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Corazon a Corazon, Unidos en Ecuador (Heart to Heart, United in Ecuador)

El alcance de la Iglesia De Cristo sigue adelante en Ecuador. Escuchen de nuestros hermanos, el […]

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Paving The Way In Ecuador

The Church Of Christ is spreading its mission into South America including the Republic of the […]

Church News
The Truth Ignites In Haiti

Living in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, a man discovers spiritual wealth in […]

Church News
At Home When Faith Speaks

Several months after being inspired by Faith Speaks in Connecticut, a young man shares his spiritual […]

Church News
Miracles in Vanuatu

On the remote island of Vanuatu where the people experience challenging conditions, the Church Of Christ […]

Church News
A Second Chance With Life

Through a grand baptism in Orange, California, the Church Of Christ welcomes 150 new Church members, including a young man whose journey is measured in great time and distance.

Church News
Called Into The Truth

More souls are baptized in the Northeastern Seaboard where one woman from Brooklyn expresses the happiness […]

Church News
Abundant Fruit in Africa

As the light of truth reaches Africa, God’s words spread throughout the continent, bearing abundant fruit as more people are baptised in this part of the world.

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