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Coping With Job Loss and Anxiety

Many people are facing job loss due to COVID-19. A young dad asks how to have faith when you lose your job, and stay positive for your family.


Coping with Job Loss and Anxiety

Brother Donald Pinnock: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Solution. I’m Brother Donald Pinnock, a minister of the gospel in the Church Of Christ. We are really living in an unprecedented time, the Coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives, virtually, upside down, tragically taking the life of many, changing the way we interact with those important to us, and for others losing their livelihoods.

Today, we’re going to talk to Zsolti all the way from Vancouver, Canada about how to cope with losing his livelihood and the opportunity to realize his lifelong dream. Join us in our conversation and let’s look for the solution together.

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Brother Donald: Szia, Testvér Zsolti! Which I believe is Hungarian for: Hello, Brother Zsolti! Thank you for being with us today, and for the sake of the viewers, can you tell us where you are located because of course we’re connecting remotely due to this pandemic.

Zsolti: First off, thank you for having me and that was excellent Hungarian, Brother Donald. 

Brother Donald: Well, I have a good teacher. And that is you.

Zsolti: I am in Surrey, B.C, Canada. Just outside of Vancouver in my living room.

Brother Donald: So, how are you doing today? How’s the weather there?

Zsolti: It is raining and foggy… and Brother Donald, I know you’ve lived here in the past, so it rains here 300 days out of the year.

Brother Donald: Exactly, that’s typical Vancouver weather. What else can you tell us about you and your family?

Zsolti: So, I am 31 years old, I have a wife and two young children. I was born in Austria, but when I was born, it was a part of Hungary, so there’s kind of a bit of a back story there. So I am Hungarian. I moved to the US when I was 1, and then to Canada when I was 15. And so now, I live in Vancouver—or just outside of Vancouver.

Brother Donald: Well, that’s fantastic, nice background there Brother Zsolti. So, let us know what brings you to the program today? What are you facing?

Zsolti: Since I was a little child, since I can remember, actually, I’ve always wanted to be an air traffic controller.

Brother Donald: Why did you want to become an air traffic controller? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of anybody who ever dreamt of being an air traffic controller. 

Zsolti: There’s a pretty simple answer for it. Actually, I love flying—or sorry—I hate flying, but I love airplanes. And the safest place to be involved in airplanes is on the ground, inside a control tower, watching them rather than flying through the air.

Brother Donald: Okay, that makes sense. 

Zsolti: And my dream was partially realized last December when I had an offer to join the NAV Canada training program which covers all of the Canadian air traffic controllers. And then, of course, in March COVID hit—or the COVID-19 pandemic hit—and we were pushed to the side a little bit. We had to halt training for a couple of months, but we were assured that we were going to be called back and training would resume. Then, a couple of months ago they told us that every single trainee across Canada was being let go because air traffic has not picked up.

Brother Donald: It’s very sad to hear what happened to you, but the truth is, it happened to so many people across Canada—job loss due to COVID-19. But for you, what was the impact on you, personally?

Zsolti: Well, it was it was a lifelong dream that I worked so hard to get to not only mentally and physically, but also financially, because in order to be an air traffic controller, you have to do a certain amount of tests and a certain amount of medical testing that all has to come out of your own pocket.

Brother Donald: This was a lifelong dream for you, but at the same time when it comes to those best laid plans they don’t always go smoothly. And the reason is—we can actually read in the Bible here in Proverbs, the chapter is 16 and the verses are 1 and 9, and the following is stated: 

 “We may make our plans, but God has the last word. People may make plans in their minds, but the Lord decides what they will do.”

[Proverbs 16:1 & 9 New Century Version]

Brother Donald: So, we can see here that even though we may have the best laid plans, but still, things happen. And especially when it comes to this COVID-19— where we can see that so many people are being affected. Still, being members of the Church Of Christ, being servants of the Lord our God, we really have to strive to remain optimistic no matter what happens. We still have to be optimistic because we have the Almighty God. 

In fact, this is why we have been reminded of the following here in the Psalms the chapter is 42 and a verse is 11:

“But O my soul don’t be discouraged. Don’t be upset. Expect God to act! For I know that I shall again have plenty of reason to praise him for all that he will do. He is my help! He is my God!

[Psalm 42:11 The Living Bible]

Brother Donald: Because of the predicament or the situation of this world, it’s natural for one to feel down. But yet, the Bible teaches us that we should not be discouraged, not be upset, but rather expect the Lord our God to act on our behalf. 

When it comes to what you went through, how did you and your wife deal with it?

Zsolti: Personally, it was shattering. I felt like it was just being ripped away from me and everything was against me. I texted my wife as soon as I found out, and she phoned me, not 5 minutes later. She was just telling me that God has a plan, I need to keep my head up, and that night we attended worship service and I bawled my eyes out for most of the worship service, especially during the prayers. 

I’m just curious, Brother Donald, does the Bible say anything about what we should do when we feel sad or disappointed?

Brother Donald: Well, the Bible does have an answer, Brother Zsolti. First and foremost, we as members of the Church Of Christ, we have a great advantage. And our advantage is, God is prepared to listen and also answer our prayers. And (that’s) what the Bible teaches here in Psalms 37 and the verses are 23 to 24:

“The Lord guides us in the way we should go and protects those who please him. If they fall, they will not stay down, because the Lord will help them up.”

[Psalm 37: 23-24 Good News Translation]

Brother Donald: Please notice when it comes to his people who are trying their best to obey him, obey his loss and commandments, even if we’re going to fall, the Lord our God would not allow us to remain down. In fact, he is going to lift us up in due time. And I believe that God has been hearing at answering your prayers, Brother Zsolti. 

Zsolti: By the grace of God my old job, which is the Government of Canada, they took me back to my old position. So, it was only about a week—and on top of that, I even got a promotion and a raise in my old position. So, God was definitely looking out for me. 

Brother Donald: Well, first and foremost, I’m so happy for you and also your family and your wife…very endearing—I mean, she shows her love and that she’s prepared to support you. 

So, Brother Zsolti, my question is, how would you feel, how could you live with yourself if you never became an air traffic controller? Is there still that burning passion inside of you, that if the economic climate got better, would you still give yourself another chance?

Zsolti: I think I would be devastated if I did not at least attempt to realize my dream, to become an Air Traffic Controller. I feel like if I look at my life 20-30 years down the line, and I look back on whether or not I’ve accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, I think I’d be disappointed if I didn’t at least think about attempting to be an air traffic controller again. But then it gets a little confusing, I think, because should I try? I have young children and a family depending on me. So, I’m just not sure if I should try again. So I mean, does the Bible say anything about that Brother Donald?

Brother Donald: Well Brother Zsolti, when it comes to that decision to re-apply, when the economy is flourishing, that decision should be, of course, be between you and your wife and also through your prayers to the Almighty God. But regardless, of whether you pursue your lifelong dream, when it comes to career or not, there’s something much more important, and what is that, we can read the answer here in Psalms 86 the verses a 1 to 2 and 6 to 7 and also 11 and 4:

“Lord listen closely to me and answer me, because I am poor and in need. Guard my life because I am faithful. Save your servant who trusts in you–you! My God!… Listen closely to my prayer, Lord; pay close attention to the sound of my request for mercy. Whenever I am in trouble, I cry out to you, because you will answer me… Teach me your way, Lord, so that I can walk in your truth. Make my heart focused only on honoring your name… Make your servant’s life happy again because, my Lord, I offer my life to you.”

[Psalm 86:1-2, 6-7, 11,4 Common English Bible]

Brother Donald: So, for us being the servants of the Lord our God, this is the focal point of our life, as we continue to sojourn in this world. And that is, to worship and to serve the Almighty God. When it comes to individuals like yourself, it’s very heartwarming to hear your story. There are so many members of the Church who have been adversely affected when it comes to this global pandemic. But, time and time again, what is it that we can see? That God has come to their aid, God has come to their rescue.

So Brother Zsolti, what have you gained from our discussion today including the teachings of the Bible that we have read?

Zsolti: Well, I mean I was yeah disappointed in losing my dream job. And I was worried about how I can turn to my children and teach them how to be positive and how to stay positive. And from the verses that you have read, Brother Donald, I think I’m just going to go with what you said, and what the Bible says, and show them the way of our Lord God. And God will lead them into positivity. 

Brother Donald: Hopefully Brother Zsolti you’ll also have that inner peace and or contentment, as long as we serve the Almighty God, and we continue to uphold our Calling and election, then for sure the Lord our God will never abandon nor forsake you. 

So thank you so much Brother Zsolti.

Zsolti: thank you so much for having me, Brother Donald. 

Brother Donald: Thank you everyone for joining us on our episode today. I’m Brother Donald Pinnock and we’ll see you again next time.

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