The Iglesia Ni Cristo

About the Iglesia Ni Cristo The Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) is a Christian religion […]

Face the Truth
The Truth About Halloween: Why Halloween is NOT for Me

In this first “Face the Truth: Kids Edition” find out why children in the Church of […]

Truth Uncovered
Truth Uncovered: The Origin of Christ’s “Godhood”

What is the teaching of the Bible concerning the Lord Jesus Christ? Is the “Christ is […]

English Shows

What does the Bible say about homosexuality and homosexual acts?

God's Message Podcast
And This Is Eternal Life

Does Heaven exist? The Bible reveals yes, and teaches us how to get there

God's Message Podcast
Are All Prayers Answered By God?

Not all prayers are answered by God. The Bible tells us what we should for God […]

Face the Truth
The Real Image of Christ

What is the true Image of Christ according to the Bible?  From among the countless interpretations […]

Face the Truth
The Truth about the Cross

Many people today recognize the cross as the symbol of Christianity and identified with Christ. What […]

Face the Truth
The Real History of Christianity: Part I

Catholic. Lutheran. Baptist. Episcopalian. Presbyterian. Methodist. Pentecostal and thousands more. One Bible, but so many churches. […]