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Unity Games Events Bring Together Families Around the World

Get ready, get set as we bring to you the latest coverage of the most highly anticipated sporting event in the Church Of Christ– Unity Games!


Unity Games Events Bring Together Families Around the World


Michelle Peredo: Welcome back to INC News World.


The most highly anticipated sporting event in the Church Of Christ is in full swing– Unity Games. Get ready, Get set. As we bring to you the latest coverage of a variety of sports from North America to Europe. Let’s check it out.




Michelle Peredo: Our first stop takes us to the ecclesiastical district of Northwest California.


Angela Reid (Newly Baptized Member, Oakland, Northwest California): So today I played women’s basketball. This is Unity Games. This is my first time ever being here. So it’s really nice to see so many people who are so active in volleyball, basketball and soccer. And it’s just really nice to see everybody come together and just have fun.


Michelle Peredo: Unity and love of the brotherhood, both important teachings taught in the Church Of Christ, which is what Angela from Oakland first noticed about the Church.


Angela Reid (Newly Baptized Member, Oakland, Northwest California): And everybody is just so friendly and I love it.


Kurt Bosch (event Coordinator, Northwest California): So today we had our districtwide Unity Games for Northwest California. Today we were doing volleyball for all CFO. We’re also doing soccer and then women’s basketball. Although many competitive sports were played, it was the love of the brotherhood that resonated with members.


I feel like a lot of connection happens through sports and today we’ve seen a lot of cheering and a lot of support for each other’s teams and locals. Even for some of the teams that might have been combined with the locals, there’s a lot of cheering going on. And it felt like everybody was united no matter what local they were in.


Angela Reid (Newly Baptized Member, Oakland, Northwest California): I just love how everybody’s so interactive because, you know, even people that I don’t know from different locales are so rooting for you. But everybody is just so friendly. And even though it’s competition, everybody, even the girls, like if somebody gets hurt, they’re all going to be there, you know? So I really love how everybody’s just so interactive.


Brother Melvin Bayangoan (Minister of the Gospel, Northwest California): We firmly believe that through this activity also, we may be able to promote the brotherhood and camaraderie inside the Church as we follow the aim and purpose of the Church Administration in our services to our Lord God, we may be able to level up.


Brother Eduardo Javier (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Northwest California): Here in the Bay Area, brethren really love to play basketball. So when the brethren heard about it, they made it a point that they would be able to attend in this very special location of the Unity Games in our district. See, you can see the Binhi, the Kadiwa, and the Buklod, all together gathered in this place in order to show camaraderie, show brotherhood, especially their sportsmanship with regards to playing basketball. We know that this is a very physical game, but you can see during the games, brethren show the love of the brotherhood inside the Church. They love the game and also they love the brotherhood inside of the church.


Michelle Peredo: More sports fans bring enthusiasm as we head south to the ecclesiastical district of Orange County, California, where the Unity Games event continued to demonstrate true sportsmanship among participants even when it came to new sports.


Melinda De Jesus (INC Member, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, California): I took this opportunity to try a new sport. And I saw that archery was there. So I thought, “Let me try and learn a little bit of archery.”


Brother Alfred Alexis Lorido (Minister of the Gospel, Ecclesiastical District of Orange County, California): We have different sports that we need to accommodate so that all those brethren who are into these sports, they will be given a chance to show their skills and also to play with our brethren in different local congregations.


Melinda De Jesus (INC Member, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, California): So one of the cool things about joining the archery competition is I didn’t think there would be anyone who participated, but then surprisingly there was a good little group of us. So now we know each other’s names, we know locales. 


Michelle Peredo: The three-day Unity Games event consisted of archery, badminton, dodgeball, soccer table, tennis, tennis, track, volleyball and basketball all aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity for the whole family.


Melinda De Jesus (INC Member, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, California): Being healthy both physically and spiritually is important to not only your everyday life in terms of work and focus, but also to de-stress and to be able to be your best self.


Ronald Fierro (INC Member, Walnut, Orange County, California): Being healthy spiritually and physically helps us to stay focused and have a calm mind.


Michelle Peredo: Participants practiced the value of teamwork as they coached and guided one another in a proper and Christian manner.


Sheila Maranan (Women’s Volleyball Coach, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, California): We have some that are beginner, some intermediate and some that are advanced and finding a way to help them learn the game and then have enough skill so that when they do play on the court, it’s not so difficult and it brings unity because, you know, they’re playing something that they enjoy.


Michelle Peredo: By offering a variety of different sports, this gave members of all ages a chance to participate. Not only did these games promote healthy lifestyles, they offered another outlet for families to spend time together amidst daily struggles.


Ronald Fierro (INC Member, Walnut, Orange County, California): There are always challenges and tests that we go through. And you know, it’s not always the way that we’re going to imagine it. But when they come through and we remember the teachings that our beloved Executive Minister always reminds us of, we’re able to overcome them. It shows sportsmanship, it creates the unity that we believe in in this Church and the practice of the teachings that we learn in worship service. So we put this into play and make sure we don’t allow ourselves to, you know, get upset with the brothers or sisters and fight. And, you know, it’s all in love and fun and we should keep that and uphold that.


Michelle Peredo: The spirit of the Brotherhood continues to exhibit unity among players as we jump across the Pacific Ocean to the ecclesiastical district of Hawaii Pacific.


Chantel Lopez (INC Member, Keaau, Hawaii-Pacific): We definitely enjoy doing the Unity Games because it really brings the entire island together and we get to meet all our brethren in the district and reconnect with some of them as well.


Jayden Ybanez (INC Member, Big Island, Hawaii-Pacific): I took the flight here after work and I came here to play in our Unity Games. A priority of mine is to represent our locale. 


Michelle Peredo: Despite being scattered among the different islands of Hawaii, members were unhindered in their efforts to gather together to participate on the main island of Oahu.


Jayden Ybanez (INC Member, Big Island, Hawaii-Pacific): Although we’re spread apart by the ocean, it’s important to us to create a way to unite and participate in our activities together.


Chantel Lopez (INC Member, Keaau, Hawaii-Pacific): As you can see, there’s a bunch of us here, you know, especially being separated by water here in the district of the Hawaii-Pacific, we want to grab every opportunity we can just to reunite with each other.


Michelle Peredo: And with the opportunity, this two-day activity was filled with games attracting a diverse range of participants from different local congregations around the district. They all gathered to compete in an atmosphere with an overwhelming sense of love for the brotherhood, while encouraging sportsmanship, fairness and respect both on and off the court.


Not only were participants encouraged to stay fit and healthy through this activity, but they were also impacted in ways beyond the court, leaving members uplifted and having been able to spend quality time with family and friends.


Brother Joseph Roncal (Ministerial Worker, Hawaii-Pacific): The importance of the Unity Games that we just held is that from the parents down to the children, we were all able to unite with one another through the game of basketball and that through this successful activity, all of the brethren are very happy. All of the brethren are very strong in their faith and showing love with one another, even if all of us are from different islands.


Michelle Manuel (INC Member, Hawaii-Pacific): Just being around the brethren and being able to join in the camaraderie, it’s nice to be able to see old faces and new faces and just enjoy each other’s company.


Michelle Peredo: The unwavering commitment to promoting unity through these games served as inspiration to members to participate in more activities in the future.


From the tropics of Hawaii-Pacific, we head to the East Coast to the ecclesiastical district of Florida. Known for its various Major League teams, including the Tampa Bay Rays, the Orlando Magic and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida is no stranger to sports. And in Jacksonville, sports is exactly what brought members from around the district together for this highly anticipated event.


Michael Coward (INC Member, East Jacksonville, Florida): To see brethren that I haven’t seen in a while, it feels good to be a part of such a great atmosphere. 


Michelle Peredo: Members traveled from all across the district, even planning ahead, eager to come together to be united.


Andrew Rosal (District Kadiwa Sports Committee Chairperson, Jacksonville, Florida): There was a lot of preparation to make sure that everyone knew the sports that were ready to play and that they would be able to have a chance to play for the regional level.


Michelle Peredo: The Unity Games mark more than just an ordinary sports activity, especially for youth members of the Church Of Christ.


Cassandra Gallion (District Kadiwa President, Tampa, Florida): This is not just any Unity Games, but a special Unity Games for the District, for the Kadiwas and the Binhis to commemorate their 50th anniversary.


Francis Puzon (INC Kadiwa Member, Orlando, Florida): When I found out that we were going to have a Unity Games for the 50th anniversary for the Kadiwa and Binhi organizations, I was very excited to see all my friends again and hang out and most importantly, have fun.


Michelle Peredo: This event was held as part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the youth organizations Kadiwa and Binhi of the Church Of Christ.


Marc Santos (District Kadiwa Arts & Culture Committee Chairperson, Daytona Beach GWS, Florida): I would say that the Kadiwa means a lot in a sense that Kadiwas especially are undergoing a lot in their lives, where they have to balance a lot of things out. A very common thing that Kadiwas face is being able to balance a lot of obligations while still fulfilling their duties in the church.


Brother Marlone Balason (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Florida): The Unity Games done inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ, is different because not only do we promote sportsmanship, but we also promote the values the doctrines taught inside the Church of Christ. Ever since the time of the Messenger, Brother Felix Manalo, those same doctrines are being promoted, those values all the way up until today. Even in this Unity Games.


Michelle Peredo: From youth members to the parents, the Unity Games event gave families the opportunity to bond and spend time together amidst their busy schedules.


Rob & Melissa Potes (INC Members, Orlando, Florida): We think that the most important thing is not only being able to play the sport, but especially interacting with the brethren.


Valerie Joy Ali (District Buklod Officer, Orlando, Florida): For my children to be in proximity with other children of the Church Of Christ, in proximity with people who have the same values, it’s just so important. And just witnessing sports competitors, usually very competitive activities like this. It’s so nice to see brethren together united while we’re celebrating the Kadiwa and Binhi anniversary, we see all different organizations like the Buklod and even the CWS participating. And it’s really just such a beautiful thing.


Rob & Melissa Potes (INC Members, Orlando, Florida): We feel extremely excited that both of our children are able to play for the district Unity Games because we do have one that is Binhi and one is Kadiwa and it’s amazing to be able to see them to do what they love on the court and do it with their friends the brethren and to share in the love of the brotherhood.


Brother Ruel Salazar (Minister of the Gospel, Jacksonville, Florida): They can find friendships and the brotherhood, camaraderie and that special someone in a gathering like this. So for the young ones, you know, this is a stepping stone for them, for the future, too, for them to remain active in their calling, in their membership inside the Church.


Brother Marlone Balason (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Florida): In the Bible, it says how good, how wonderful it is to see all the brethren united together in unity. And what brings us together is our belief in the doctrine, our love for God. And we’re here because of that brotherhood here. And they get stronger even here when they go back to the congregations, when they join in the Bible studies, when they join in the giving out of God’s Message magazines, they can always rely on that brotherhood that they built up and that core value thought inside the Church of Christ.


Michelle Peredo: Not far from the district of Florida, we take our next visit to the ecclesiastical district of the Caribbean. As summer approaches, the sunshine state brought up the heat in Miami as members came together for this action-packed event.


Renee Suarez (District Multimedia Director, Miami, Florida): For our district Unity Games, it is a two-day event comprised of day one where we had badminton, darts and board games. Our day two includes volleyball, basketball and our CWC games.


Michelle Peredo: A two-day event of various sports were played by participants young and old, gathering from different parts of the district and forming teams ready for some friendly competition.


Renee Suarez (District Multimedia Director, Miami, Florida): We had different teams based on the days and we were able to compile together the schedules and the games needed to play so that everyone can have fun together and also be able to organize the players and also the equipment so that all of the players and the spectators are represented.


Brother Garry Garcia (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of the Caribbean): We will continue to be united with the Church Administration in all the works of the church. We will remain zealous in our faith. We will continue on in our service to the Lord, our God. 


Michelle Peredo: Sportsmanship brought out camaraderie from every corner of the Caribbean as participants demonstrated the true meaning of being winners– being united in one love.


From the tropical Caribbean, the Unity Games continued to flourish as we head north to the ecclesiastical district of Northern Europe.


United in one place, members gathered from around Norway to participate in a variety of sports events. Though far away from each other in distance, this activity was an opportunity to unite once again through love of the brotherhood and sportsmanship.


Leo Yangat (INC Member, Oslo, Norway): We traveled from Stavanger, we went to Bergen and from Bergen to here where the Unity Games are being held, in Larvic. Even though we traveled long, the distance did not hinder us to be united in the activity of Unity Games here in Norway.


Brother Vizar Balcita (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe): We know that the brethren are very busy in their daily life, but to take time out, to be together in one place, to enjoy each other’s company, and to show also camaraderie.

Michelle Perdo: Practicing diligently for weeks, different sports, such as basketball and volleyball, were played and support from spectators inspired players to give it their all.


Mikko Ramirez (INC Member, Oslo, Norway): My favorite part of the Unity Games was really just to bond with the brethren to them, showing their zeal for activities through sports so it’s really fun and exciting to be a part of.


Brother Vizar Balcita (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe): Likewise, the competition of sportsmanship is always important, but at the end, it’s always the brotherhood and the unity that will prevail. And that is very important to the brethren here that we’re all the more strengthened our faith, our conviction as we perform our duties to our Almighty God.


Michelle Peredo: Activities like this showed the importance of gathering together as brothers and sisters in the true faith. Members of the Church of Christ are grateful to the Church Administration for activities like Unity Games, which promote healthy living, camaraderie and sportsmanship.


While each event resulted in one taking home the gold, in the end, everyone went home as winners for contributing to the love of the brotherhood and giving glory to the Almighty God.




Michelle Peredo: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our youtube channel, and on streaming platforms. I’m Michelle Peredo. Thank you for joining us, stay safe, and we’ll see you next time. God bless!

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Unity Games Events Bring Together Families Around the World