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The Type of Prayer that Heals the Sick

What does the Bible say about praying for the sick? While not all doctors have a cure, there is a prayer for healing. Learn how to pray to God for healing.


Brother Bob Pellien: Hello everyone, and welcome to this program, The Message. You know, because of everything that is happening in the world nowadays, dear friends, you know, people are… they’re frantically searching for answers; searching for solutions; searching for that vaccine or antidote to this disease that is claiming the lives of so many all over the world. 


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Brother Richie Juatco: In fact, the pandemic has gotten so frightening that people who may not be so religious now, are searching for: ‘prayer for healing’, ‘how to pray to God for healing’, ‘what does the Bible say about healing?’, ‘what does the Bible say about prayer for the sick?’.

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Brother Bob: I’m Brother Bob Pellien.

Brother Richie: And I’m Brother Richie Juatco.

Brother Bob: Today we’re going to find out: are there instructions from the Bible that one needs to follow so that they could receive healing; they could receive comfort; they could receive guidance from God in their lives during these times of crisis. Thank you all for being with us. Thanks for joining us as, together, we tackle all of this  in this special episode of The Message. 

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Brother Bob: Dear friends, today we’re asking in our discussion, according to this book, according to the Bible, how can a person receive healing in a time of sickness? Brother Richie?

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Brother Richie: That’s what we should be asking now, because time and time again, the Bible has been proving to contain the truth. Because God’s words, written in the Bible, they do come true. So we do want to know, what does it teach regarding healing those that are sick. Many are getting sick from this virus pandemic. So we want to know, according to the Bible, are there instructions one needs to follow to receive that healing?

Brother Bob: And you know Brother Richie, some might be wondering, are the prayers of just anyone and any way, are those the prayers that God will hear and send healing for? How is it that one should pray? Are there any instructions and guidelines regarding procedures or proper prayers that God would answer? And this is probably one of the most important questions: where can healing be found in the first place?

You know these are all valid questions being posed, mostly especially nowadays. And many people are searching on the internet trying to find the answers to these questions. And their contained right here in the Holy Bible. 

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Brother Richie: Well that’s true. Since they’re searching the internet to find what’s in the Bible, we can help our friends.

That question that you asked, “Where can biblical healing be found? Well, we can read that here in what’s recorded in 1 Corinthians the chapter is 12 and the verse is 28 this is what it says:

And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues.  

[1 Corinthians 12:28 New King James version]

Brother Richie: Here we can see the Bible does mention where God appoints the gifts of healing along with the apostles and other teachers of the gospel, together with the Administration of the Church (and those that help them), miracles and the gifts of healing are all appointed in the Church.

Brother Bob: Brother Richie, dear friends, we have to point out, we have to acknowledge that’s not a small or trivial detail that you just read there, Brother Richie. Because… and dear friends, we have to dive much deeper into that biblical Church where all these things have been placed. Because they were all placed, healing being one of them, all placed inside the Church. We need to delve into that deeper Brother Richie. 

Brother Richie: You’re right, Brother Bob, and we will. We will. We’ll go deeper into that. But right now, because we’re discussing specifically the gifts of healing, since the healing was a gift given to the Church, well what instruction does God have for those in the Church regarding being healed if they’re sick? 

Brother Bob: I want to read that from the writings of apostle James. He gave the instruction in James 5, I’d like to read verse 14:

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. 

[James 5:14 New King James Version]

Brother Bob: So here, dear friends, there were instructions that are given by the apostle James here, for those that are sick. In fact, three things were mentioned regarding what is needed for those who are sick.

Brother Richie: Yes, and the first was to call for the elders of the Church.

Brother Bob: Dear friends, we just want to reiterate how the Bible is teaching about singular church. He did not say “Call for the elders of just any church” or “call for the elders of ‘churches’” plural, no. He said, “call for the elders of the church” singular. And by the way, Brother Richie, what’s the purpose of calling the elders of the church?

Brother Richie: Well from what you read, Brother Bob, they will pray over the ones…the one who is sick and anoint him or her with oil, in the name of the Lord. 

Brother Bob:  So then dear friends, there will be a prayer conducted for the one who is sick. And this is one of the things that many people are searching for. Is that one of the things that you’re searching for? You need prayer for healing? You need prayer for comfort? 

Well, that’s one of the things that, maybe not only you, but in fact, many are searching for now. And it’s not only a prayer, though, that was mentioned here by the Apostle James. A prayer, but also the anointing of the oil by those who are authorized to anoint oil for the sick and the Bible mentioned them there. They are the elders in the Church.

So fear not, your sickness can be healed. 

Brother Richie: Now Brother Bob, some of our viewers might be wondering, “Who are they? Who are the elders of the Church [that] the sick should call upon so that they could be anointed and prayed for?”

I would like to answer that question by reading the answer here in 1 Peter, the chapter is 5. We’ll read from verses 1 and 2. 

So it says this: 

The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am i fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that will be revealed: Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, servings as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly;

[1 Peter 5:1-2 New King James Version]

Brother Richie: So here apostle Peter, he’s addressing the elders of the church. Because we’re asking, “who are they?”, and he clarifies that they are the ones serving as overseers. So for example, ministers, bishops, deacons, deaconesses…

Brother Bob: What are those ministers, and deacons and such…what are they overseeing?

Brother Richie: Like what we read, they are overseeing a part of the flock that’s entrusted to them.

Brother Bob: But you know some of our viewers at this point might be wondering, “I thought that those that are appointed to pray, and do the healing, and the anointing of the oil and such…they’re appointed in the Church. Now you’re saying that they’re appointed in the flock. Do you mean to say…” or maybe some are wondering, “Do you mean to say the flock and the church is one and the same?”

Brother Richie: Well the apostles made clear that the flock is the Church. That’s written in Acts 20:28.

Brother Bob: And which church is the biblical church, Brother Richie, that is referred to there as the flock, wherein all of these wonderful gifts of healing and such, that our friends watching our program so dearly need nowadays?

Brother Richie: Brother Bob, it’s better to just read that verse. 

I’ll read Acts 20:28, it says here:

Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood. 

[Acts 20:28 Lamsa]

Brother Bob: So dear friends, the Church then, where the gifts of healing are placed; the Church where the sick can call upon the elders; the Church where the elders will come and pray and anoint oil, that flock, that church is the Church Of Christ. 

God pours His blessing of healing and comfort there inside His Church, the Church Of Christ.

Brother Richie: Exactly, Brother Bob. And it is there that we can see prayer is essential. Prayer is an essential component in order to receive the healing needed for those that are sick.

Brother Bob:  Well what kind of prayer, Brother Richie? Is it just… this is also very important. Is it just any prayer? Because many of our viewers are saying, “I’ve been praying. I’ve been praying. My mother is sick. My friend is sick…” you know, so are we clear here, dear friends, what kind of prayer heals the sick?

Brother Richie, are there any specifics about the kinds of prayer that will really be effective?  

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Brother Richie: There is, Brother Bob. And we can continue reading from verse read earlier, James 5:14, we can continue in 15 to answer the question, it says: 

And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

[James 5:15 New King James Version]

Brother Richie: So the prayer of faith is what will heal or save the sick. We’re learning that although the instruction is to call upon the elders, and pray for them, anoint the sick, well it’s not the elders or the oil that heals them, but rather it’s the faith in the prayer.    

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Brother Bob: So that’s the specific nature of the prayer. It has to be a prayer of faith, it’s not just any prayer that would bring upon the healing for those who have sickness. 

What is the faith that one should have then, when they pray and ask for healing, or ask for anything, for that matter? Because there [are] a lot of different faiths in a lot of religions nowadays, right, dear friends? Everyone knows there’s faith in Protestantism, Catholicism, people have all kinds of different faiths. So what is the faith that one should have when praying?

Brother Richie: Well, we already specified that it’s not just any religion, or any church by that matter. All these things that we’re learning they’re appointed in the Church Of Christ.

Brother Bob: Brother Richie, let’s, all the more specify what is the faith that one should have in the Church? When it says a prayer of faith…a prayer of faith in the Church when praying for healing, what is being meant there, a prayer of faith that one should have in the Church?

Brother Richie: So I’ll go ahead and read the answer recorded here in 1 Peter the chapter is 2, we’ll read verse 9, it says here:

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, [God’s] own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

[1 Peter 2:9 Amplified]

Brother Richie:  Here we can that the apostles, they’re addressing those inside the Church. The faith is that they are the chosen, dedicated nation of God. His own special people. This faith should be possessed by a person who is praying to God for healing.

Brother Bob: So it’s not a…a prayer of faith is not just one whose faith is “God exists” or that “Jesus is the savior” things like that. But rather the prayer of faith is that they need to believe in the importance of being chosen and being amidst the dedicated nation of God, His Church. Which is, we’ve already read, is the Church Of Christ.

So then, Brother Richie, can any one of our viewers joining us in our study for today, can they just simply choose for themselves and decide, because maybe they’re listening along and say, “Okay! I’m a member of the Church Of Christ, therefore the appointed healing should be with me. If I pray then I will be healed. Can anyone simply choose for themselves, Brother Richie, and decide for themselves, by virtue of their own personal belief that they are [in the] Church Of Christ?  Is that the way to do that? Is that the way to become part of the nation of God in order to receive the healing that God promises to His nation?

Brother Richie: That’s a very good question, Brother Bob. I would even add to that question. You know, for those that might think that they can just choose for themselves. If it is a prayer, does our Lord Jesus Christ have a special instruction on how that prayer to God is done? Now both of those questions we can answer in this one verse. 

Here in John 15 the verse is 16. Our Lord Jesus Christ says this: 

 You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you. 

[John 15:16 New King James Version]

Brother Richie:  Here, our Lord Jesus Christ clarifies that those inside His Church do not merely choose themselves to be in His Church. But rather, they are chosen. Here we can see the type of faith and humility required to benefit from the blessings that God has appointed in the Church. 

Brother Bob: You know, He’s also instructing, Brother Richie, that when praying and when asking the Father for anything, the Lord there said it should be done using His name. Only those in His body can use His name. Of course. That’s why at the end of every prayer, members of the Church Of Christ, the body of Christ, when we pray, we always pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And that’s what we do when we ask God for healing. We do so by asking Him through His Son, our Lord Jesus.

Brother Richie: That’s right, and Brother Bob, I’d like to pose this question just in case there are those that might be thinking it. Because as those that are listening to us they might say, “Well you already mentioned if the prayer of faith will already save and heal, and if the anointing is already established for the sick, then why do we have to pray to the Lord God for healing?” Because there’s something that we need to understand, clearly understand, whom we firmly believe heals the sick. Who is it, Brother Bob?

Brother Bob: Yes, because there may be those who are thinking that it’s the oil, or it’s the elder who is doing the healing. And so, let’s just make sure that that point is clear as it should be. We do so by turning to the book of Psalms chapter 103, verse 2 and 3 wherein it says this: 

Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases,

[Psalm 103:2-3 New King James Version]

Brother Bob: So dear friends, clearly it is the Lord God that is ultimately the one that is healing the sick. 

Brother Richie:  But Brother Bob, does that mean that it’s wrong, that we shouldn’t consult doctors, or even take medicine?

Brother Bob: No no, of course not Brother Richie, because as we have learned that in healing the sick, God always uses instruments. Like as we read earlier, He has people call for the elders of the Church, anoint oil. He’s not against doctors, He’s not against using instruments to bring about the healing. But the point is they have to be in the place where He is sending the healing. 

It’s like this Brother Richie, you cannot have a hospital for example, let’s use the analogy right, you can’t have a hospital that has all the medicine that will heal the particular sickness that you need and you cannot say, “Well I’m going to go to that hospital. I’m going to stay in my place and not go there.” And then expect that you’ll be healed with the medicine that’s only being dispensed from that hospital. 

God promised His healing in the Church. So people go there to receive the healing that God promises. And if God uses the instrument of doctors, medicine and prayer of faith, and the anointing of oil, and the Church elders, well those are all instruments of God. And we must go to where He has promised to issue the healing that comes only from Him. 

There are some instructions though, Brother Richie, that are also contained in the Scriptures, right, that we need to know in order to benefit from the gifts of healing that we’ve been reading about in the Scriptures.

Is it—because you know, there [are] always those who will say [they] believe it’s accepting themselves as a Christian and such, and that’s what will enable them to pray. And that’s what will enable them to be healed when things take place. Is it just simply believing? Is it just simply having faith? Is it simply just praying, Brother Richie?

Brother Richie: You know your question, “Is it simply just praying and believing?” We can use a biblical event, Brother Bob, we can refer to that when God, He actually did send a disease on the land. And it required something in order to be saved from it. We’ll read that from Exodus chapter 15 and we’ll read here in verse 16:

and said, “If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you.”

[Exodus 15:26 New King James Version]

Brother Richie: God Himself, He laid out conditions in order to receive His protection and His healing power. 

Brother Bob: He clearly did in the verses you read there, Brother Richie, and it’s easy to notice. His instruction was not simply, “Just believe. Just have faith. Just toss out a prayer.” No. He said diligently heed His voice, or hear His commands. Therefore one needs constantly [to] be taught God’s commands. Because one cannot follow God’s commands and adhere to them in their life if, in fact, they have not been taught them.

Brother Richie: That’s right, Brother Bob. And just that, right, you said that condition, if one isn’t meeting that one condition, they’re not constantly hearing God’s commands then they’re not going to be eligible for the healing that He’s offering.

Brother Bob: Do they need only to hear? Do they need only to listen to God’s commands? Is that what you’re saying?

Brother Richie: Not only that, from what was written, it’s not only just hearing, right? He said that we need to keep His statutes, or we need to do them. We need to actually put them into practice, we need to obey His commands. 

Brother Bob: And by such obedience, in implementing the rules, so to speak, God’s commands, well then that would be proving one has a true faith will be within the confines of true faith and then their prayers will be heard. 

Brother Richie: That’s right Brother Bob, it’s only then that He would protect those praying to Him for safety and healing.

Brother Bob: So here, dear friends, we can see the reason why God had His words and commandments written down and recorded in the Bible that we are reading from, here, so that His people would know. His people would be able to understand the conditions that He has set that are necessary to be fulfilled.

Dear friend, we want you to be healed also. God wants you to be healed but it’s not whimsical. He has instructions that are needful to be fulfilled. And we want that for you. So that’s why, what God is telling us in this tragic times of this pandemic, by means of His recorded words here in the Holy Scriptures, it’s really so very very important. A question to you, my friend, are you willing? Are you willing to hear it? So that you could be in that position, or in that condition to be healed, or to be comforted and to have fear removed, and such things like that. 

What does the Holy Scriptures tell to us, Brother Richie? What is recorded there that we can read to our viewers, during this time of this great pandemic that can help them now take action?

Brother Richie: We’ll read God’s recorded words and advice for our time, very applicable for our time. 

Here in Proverbs chapter 4 and the [verses are] 20 to 22:

My child, listen careful to everything I say. Don’t forget a single word, but think about it all. Knowing these teachings will mean true life and good health for you.

[Proverbs 4:20-22 Contemporary English Version]

Brother Richie: God truly is very loving. He’s very caring. He actually wants to give us good health. He wants to teach us the meaning of true life that’s why we need to learn, and we need not to forget His words. 

Brother Bob: So Brother Richie, as we already have mentioned earlier, all of these blessings, healing and such, and promises and instructions, they are those that have been brought into the nation of God, the biblical church that we read, the Church Of Christ.  

So, Brother Richie, how about those who are joining us in our program right now? And they’re not members of the Church Of Christ, but they too want to be healed. They too want to be comforted, they want to be relieved of the anxiety and the worry about their financial circumstances once this is all over. They’re worried about their children, they’re worried about their elderly parents and grandparents. How about those who are with us right now, Brother Richie, in this program that are not yet members of the Church Of Christ?

Brother Richie: For those listening, for our friends, right now that are listening that are not members of the Church Of Christ. But you also want safety, you also want protection, you also want God’s healing power. The Bible does have specific instructions to receive that.   

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Brother Bob: Yes, and that instruction is so important, Brother Richie, especially for those who may be thinking, “Well how could I be healed? How could I have my prayers answered? Based on everything that I just heard in this study my prayers won’t be heard, I can’t ask for healing. I’m not a member of the Church Of Christ. So therefore there’s no hope for me.” No, dear friends. There definitely is hope. 

Brother Richie what about those who are asking, how can they be safe in the midst of all this? When in fact, they’re not a member of the Church yet. What does the Lord instruct them to do? 

Brother Richie: Brother Bob, here’s the hope of what you are mentioning, that the Lord Jesus Christ instructs. 

Here in John the chapter is 10, the verse is 7 and 9:

“So Jesus spoke again: ‘In very truth I tell you, I am the door of the sheepfold.’”… “I am the door; anyone who comes into the fold through me will be safe. …”

[John 10: 7 & 9 Revised English Bible]

 Brother Richie: So we can see the safety that is needed, and not just safety from dangers of this physical life, but especially for salvation at the end of the world, on the Day of Judgement. Our Lord Jesus Christ is saying come into the flock or the sheepfold, and you’ll be safe. 

Brother Bob: As you read earlier from Acts 20:28, Brother Richie, that flock was identified as the Church, the Church Of Christ. And it was our Lord Jesus Christ who is teaching that for ultimate salvation all we need, we all need, rather, to come into the body of Christ, into the Church Of Christ.

That’s why dear friends we so dearly want to invite you to join with us serving God faithfully here inside the Church Of Christ.

We may not be able to invite you to join with us in our congregational worship services right now, in our nightly Bible studies right now, but by means of video conferencing. You can see the email address there on your screen, you can write to us, and we promise we will respond and hopefully you’ll be willing meet with us in a video conferencing where you can pose questions and we can share with you additional information about the Church Of Christ that has been introduced to you today. The place where you can be healed from sicknesses, comforted in times of trouble.

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Brother Bob: Family crises comes, God will be there filling your home with the power of His Spirit and comforting those [who] may be losing their jobs right now in the midst of this pandemic. The fallout, let’s call it, from this pandemic. And when this social distancing, even Brother Richie and I, as you could see, we’re implementing the government mandated social distancing. He’s there at home, I’m here at home. And we’ll continue to do this and reach out through video conferencing until such time that we’re able to meet you face-to-face. And we would look forward to that at the house of worship that is nearest to you

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Brother Bob: Brother Richie, when they respond, and write us to that email address below, what will be their experience?

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Brother Richie: You know, Brother Bob, despite what’s going on, the experience that those [who email] will have, if they reach out, will [let them] realize that we’re available. We are available in spite of the problems, in spite of our situation. We want to help those that are reaching out, and we promise that whatever question you have, [the answer] won’t come from off the top of our head, [be] our opinion, [or be] what the majority thinks. As you have been able to hear, we will simply find the answer for you, and read it to you. Because that is the hope that you need, the words of God written in the Bible.

Brother Bob: Thank you, dear friends, for joining us in our discussion. We hope it’s been beneficial for you. And let’s have a concluding prayer before we close off today.

Prayer: Merciful Father, thank You for giving to us this opportunity to meet with our viewers by means of the video conferencing, by means of this broadcast program, The Message. May Your blessing be upon us, dear Lord. May Your words penetrate the hearts of all who hear them. May it inspire them to join with us inside Your nation, Your Church in these last days, the Church Of Christ. So that they could pray, prayers that will reach to You in the kingdom above. They could pray prayers that will bring healing in their lives; bring solutions to problems and troubles that come. 

Lord, we leave all things in Your hands with firm conviction and trust You will continue to pour your abundant loving grace upon Your nation. Together we thank and praise You, all in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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