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From Northern Europe to Australia, Milestones and Special Gatherings in the INC

From Northern Europe to Australia, the latest and most inspiring events happening in the Church Of Christ. Featuring a Choir Special Gathering in Eastern Ontario, Evangelical Mission in Saskatchewan, 'Welcome, My Brethren' Event in Macau, Stockholm 10th Anniversary in Northern Europe, Gold Coast 25th Anniversary in Australia East.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Across North America to Europe and the Pacific, the Church Of Christ continues to shine in victories as more people discover the true faith. Let’s take a look.




BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Our first stop takes us to the Ecclesiastical District of Eastern Ontario. Scarborough, located in the eastern part of Toronto, is known for its diverse population, cultural attractions, and natural landmarks.  It is also home to one of the newest ecclesiastical districts of the Church Of Christ in North America, where a significant occasion was held – a special gathering for choir members throughout the district. Among those present was Glenda. From her youngest years to now serving as the choir director overseeing the other choir members throughout the district, every performance is an action of her strong conviction to this sacred duty.


GLENDA ESPERANZA (CHOIR LEADER, SCARBOROUGH, EASTERN ONTARIO): I lean on prayers and, of course, add my own perseverance, trusting God who will use me for His divine purposes. It’s hard dealing with my illnesses and performing my choir duty because I need my hands and my feet to really perform well.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Glenda is battling CIPD, or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, and lupus, an autoimmune disease, of symptoms that include sensory loss and weakness. But despite this challenge, she continues to persevere, showing a good example to others of her unfaltering dedication and love for her duty.


GLENDA ESPERANZA (CHOIR LEADER, SCARBOROUGH, EASTERN ONTARIO): What I would really hope to impart is for everybody to embrace the vulnerability. I embrace my illness not to let go, but to allow God to manifest his power over me. That hopefully despite the illness, if the choir members would still always see me teach, I continue to inspire that despite what I carry on my shoulders, I push beyond the pain. I sing beyond the pain.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: In this special gathering in the house of worship of Scarborough and led by District Supervising Minister, Brother Paquito Ibanez, Jr., Glenda along with fellow choir members sang praises to the Lord God with every note carrying profound meaning.


GLENDA ESPERANZA (CHOIR LEADER, SCARBOROUGH, EASTERN ONTARIO): The hymns that we sing in the worship service, they’re not just notes or melodies, but they are actually symphonies of graces. That’s what I love about being a choir member. You get to express everything, you know, bare your soul through singing.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: And like Glenda, choir members not only united in the faith through hymn singing but found renewed strength even while experiencing severe circumstances in life.  Having peace while striving all the more to fulfill their sacred duty.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: From Eastern Ontario we head west to the Ecclesiastical District of Saskatchewan. What feeling might one get in seeing vast landscapes, especially in a place known as the ” Land of the Living Skies?”  A calming and peaceful atmosphere.  This is what Kookie, a resident in Saskatchewan experienced when accepting an invitation to hear the words of God at an evangelical mission held at the house of worship in Regina led by the minister of the gospel, Brother Sonny Salanga. Even to first-time visitors like Kookie, the evangelical mission resonated deeply, leaving an indelible impression with its welcoming atmosphere.


KOOKIE DEL MAR (GUEST, REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA): The first time I entered, I felt at peace. [It felt] very peaceful, very solemn. And the message was clearly delivered this evening. It’s such a blessing to hear the words of the Lord.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Even for Donald, also a resident and guest impressed by his experience of the Church Of Christ.


DONALD VERDOTE (GUEST, REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA): I was amazed because it’s very beautiful and organized.


KOOKIE DEL MAR (GUEST, REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA): It’s not only saying we accept our Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, but we need to continue on learning [and] applying what the Bible teaches in our lives.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: The evangelical mission left a lasting impact on attendees, filling them with awe and inspiring a deeper curiosity to learn more about the true teachings after being introduced to the Church Of Christ.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: From Saskatchewan, we head west across the Pacific to the Ecclesiastical District of Macau. From sky rises and bright lights, not only does the population continue to grow rapidly in this region, but more members have also been added to the Church Of Christ as newly baptized members added here in Macau were welcomed and recognized at a Welcome, My Brethren Activity throughout the district. Spearheaded by the CFO, or Christian Family Organization, the Welcome, My Brethren activity welcomed attendees like Realyn, a bible student eager to continue learning more about the Church Of Christ and happy to be part of something special.


KOOKIE DEL MAR (GUEST, REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA): I’ve seen how happy [everyone is] here in the Church Of Christ. I want to learn more about what the Church Of Christ is. Now, I’m enjoying myself because I see how happy everyone is, and they are united with one heart and that is what I want to understand in my heart— the teachings of the Church Of Christ. 


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Under the guidance of the Church Administration and the Lord God, the Church Of Christ stands as a testament to the enduring strength and unity fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie for members and the opportunity for more people to be introduced to the true faith.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: From Macau, we take our next visit west to the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe. In fostering unity and enduring strength, it is here in Sweden not only its rich history that is on display but the enduring growth and resilience of the Church Of Christ in Stockholm. Celebrating its milestone tenth anniversary, members gathered at the Spånga Folkets Hus in a socializing event where through a photo gallery, they could recall the rich history and milestone victories of its congregation. Reminding all members of God’s handiwork in this part of the world.


BROTHER OLIVER PHILIP NAGUIT (RESIDENT MINISTER, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN): We are so thankful to the Lord God for his fulfillment of all of His promises to His people, including our congregation. For ten years as a local congregation, our Lord God has helped the brethren to uphold their services, especially their worship services to our Lord God.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Members from neighboring congregations like Nynäshamn, Skanstull, and Västerås as they all celebrated together the decade of victories with memories of God’s love and inspiration in their lives through the true faith.


RUDY FERNANDEZ (HEAD DEACON, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN): Our hearts are very happy because we were able to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the establishment of our congregation. This truly gives inspiration and diligence to the brethren. All praise to our Lord God.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Just as members celebrated the journey and growth of the congregation of Stockholm, the celebration of another milestone now brings us to the Ecclesiastical District of Australia East.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: The city of Gold Coast not only lies not the coast of Queensland with its sandy beaches and popular tourist area but it has also brought Church Of Christ members into celebrating 25 years of the Church of Christ in Gold Coast. A historic milestone that was celebrated through an evangelical mission where neighbors, family and friends were invited to celebrate along with Church Of Christ members in upholding the words of God while also shared in this event. Being led by the Resident Minister, Brother Glenn David, this momentous occasion was also celebrated through musical performances to further recognize God’s work and blessings here in the city of Gold Coast, serving as their silver anniversary.


BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Commemorating this milestone anniversary, as a testament to the unwavering faith, dedication, and unity of the members of the Church Of Christ in Gold Coast, members are further inspired to carry on in contributing to the spiritual growth of the Church Of Christ in the district of Australia East. From milestone victories to growth of the true faith in different parts of the world, the Church Of Christ continues in all of its ongoing endeavors, sharing the true faith and bringing all closer to the Lord God.




BROTHER ANGELO BRUNO: Praise be to God for all these inspiring stories happening around the globe. Share with us in the comments if any events are happening in your part of the world. Well, that does it for us on INC News World, tune in every Sunday for new episodes on INCTV and every Saturday on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Brother Angelo Bruno. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.




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From Northern Europe to Australia, Milestones and Special Gatherings in the INC