ago, sees great potential for further spreading the true gospel in this area.


RON VASQUEZ (RESIDENT, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): There will be a lot of opportunities to share our faith to non-members here, because it’s growing and also a lot of brethren are moving here.


TAYLOR JOY LACPAGAN: However, in their services to God, what posed a significant challenge was the distance of their homes from the nearest place of worship in the local congregation of Temecula.


RON VASQUEZ (RESIDENT, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): A lot of brethren had to drive a while and the way the traffic is here. It was a challenge for a lot of the brethren.


TAYLOR JOY LACPAGAN: But one prayer remained in their heart, that a Church Of Christ congregation would be established in the Menifee area, not only to bring the worship service closer to members, but also to introduce the true faith to other residents. Today, their prayers were answered–as members in the surrounding area and from nearby congregations gathered together to witness the Inaugural Worship Service of the local congregation of Menifee. What made the event even more special was that the gathering was officiated by the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo Manalo, through a video-streaming worship service, during which the attendees received abundant spiritual blessings through God’s words.


JEFFREY QUARLES (HEAD DEACON, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): That was an unexpected gift from God, that we had our Executive Minister, we can tell the Holy Spirit was so strong that day. It was hard to hold back our cares and excitement at the same time. We know that God was with us that day.


RON VASQUEZ (DEACON, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): I truly believe that was a blessing. I mean, imagine that our first worship service and we were able to see our Executive Minister preaching. It was truly a blessing for this locale. I felt the Holy Spirit. I was just overwhelmed and I got emotional during the worship service.


TAYLOR JOY LACPAGAN: Following the worship service, Supervising Minister, Brother Matthew Capistrano, addressed members  in attendance and congratulated them for this great milestone not only for the district but even in their personal lives. This was followed by an oath-taking led by the Assistant Supervising Minister, Brother Elmer Sarmiento in which core officers took their oath, inspired to take care of members in this part of the world.


RON VASQUEZ (DEACON, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): It’s truly a blessing. And to be one of the leaders to help pioneer and mold the brothers here in this new established locale. I feel it’s an honor, a blessing from our Almighty God and hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill the duty with God’s help.


JEFFREY QUARLES (HEAD DEACON, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): Praises be to God, [I] never expected to be a first head deacon.


BROTHER MATTHEW CAPISTRANO (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY): We have discovered that many brethren have been moving to this area because the Menifee area is a fast and growing place. And many new families are moving into this place. And we can see the great growth of membership here in this part of the world. And with the local congregation being established, it brings it closer to the homes of the brethren, it means that their guests and those they’re inviting to the Church do not need to travel so far anymore because it’s just close to them. And it will give them a better opportunity to join us in the worship services and hear the words of our Almighty God.


BROTHER JARED PASKEWIC (RESIDENT MINISTER, LOCAL CONGREGATION OF TEMECULA): And it’s very important that all the work grows as a congregation because this is giving great success for the entire Church. It is all for the glory and praises of our Almighty Father and I believe and I know that the congregation here will continue to be active in the works of propagation.


JEFFREY QUARLES (HEAD DEACON, MENIFEE, CALIFORNIA): This neighborhood is growing. That’s our opportunity to do God’s plan. That’s our opportunity to go out into the world and share our faith with the folks that maybe they never heard of it. God willing, we’ll be able to share our faith, sparking interest in them, so that they’ll come and join us not only for our worship services, but for our Bible studies.


TAYLOR JOY LACPAGAN: The establishment of a new local congregation in this area is a testament to the deep love of the Church Administration for its members, to further nurture their service to the Lord and to bring the truth closer to more  people, leading them towards salvation. Taylor Joy Lagpacan, San Diego County California, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.




BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Truly inspiring, have you witnessed the milestone of growth in the Church in your part of the world? Let us know in the comments. Well, that does it for us on INC News World, tune in every Sunday for new episodes on INCTV and every Saturday on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Brother Tyler Worthen. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.




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INC Growth Continues: Church Of Christ Reaches Menifee, California