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Finding True Peace with God

Despite growing up with a religious family and a strong belief in the power of the cross, his search for peace in countless religions left him with more questions than answers. Now Devon shares his journey and discovery on how he found true peace with God. If you'd like to learn more about the Church Of Christ, or have Bible questions of your own, contact us. Visit Stories of Faith to watch more stories.


Devon Smith: I was always searching. Different religions. And different points in time. Of course, I was disappointed after each one because there was something very off about each one, and I couldn’t find the real answers I was looking for.  I was big on the cross, I even had a cross chain and I didn’t leave anywhere without it. Because I knew that was gonna get me through the hardest times. But it turns out the cross was indeed a sign of those who were to be condemned. 

I’m Devon Smith. I was born in Virginia; I was raised in Colorado Springs. I was raised in a single parent home. Well not having a father growing up, that’s a really really tough time. I would be resentful. Violence was quickly happening all throughout the city. You know, this was early 90’s where a lot of racial tensions were happening, even in school. 

I do remember a bully in school, he was an eighth grader and I was a sixth grader. And he used to terrorize everybody. He even came to my home outside banging on the door one time looking for me, for whatever reason. But later on I found [out] that he was shot, after the last time he picked on me because of gang-related activities. That’s when I realized; he was roughly my age — that could’ve been me.

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“Always Searching”

My teen years, they were a little bit rough, only reason because, I was always the new kid. My mom moved around a lot, and it was always hard making new friends. I was very close to my grandma. All I needed, love wise, came from my grandma. 

Grandmamma taught me to hold on to God and she also taught me that God is going to be where He chooses to be which is inside a church. So I did know, to some degree, that church was important and I also [sought] to find one. That was something that my grandmother taught me at a very young age. As early as 4 years-old. And I’ve had that strong belief in the Bible since I was 12. I had my own copy of my Bible with my name inscripted on the bottom right at the book. I even had a cross chain and I didn’t leave anywhere without it. Because I knew that was gonna get me through the hardest times.

I was always searching. Different religions and different points in time. Of course, I was disappointed after each one because there was something very off about each one, and I couldn’t find the real answers I was looking for. 

I graduated high school, which surprised me at the time. But my desire at that point was to join the military and try to make something of myself because we didn’t have money growing up, I didn’t have a plan but I knew I needed something better. 

I was first introduced to the Church Of Christ by a friend named Rochell. She came out to visit one of her friends that I happened to stay next door to in the military. And she talked about church. And at first I said everybody talks about church but then they lose interest, nobody really takes church seriously. But it was something about how she kept speaking about and how she held onto the teachings.

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“The Cross Is Something Significant To Me”

There was a snowstorm and I was the only trusted out of my next door neighbors friends to drive Rochell to a worship service. She was like, “Please take me, I gotta go.” And when I drove her there, found the church and I went in. And I listened to the first worship service in Colorado Springs for a total of 53 minutes which is the shortest time I’ve ever spent in a worship service, so I was also surprised.

My apprehensions about the Church Of Christ was the worship service building. I didn’t see a cross on the building, you know, something I was expecting when I took Rochell to church. I’m used to a cross on the building, this is the church, it has to have one, the cross is something significant, it’s something I wore around my neck all the time. It was all growing concern. Why should I continue going if there’s nothing I recognize on there?

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“I Can’t Be Mad At The Message”

Of course, I was big on the cross, but it turns out the cross was indeed a sign of those who were to be condemned. And it hurt. It really hurt me and I wasn’t mad at the teaching itself. I was mad at myself because all my life I believed that the cross would carry me through the worst of times. And you know, I quickly learned the truth, and the truth does hurt. And I can’t be mad at the message if I already accepted the Bible. And I wanted to keep studying.

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“I’ve Never Looked Back, I Can Only God Forward”

When the truth finally clicked in my eyes, one of the main ones, was the history. The Church history and how it coincided with World History. I’m just imagining this in my head, how everything went down, back in 1914, right at the spark of WWI, like that really happened. I’m like, “Hold on! So you telling me the Church came back right at the spark of the prophecy in these last days?”

It said the heavens were quiet for about half an hour. The math on that problem was impeccable, I did it at home, with the whole formula. Once I got the formula I did my own Algebra. And just coming up with it, listening to this, following the teachings that were done for that lesson, that was amazing to me. 

And it just broke it down in complete detail. And various other lessons did that You know, breaking down of how the worship service is conducted. To me that’s structure, absolutely I would have it no other way. No, we’re not running around in church praising hallelujah, and that was something I’ve seen often in my day, but what about the actual lesson we need to get? 

I was hooked when the Bible was broken down. What is the Bible for? It only strengthened my belief in the Bible itself. From that moment I was locked in. I couldn’t believe that I’d been going without the truth for so long. And so glad that I found something to really hold on to, it was real. I’ve never looked back, I can only go forward. I really am thankful for that.

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“God Is My Reason”

The Church Of Christ offered me the truth. Everything was in the Bible and I knew that book was very significant anyway. I never doubted anything that came out of the Bible and that’s what the Church was about. What makes me happy, coming from my background, is that I am being guided, I am being used by the Almighty Father. He has turned somebody like me, a person I thought would have no chance in this world, into a member, an officer, one of His leaders even in the Church Of Christ.

God is my life. God is my savior. God is my reason. God is my focus. God is my love. God is the father I never really had. 

And through His teachings, through His worship, through His words of truth, I learned everything. From just being a model person, for having a responsibility, for having love and compassion. You know, the Church Of Christ is the reason I have a family now. And I would know nothing about being a dad, a father of 2 myself, if I didn’t have the Church Of Christ. 

I have God. And I have to let everybody know, family, friends, and the like, that He is real, He is the truth. He hasn’t forgotten anybody. To those who say we don’t need a Church. Do the research first. Hear the lessons, and understand why. Give the Church Of Christ a try because: #1, everything is coming from the Bible

every question you can ask will be answered from the Bible, 100%

And should really consider doing research and comparing before you make any judgment on that. But I mean, what have you got to lose? 

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“Favorite Answered Prayer”

My favorite answered prayer is peace. Because even as members of the Church Of Christ, we’re not excused. We’re not spared from all of the drama, all of the dangers of this world. We go through it just as much, if not more. But knowing that God is with you at all times, knowing that He will always protect you, He will always be with you in the trials, He will always give you a way out. It’s peaceful. I can go into any situation knowing I have a chance, a 100% chance of making it out alive because He’s with me. It’s peace that He gives me every time I call on Him so I can face the world ahead.


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Finding True Peace with God