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The Only True Solution to Man’s Misfortune

It is natural for man to search for solutions to his problems and misfortunes. What is […]

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Forbidden Foods

What types of forbidden food are mentioned in the Bible?

An Intensive Desire to Share With Others

Manila, Philippines – Marc Bernardo is in the middle of his battle with cancer and was […]

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What must I do to be saved?

The Bible’s teaching on what must be done in order to be saved.

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Cuando El Ciego Guía A Otro Ciego (When the Blind Leads the Blind)

¿Por qué algunos líderes religiosos son considerados ciegos? ¿Cuál es la mala consecuencia si seguimos a […]

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Spiritual But Not Religious

Can a person be truly spiritual without being religious? Does the Bible agree with the idea […]

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ENTENDIENDO LAS PALABRAS DE DIOS (Understanding the Words of God)

¿Uno puede simplemente tomar una Biblia en el idioma que entiende, leerla y llegar al significado […]

The Centennial

For the past 100 years, the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) has been the recipient […]

El Mensaje
La Trinidad (The Trinity)

Muchas religiones en actualidad que profesan ser Cristianas están convencidos que el único Dios quien la […]