English Shows
Getting to Heaven

Heaven: How do you know if you’re going to heaven? Is your name truly written in […]

El Mensaje
Vida Después de La Muerte (Life After Death)

¿Qué le pasa al hombre después de que muere? ¿Es verdad que después de que muere […]

NorCal Outreach Live

SEE THE LOVE FOR HUMANITY 10.19.13 MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA Evangelical Mission News & Highlights Musical Performances […]

Iglesia De Cristo Misión Evangelica La Romana, República Dominicana

“Hola, tenemos un estudio bíblico de la Iglesia de Cristo en el Coliseo Pedro Julio Nolasco.” […]

FYM Foundation

THE FYM FOUNDATION ABOUT The Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit, and non-political […]

Face the Truth

Amulets, Talismans, & Lucky Charms. Every culture has them. But do these things really bring people […]

Face the Truth
Legality vs. Morality: The Truth About Right and Wrong

When the majority rules, what happens when the majority gets it wrong? Many practices today are […]

Face the Truth
Public Enemy #1

Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein. All men gained notoriety for their brutality, their cruelty, and […]

English Shows
GOD’s Chosen People

If God loves all men, then why does He have chosen ones to serve Him? What’s […]