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Money: Solving a common family problem

Wise and proper budgeting of the household income. Show/Hide Transcription Our life in this world is […]

Gabay sa Mabuting Asal
Work Stress

What can we learn from the Bible, as employers and employees, to manage work stress? And […]

Truth Uncovered
Truth Uncovered: Doomsday Predictions

Who are these individuals and religious groups that made their predictions about the alleged exact date […]

El Mensaje
La Muerte De La Verdadera Fe, Parte Dos (The Death of the True Faith, Part Two)

La Biblia enseña que los falsos profetas serán los que dirigirán a la Iglesia de Cristo […]

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The Pre-Existence of Christ is Unbiblical

Many believe that Christ is God who pre-existed before being born on Earth. However, such a […]

INC and the Bible
Christian Parenting: Caring For The Youth

The families who uphold the values taught by the Bible are truly blessed.

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The Only True Solution to Man’s Misfortune

It is natural for man to search for solutions to his problems and misfortunes. What is […]

Centennial Featured
Forbidden Foods

What types of forbidden food are mentioned in the Bible?

An Intensive Desire to Share With Others

Manila, Philippines – Marc Bernardo is in the middle of his battle with cancer and was […]