Religious Programs
Learning to Forgive

Others may say it’s only natural to be angry or seek revenge when someone wrongs us. But how should we deal with anger according to the Bible?

Family Shows
Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Did you know Valentine’s Day is not in the Bible? Learn more facts about Valentine’s Day […]

Religious Programs
Making Difficult Decisions

When it comes to making difficult decisions in life, what should be our basis for making […]

English Shows
Featured News: Catarman, Samar

Find out what is the ONLY solution to any problems in life, according to the Bible.

Religious Programs
Dealing with Peer Pressure

Learn how to deal with peer pressure, according to the bible.

INC and the Bible
Distinctions Between Our Lord God and Our Lord Jesus Christ

If everyone would rely solely on the Bible when it comes to the nature of our […]

El Mensaje
La Fundación de La Verdadera Iglesia (¿Es Pedro el fundamento de la verdadera Iglesia de Cristo?) The Foundation of the True Church (Is Peter the foundation of the true Church of Christ?)

Una de las maneras que podemos identificar la verdadera Iglesia de Cristo es por identificar su […]

About the INC
Top 7 Reasons Why People Want To Know More About This Church

Learn more about the Iglesia ni Cristo and hear first impressions from guests and members. Show/Hide […]

INC and the Bible
The True Knowledge About Our Lord Jesus Christ

Is your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ based on the Bible?