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Happy Life Podcast coming soon, Newlyweds

Tips for newlyweds to get through challenges they face in their 1st years of marriage. We ask the Bible for advice on how to have a happy marriage.


Myrtle Alegado (host): As newlyweds, your wedding day was probably one of the most important events in your life to date. So much goes into wedding-planning, and quite often, engaged couples get so focused on the quote/unquote “BIG DAY” that what comes afterwards, the real life , normal day-to-day adjustments, issues and concerns can come as a surprise.

I’m Myrtle Alegado, your host of Happy Life, a new podcast coming soon by INCMedia Audio. With the help of some newlywed couples who share their real-life experiences, we’re here to help you maneuver through this uncharted territory of married life. 

[Kurt Quines soundbite] 

“It was challenging adjusting to living apart from our own families.” 

[Kim Muolic soundbite]

“…honestly, because there’s no way that your spouse can read your mind.”

[Martin Zerrudo soundbite]

“We have different responsibilities and lifestyles. So, definitely, that was one of the challenges and areas of disagreement.”

[Jannelle Quines soundbite]

“Prayer has helped us a lot… knowing that God is there to listen to us, and that He knows already about our worries, our stresses, our concerns, it’s really comforting.”

Myrtle Alegado (host): You know, sometimes, it just helps to know that there are other couples who are going through the same thing. You’ll hear how prayer and Bible-based teachings helped them tackle their challenges. 

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