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From Canada to Australia, Milestones in the Church Of Christ

A collage of photos featuring groups of people smiling with tarp banners and a light up letters.

From Canada to Australia, the Church Of Christ witnesses more milestones and inspiring events. Featuring: 50th Anniversary celebration in Florida, Evangelical Mission in Hawaii-Pacific, Nova Scotia Inagural Worship Service in Ottawa, and Baptisms in Calgary and Australia East.

North America to Europe: Special Gatherings in the INC

On the left, a group of married couples stand and smile for a photo; on the right, a man in a suit holds his right hand up in oath.

From Greater Toronto to Northern Europe, keep up with some of the latest and most inspiring events happening in the Church Of Christ. Featuring Buklod Special Gatherings in Florida and Greater Toronto, and Officer Special Gatherings in Central and Northern Europe.