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Community Ties Strengthened Through INC Giving in San Diego County

In San Diego, volunteers are inspired to participate in all kinds of outreach activities through the INC Giving Project, resulting in closer ties within the community.


Brother Tyler Worthern: At the heart of the INC Giving project lies a profound mission—to cultivate kindness by lending a helping hand to those in need, driven by the essence of voluntary service. Whether it’s a neighbor in need, a local charity event, or a global humanitarian crisis, Church Of Christ members are unwavering in their commitment to making a difference. Each gesture, whether big or small, serves as a testament to their steadfast faith and dedication to uplifting humanity through service. Here on INC News World, today, we launch a segment featuring the INC Giving project to share with you stories of its positive impact. With the INC Giving project in full swing, all kinds of good works continue to inspire more to extend a helping hand to their community. In San Diego, let’s learn how a group of volunteers actively reached out to their community in a variety of ways. Elma Joy Trinidad with the details.


Elma Joy Trinidad: The INC Giving project aiming to motivate acts of kindness and love was further intensified in the beginning of this year of 2024, inspiring even more to get involved to make a difference. Uniting in this project from members throughout the Ecclesiastical district of San Diego County gathered for a special gathering led by supervising Minister Brother Matthew Capistrano, where they receive reminders of the importance of helping their fellow man and it has re-inspired volunteers like Taylor Joy from San Diego County, who has grown up participating in INC Giving activities since her youth.

Taylor Joy Lagpacan (INC Giving Volunteer, Ecclesiastical District of San Diego County): It really reminded me how many good memories I’ve made with my friends and my family within the INC Giving project. When I was younger and when I was a teenager. Knowing that everything I do with acts big or small, doing good wherever we can, however we can, you know, being able to put some positivity out into the world, especially nowadays, I feel like is just one of the ways that we can shine as lights of the world.

Jorge Rossi (INC Member ,Ecclesiastical District of San Diego County): I feel that this is going to have a good impact, not only for just the local community, so they get to know us, but also the members within our Church. Because I believe that the Christian family living is a really good motto that we strive to live every single day of our lives, not only from our married couples to our teenagers and to our children as well that we can pass along. So I think it’s going to be awesome.

Elma Joy Trinidad: And eager to participate and reach out to their community. Members immediately conducted various INC Giving activities. Setting aside time, volunteers held multiple park cleanups in Spring Valley, Chula Vista, El Cajon and Hemet and reached out to their neighborhood by giving away fresh donuts and snacks. While some also volunteered at their local food pantry. Inspired by the community outreach of the ice giving project of the Church Of Christ. Mayor John McCann of Chula Vista eagerly welcomes the opportunity in making a difference in their community.

Mayor John McCann (Chula Vista, California): The great thing is it’s so welcoming here and when you come here, you just get that warm feeling that everybody cares about what’s happening and that you are welcome. I just thought it was inspiring and it was great to see that your community and your congregation come together on different initiatives, especially helping out the community. And that’s what we need. We need to continually help our community and our neighbors. I want to have the city be a collaborator and work with the Church to be able to make sure that we give you opportunities for our community cleanups and ways to help improve the city.

Elma Joy Trinidad: It is through these acts of volunteerism that give the opportunity for members to introduce the Church Of Christ and with many interested in learning more about the Church Of Christ. Mayor John McCann, along with others, came together for an event focusing on the study of God’s words held in the house of worship of Chula Vista, led by Brother Bob Pellien, a minister of the Gospel and guests were further, more enlightened by the true faith.

Angelita Dael (Guest, Chula Vista, California): Especially nowadays, it’s really relevant. There’s a lot of misinformation and disinformation and it creates chaos not only in families but also in the community and the world. So it’s really relevant.

Brother Matthew Capistrano (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of San Diego County): We were able to share with our beloved guests the importance of trusting the words of our Almighty God because it is the absolute truth. And by means of this Bible presentation, we’re also able to build community with our fellowmen. Our priority as members of the Church Of Christ is to share the true teachings written in the Holy Scriptures but also to help with the community as well.

Taylor Joy Lagpacan (INC Giving Volunteer, Ecclesiastical District of San Diego County): And we’ll have an opportunity to really showcase this unique aspect of the Church Of Christ to everyone with kind and genuine intentions. Everything counts is one of the things that just makes me so proud and so happy to be here and doing good within the INC Giving project.

Elma Joy Trinidad:  And just like members here in San Diego, members throughout the world continue to reach out to their fellowmen, motivated to do good in their community and bring more people to the true faith. Elma Joy Trinidad, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.


Brother Tyler Worthern: If you have received or have given acts of kindness in your neighborhood through the INC Giving project, let us know in the comments below and share your experience of kindness in your community. Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Sunday for new episodes on INCTV and every Saturday on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Brother Tyler Worthen. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.


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Community Ties Strengthened Through INC Giving in San Diego County