Church News
Rising Above The Storm

After Super Typhoon Yutu caused catastrophic damages to the Northern Mariana Islands, Church of Christ members […]

Blessed Moments
Blessed Moments with Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: A Hopeful Heart

Myla Cunanan, a 14 year old cancer survivor, spent the last few months in the hospital […]

Church News
At Home When Faith Speaks

Several months after being inspired by Faith Speaks in Connecticut, a young man shares his spiritual […]

English Shows
Is it Wrong to Stand While Praying?

Does the Bible specify a particular position to pray? You asked, the Bible answers.

English Shows
The Truth About the Rosary

Do you pray to the rosary? Should Christians pray the rosary? What is the rosary anyway?

Blessed Moments
Blessed Moments with Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: Doe Family

After meeting Brother Eduardo V. Manalo in Athens, Greece, the Doe family experienced nothing short of a miracle.

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: The Power of True Prayer (Podcast)

Feeling that the repetitiveness of praying the Rosary has no value, a young man comes to […]

My Faith in One Word: Committed

I think there are times when it’s tough, and times when it’s easier. And it’s just […]

Music Shows
Say A Prayer To The Father

We head back to Eastern Canada to meet a trio as they perform a moving rendition […]