Heart and Soul
Heart And Soul – It’s A Sign! Or Is It?

Ever wonder if God’s trying to tell us something? How do we know what He’s trying say? Do we ask for a sign?

My Faith in One Word: Committed

I think there are times when it’s tough, and times when it’s easier. And it’s just […]

Music Shows
Say A Prayer To The Father

We head back to Eastern Canada to meet a trio as they perform a moving rendition […]

INC International Edition
Is Praying Enough?

Do you pray? In this modern day and age, is it good for us to pray […]

Blogs: Prayer is Everything

Prayer is equal to breathing and eating. It’s essential. It’s part of life. If I took […]

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: Meaningful Prayer (Podcast)

One does not realize the value of prayer until he or she finds the true religion. […]

Blogs: The Hand of God is Over These People

Growing up as a child, my mother’s side was Catholic, while my father’s side of the […]

Church News
House of Worship Dedication in Corona

The Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California dedicates a new house of worship in Corona.

He’s Listening to Your Prayers

As early as I can remember, as soon as I could talk, we’d do what’s called […]