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From Ottawa to South Korea, Special Gatherings and Milestones in the INC

From Ottawa to South Korea, witness the latest and most inspiring events happening in the INC. Featuring: Saint John Inaugural Worship Service in Ottawa, Special Gathering in British Columbia, Officers Special Gathering in Northern Europe, Zaoqiao Inaugural Worship Service in Taiwan, and Officers Special Gathering in South Korea.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Across North America to Europe and the Pacific, special gatherings and milestones continue to shine in victories in the Church Of Christ. Let’s take a look.




BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Our first stop takes us to the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, Canada to the province of New Brunswick – known for its distinct historic architecture and the iconic Reversing Falls off the Atlantic coast, it is also here in this Maritime province, where residents like Milagros, a member of the Church Of Christ, would endure long commutes to attend worship service in Montreal before any congregation was established in her area.


MILAGROS ASTROLOGO (PIONEER MEMBER, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA): We attend the worship service in Montreal, which is [a] ten hour drive.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: But after some time, a group worship service in Saint John, New Brunswick was established. And the growth of the Church Of Christ only continued and today, after continuous devotional prayers, they were granted a great blessing– for the group of worship service of Saint John to become a full-fledged local congregation. This sacred occasion was led by Supervising Minister, Brother Moriel Cadacio, as members from across the district gathered to take part in this long-awaited day.


EDWARD JUNEL PILLIE (HEAD DEACON, SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK): Our hearts are filled with joy. Thank you, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. All our aspirations were granted by the Father through your support and guidance to our local congregation. All the brethren are together helping hand-in-hand to fulfill this long been desired day in our lives.


BROTHER AERON PAUL MANABO (ASSISTANT SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF OTTAWA): We praise our Almighty God. We are so happy for this great blessing that we have received, it only shows not only the love and the mercy of our Almighty God, but also the fulfillment of His promises. The rapid expansion of the Church all over the world, and His continuous guidance through the Church Administration.


BROTHER MORIEL CADACIO (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF OTTAWA): All the brethren in the entire district of Ottawa, Canada, we are truly thankful, first of all to our Almighty God, this happened because of His grace and mercy. Without God’s help to the Church, to this district, and especially to this local congregation, this would not be possible. To the brethren in this part of the world, especially here in Saint John, this group worship service for the long time will become a local congregation. All praise and glory be to our Father in heaven. We firmly believe that there will be more people who will be called in this part of the world.


MILAGROS ASTROLOGO (PIONEER MEMBER, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA): We thank God, He guided us in our endeavors and now we already have three congregations in Atlantic and we have nine group worship services. All of this is the fulfillment of God’s work and we thank God very much for everything that He [has done for] us.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: As the Church Of Christ continues to grow in various parts of the world, members here in Ottawa are inspired to carry on in deep devotion in their services to God. And sacred occasions only continue as we head west to the Ecclesiastical District of British Columbia where the Church Of Christ also continues to experience rapid growth.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: As a result of the intensified work of propagation, many have continued their journey in joining the true faith. And to strengthen these individuals, a special gathering was held at the house of worship in Burnaby. Members, doctrinal instructees, and prospective members came together and were led in a study of God’s words by Minister of the Gospel, Brother Churchill Ibasco. Following, an appreciation event was held, where members put together live performances of Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) original music. Gift baskets were also distributed and individuals were given the opportunity to socialize with guests and loved ones. For Joshua, he is inspired after today’s event.


JOSHUA BALONGGAY (DOCTRINAL INSTRUCTEE, BRITISH COLUMBIA): The bond between all the brethren today is very strong because without their efforts and support within each other is that, this event could have not been successful. it’s inspiring to see that, this event, this special gathering and Appreciation Day is all God’s work.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: As individuals are further inspired to continue learning more about the Church Of Christ, we head to the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe where Church officers were also further inspired through a special gathering in Vienna, Austria.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Known as the capital and for its artistic and musical legacy, surrounded by rich architecture, it is also here where inspiration could be found through God’s words. From Hungary to Poland, officers from across the district of Northern Europe gathered to be part of this sacred event officiated by District Supervising Minister, Brother Vizar Balcita, officers were reminded of the importance of their respective duties, and were further inspired in their dedication in service to God.


ISRAELITA SANGGALANG (FINANCE OFFICER, VIENNA WEST, AUSTRIA): Despite the many trials, we have seen the continuous growth of the Church Of Christ here in Europe. There are many brethren here, despite living far away, still made it here to attend this special gathering.


KATHRINA GUIEB (CHOIR DIRECTOR, VIENNA WEST, AUSTRIA): I promise God that I will continue to fulfill my holy obligations as a choir directress here in our district and I want to continue to lead the choir members in actively serving our Lord God.


ARSAN ALCANTARA (DEACON, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY): I will be able to use what I learned in this special gathering as a Church officer in the Church Of Christ, in being reminded of all the teachings that have been taught to us on how to handle our duties in the proper manner, so that we can continue to wholeheartedly perform our duties.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Along with receiving inspiring messages, an oath-taking of new officers was held, and a special recognition was made to officers who have remained in their duties over 20 years.


BROTHER DANILO CAALIM (RESIDENT MINISTER, VIENNA, AUSTRIA): In this particular gathering, we have received the care and the guidance of our Lord once more, reminding us of how important our duties are, how important it is for officers to be fully in line with the Administration’s spirit, which is to take good care of all God’s people so that no one may be lost.


BROTHER JAKE EDIC (ASSISTANT SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF NORTHERN EUROPE): Today we have been taught the words of God once again, a lesson was prepared by the Church Administration for us, and we truly believe that we will all the more become strong, vigorous all the more united with the Church Administration.


BROTHER VIZAR BALCITA (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF NORTHERN EUROPE): We are very grateful to the Church Administration, through our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo for His kindness and love, care and affection to the brethren here in our district. We promise unto our Church Administration, that we will remain devoted, dedicated and loyal unto them and remain submitting to their authority.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Through occasions like these, officers are strengthened in their faith and continue to feel the care and love of the Church Administration, just like in our next stop, as we head east to the Ecclesiastical District of Taiwan.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Known for its high-tech industry, bustling night markets and towering landmarks, it is also in this progressive area where the Church Of Christ experienced growth– and where the group worship service of Zaoqiao was established. Led by Supervising Minister Brother Roel Castillo, members gathered to witness this inaugural worship service, marking another significant milestone, and were grateful for this wondrous blessing.


JIMENRY MIRANDA (CHURCH OFFICER, ZAOQIAO GWS, TAIWAN): The place of worship is nearer to us, we are filled with gratitude and you can expect us that we will place first, our duties in caring for the house of worship, as well as our zeal in participating in all the Church activities approved by the Church Administration.


BROTHER JULIUS CAEZAR SANTIAGO (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF TAIWAN): Areas like here in the Zaoqiao Group Worship Service is a chance for Church Of Christ members to all the more, be an extending help to the Church Administration. And it is also here where we celebrate the other Church activities in propagating the words of God to further renown and render glory to His holy church.


BROTHER ROEL CASTILLO (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF TAIWAN): It is very important in establishing places of worship like this, so that brethren will be able to meet the needs of their guests as a responsibility to our Lord God. They have a place to go to worship our Lord God and conduct devotional prayers, and it is there where they can hold all Church-related activities in their services to our Lord God including their ongoing effort in inviting others to return to our Lord God that can join us here inside the Church Of Christ.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: With the establishment of Zaoqiao GWS, members affirmed their conviction in remaining active in their sacred duties, in intensifying all works in the Church Of Christ bringing all due glory to the Almighty God. And similar works only continue, as we head across the East China Sea to the Ecclesiastical District of South Korea


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Gaining global popularity for its technological advancements and comprising of a dynamic blend of contemporary and ancient culture, it is also here where the Church Of Christ continues progressing towards further victories– as a special gathering was held for Church officers at the house of worship in Gwangju in the Jeolla province and where other members simultaneously joined through videoconference. Members from around the district gathered and were led by Supervising Minister, Brother Roderick Yome, inspiring members to hold on tightly to their God-given gifts.


RHEA PATARAY (CHOIR MEMBER, UIJEONGBU, SOUTH KOREA): As an EPS worker, here in South Korea, its very important to have these kind of opportunities to be able to perform our Church duties. This is where we are strengthened and despite what we experience — sadness and loneliness from being away from our families, this is where we are uplifted in performing our duties and feel the fellowship of our Lord God.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Following, an oath-taking was also held, wherein those who accepted new duties made a promise in taking care of members under their care in this part of the world.


ANAGIL SANTOS (CHOIR ORGANIST, UIJEONGBU, SOUTH KOREA): Another blessing was added in performing my duties during our special gathering, most especially, I was able to accept a new Church duty. And this will serve as further inspiration in diligently performing my Church duties to our Lord God. What I learned in our special gathering was the importance of uniting with the spirit and aim of the Church Administration.


BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: As the Church Of Christ continues to expand its reach, members continue to heed the call of the Church Administration for the need of additional Church officers overseeing the welfare of members around the globe. From special gatherings to inaugural worship services, it’s through events like these that members are continuously reaffirmed in their faith, all the more dedicating themselves in service to the Lord God no matter what.




BROTHER TYLER WORTHEN: Praise be to God for all these inspiring stories happening around the globe. Share with us in the comments if any events are happening in your part of the world. Well, that does it for us on INC News World, tune in every Sunday for new episodes on INCTV and every Saturday on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Brother TYLER WORTHEN. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.




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From Ottawa to South Korea, Special Gatherings and Milestones in the INC