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Welcoming New Neighbors to the INC in Vermont

In Vermont, a warm welcome is made to individuals adjusting to living in a new country; young individuals gather virtually to gain insight on career options.

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: in Vermont, the Church Of Christ introduces itself to local residents; and across the Midwest, young people hear from career professionals, and get important advice on their futures. Your INC News World starts now. 


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: Welcome back to INC News World, I’m Brother Michael Guerrero, coming to you from the San Francisco Bay Area, as we continue this week’s episode. On the east coast of the U.S., 



The state of Vermont has a small but growing community of immigrants, and of the top 5 countries of origin for immigrants is the Philippines. American Immigration Council

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: For any immigrant, finding a home across the world can be a challenge. But we meet a group of people whose transition was met with open arms. Mhikka Jomao-as has more.


MHIKKA JOMAO-AS: Moving to a new country alone with the hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow can be a daunting endeavor. As Evelyn knows, who just recently moved from the Philippines to the United States. 


MHIKKA JOMAO-AS: But in an effort to bring a greater sense of community to those combating loneliness, Church Of Christ members around New England hosted a “Welcome, My Brethren” event in Vermont. And that sense of community was felt by guests like Evelyn.

EVELYN JEFFERS (RESIDENT – VERMONT): It’s a little bit exciting. I met a lot of people and I just noticed that all of your group, all the people around here is very, very nice. 

MHIKKA JOMAO-AS: And guests like Jennifer. 

JENNIFER PRESAS (GUEST – VERMONT): I got a very light-hearted feeling with this group. 

MHIKKA JOMAO-AS: Even traveling from several hours away, members from the Local Congregation of Boston came out today to make the event memorable.

BROTHER NEIL TRINIDAD (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): A lot of the guests that joined were our fellow kababayans, or fellow Filipinos who have migrated to Vermont. Many of them are far away from family, and we wanted to show them that we don’t mind driving hours to be with them, and to show them our care and concern. And we hope that they felt part, like this is a community that they can join. There’s a saying that people don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. And that’s the main focal point in this particular activity, that even though we’re teaching them the word of God, we need to show them first, our camaraderie, our brotherhood, and the ardent desire of the Church Administration to reach out and to help those who are in need. 

MHIKKA JOMAO-AS: Church Of Christ members around the District of New York also gathered to show their support. A live musical presentation was put on by youth members. Gift cards and gift certificates for free balikbayan boxes, boxes being shipped overseas usually to loved ones in the Philippines, were also given to all the guests in attendance. A video presentation was also shown as an introduction to the Church Of Christ following a study of God’s words, led by District Supervising Minister, Brother Rico Del Rosario.

EVELYN JEFFERS (GUEST – VERMONT): It was really good. Very interesting. I see something that’s in your preaching. It’s really, it feels like you can feel it, it’s so deep. This is the way how, you know, [it’s] supposed to be. 

JENNIFER PRESAS (GUEST – VERMONT): I think it will really guide me and lead me to become a better person. It’s the excellent way of doing it. Because that’s really straight from God’s word. That’s, for me, that’s the best thing.

BROTHER NEIL TRINIDAD (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): We were hoping that there would be those who would just see they’re interested to listen, but they actually signed up to be Bible students.

MHIKKA JOMAO-AS: And though the Church Of Christ has been established on the east coast of America, there are still places where the words of God have yet to reach.

ELEYAH TALLO (INC MEMBER – BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS): This event is very important to us because the Church Administration is urging us, or reminding us that we should reach out to those places where, especially in the state of Vermont where there’s no local congregation that has been established.

BROTHER NEIL TRINIDAD (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): We’re going to a place where we don’t know anybody, a place where there’s no members of the Church at all. And we went there, hoping to find people and God gave us many people to listen, which was beyond our expectations. And it was very evident that God heard every one of our prayers.

ELEYAH TALLO (INC MEMBER – BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS): We were so thankful to God that In this occasion, the brethren are all united, especially that in our District. 

JENNIFER PRESAS (GUEST – VERMONT): I was so touched because I saw the unity of the group. It was so, I would say, very touching. 

EVELYN JEFFERS (GUEST – VERMONT): Thank you so much. Thank you.

MHIKKA JOMAO-AS: With the drive to reach out to those in need, Church Of Christ members here continue to conduct outreach activities within their communities to bring their fellow men closer to the words of God. Whether on the U.S. east coast or somewhere else in the world, to find a congregation near you, go to Mhikka Jomao-as for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network; Milton, Vermont.


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: Compared to the dire job market for new college graduates in 2020, employers project hiring 7.2% more new college graduates from the class of 2021 as the job market improves. And in turn, young people today have a better shot at landing that dream job. But, do they know what their dream job looks like? Justin Cabardo has the details. 


JUSTIN CABARDO: In virtual breakout rooms, young members of the Church Of Christ had the opportunity to listen to working professionals describe their careers and their passions, like Chris, who works in the advertising industry, during an event organized by the Christian Family Organizations, or CFO, of the Northern Midwest. 

CHRIS GALLEVO (INC MEMBER & ADVERTISING PROFESSIONAL – PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS): It was an event organized by the CFO to reach out to young brothers and sisters who are either interested in certain fields for their career or don’t know exactly what they want to do and were curious and wanted to speak or listen to some other brethren who are industry professionals. 

JUSTIN CABARDO: A common theme among all the presentations, questions and discussions was: how do you, or how does anyone, balance it all? 

SESSION PRESENTER: You definitely had to learn to manage your time especially when certain classes fell on the same days and times as worship services.

JUSTIN CABARDO: These young people listening will be emerging into the workforce with the intention of not only providing a livelihood for themselves, but remembering where God remains in their priorities. 

CHRIS GALLEVO (INC MEMBER & ADVERTISING PROFESSIONAL – PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS): Despite how glamorous the job can be and, you know, it does afford a comfortable lifestyle, it’s easy to get caught up in that and so you know it’s really important to stay grounded and you know, to always put your duties and responsibilities in the Church first because the job is really just the means to support everything else in your life. You know, when you put God first everything else is going to follow. And, it’s just, that’s always kind of been how it works.

JUSTIN CABARDO: The breakout rooms covered a variety of topics. 

JESSICA GEIS (INC MEMBER & EVENT ORGANIZER – SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA): From like, medical field to engineering to media and arts, so they were able to learn about different fields that they might be interested in.

JUSTIN CABARDO: And connected people across the midwest.

JESSICA GEIS (INC MEMBER & EVENT ORGANIZER – SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA): Our district is very big. It ranges from South Dakota, to Minnesota, to Detroit.

SESSION PRESENTER: Made sure that I had the time to attend the worship service despite, you know, my busy schedule. 

CHRIS GALLEVO (ADVERTISING PROFESSIONAL – CAREER DAY GUEST SPEAKER – PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS): For a lot of young brothers and sisters out there, and I think this is for anyone really, it is hard to decide on what it is you want to do when you’re really young. And I know there’s a lot of pressure when you’re deciding even which college to go to, what profession to take, that you’re afraid that you might, you don’t want to get stuck with something that you’re going to realize that you don’t like anymore. And so, just like with any decision in life, the first thing you should do is pray that God guides you and shows you that path that you should take. 

JESSICA GEIS (INC MEMBER & EVENT ORGANIZER – SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA): A lot of the speakers mentioned how even though they didn’t know what decision to make, they continue to trust in our Almighty God so this was kind of the help and remind the youth members in this district that they should always put our Almighty God first in whatever decision that they make.

JUSTIN CABARDO: The event also included an information session for brothers interested in the holy ministry inside the Church Of Christ. 

BROTHER CAMERON WATERMAN (MINISTERIAL WORKER – DETROIT, MICHIGAN): If you do want to learn more, ask us, ask the minister, ask the worker in your [local congregation]. 

JUSTIN CABARDO: So as these young people determine their next steps in life, they’re assured that with God’s guidance, it will all work out. 

CHRIS GALLEVO (ADVERTISING PROFESSIONAL – CAREER DAY GUEST SPEAKER – PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS): I’ve been laid off, I’ve been let go, and as long as you hang in there and stay resilient and keep your trust and faith in God it’s going to work out, it’s going to get good again and you’re going to be stronger and better because it will, eventually, something will always happen. 

JUSTIN CABARDO: This is just one of the ways members of the Church Of Christ create a community with each other, through activities like this within the Christian Family Organization. To see more activities like this around the world, stay up to date with This is Justin Cabardo; Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network; Bloomingdale, Illinois. 

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Friday for new episodes of INC News World on I’m Brother Michael Guerrero. On behalf of the entire INC News World team, thank you for joining us and we hope you continue to stay safe wherever you may be. We’ll see you next time. Have a great weekend and God bless!

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Welcoming New Neighbors to the INC in Vermont