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Outreach Strengthens Community Bonds in Sacramento

INC volunteers conduct outreach in Sacramento, CA to strengthen bonds within the community; young graduates of the classes of '20 and '21 gather for a special commemoration in Orange County, CA.

Outreach Strengthens Community Bonds in Sacramento


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: This week on INC News World. An Aid To Humanity event aims to make important community connections. And in Sacramento, recent high school and college graduates get the chance to celebrate, in Orange County, California. Your INC News World starts now.


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: Welcome back to INC News World. I’m Brother Michael Guerrero coming to you from the San Francisco Bay Area, as we continue this week’s episode. Communities are an integral part of our daily lives.


HOST CONTINUES: It can give us opportunities to connect with people, to reach for our goals, and make us feel safe and secure.

We head to Sacramento, California, and learn how a group of volunteers came together whose goal was to spread positivity and kindness during a time of turmoil.


DAVID TUTTLE (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): We’re Seventh Day Adventists. But your denomination, it draws us.

PAULINE AGUINALDO: For David, a resident of Sacramento, California. The sense of community he witnessed today was deeply felt.

DAVID TUTTLE (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): I came from the other side of the tracks; this is where it’s at. Communities like this, you see your neighbors. You see people that come in. Maybe you wouldn’t talk to ever. But they come here and you’re talking to them. I talked to people today that live right. Right next to them. I’ve never spoke to them. It just brings [us] together. And I’ll be talking to these neighbors now, where I didn’t even talk to them before today.

PAULINE AGUINALDO: Today, volunteers of the Church Of Christ aim to do exactly that by hosting an Aid To Humanity event in the city of Sacramento in the district of Northeast California. Volunteers were handing out various items such as care packages, filled with hygiene products, towels, nonperishable food items and much more. A video presentation was also put on for ten days, introducing them to the Church Of Christ and its mission.

DAVID TUTTLE (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): I like the fact you go all over the world and help fight the disasters and tornadoes and volcanoes. I mean, you know everything. Earthquakes and the pandemic of course.

PAULINE AGUINALDO: And the sense of community that was aimed to be created today was truly felt.

ALBERT GREENWOOD HUNTER JR. (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): Great. I felt great. I felt warm, like I was being healed.

DON CLEMONS (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): Thank you for having me. I appreciate you for giving this opportunity. Thank you for the chance to be a better person.

This activity will let you know about the Church Of Christ or the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

PAULINE AGUINALDO: The events such as these not only strive to reach out and help the community, but is also an opportunity for members of the Church Of Christ to share their faith.

MARIO RACADIO JR. (INC MEMBER – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): Despite the pandemic, we still help our fellow men. And on the top of that, we’re using these platforms, especially the music videos, testimonials, to get to know more about the Church Of Christ.

DAVID TUTTLE (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): I was impressed by the video, and the people were thankful. Thank you. And there’s Muslims and blacks, whites, Asians, Mexican, everybody. Everybody’s just there to help us all together. Yeah, and I like that. That’s God’s way. The Church Of Christ is there for the people and look how the people were so thankful. They were just almost speechless. They just said, Oh, thank you, thank you is just not enough. Oh, thank you for being here.

PAULINE AGUINALDO: Members of the Church Of Christ that reach out to residents here strive to be of assistance in all the ways that they could.

BROTHER BENJIE DELOS REYES (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): We opened up our doors to our neighbors, to our friends and loved ones and acquaintances that are very much welcome. This is also the way by which we may be able to show to them that we as members of the Church Of Christ, we care because we love them, too. This is the basic teaching that we have received from the Lord our God. We ought to extend help as well to those that are in need.

BROTHER REUBEN LANDON (MINISTERIAL STUDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): It’s an amazing feeling to know that the people whom we were able to invite in the community were able to make it. We were able to see a lot of new faces that we’ve never seen before in the community so God is good. And it’s just been a very exciting activity all throughout.

DAVID TUTTLE (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): The way that people were treated. Amazing, amazing. They just were helpful to even the boxes and stuff they helped carry. And the lady we just met, she gave her phone number. If you need something or some help or encouragement, I mean, I just don’t know people like that. But today I met one and it’s amazing. And it doesn’t matter your ethnic race or whatever. Everybody gets treated good, and I like that.

PAULINE AGUINALDO: And for David, he looks forward to further more building a stronger bond within the community he found here.

DAVID TUTTLE (RESIDENT – SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA): And we’re even thinking about going to your services. I mean, we even wrote it down and see what he wrote out the services and its time. I don’t know any other way to express it. Just thank you for everything and thank you for the work you’re doing. Keep doing. Keep doing it. You’re helping more people than you even can imagine. And it brings them to the Lord. And that’s what it’s all about.

PAULINE AGUINALDO: Even with the ongoing pandemic and hardships, everyone is currently facing, Church Of Christ members not only continue to provide assistance to those in need, but also continue to spread the good news bringing communities closer together. If you want to find out about more Aid To Humanity projects in your area or learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit us at


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: In 2020, we heard of so many graduation ceremonies being canceled due to the pandemic. But now in 2021, there’s a resurgence of getting back together and the class of 2020 graduates are finally getting their moment in the spotlight as some schools have included them in 2021 commencement ceremonies. The same is true for inside the Church Of Christ as graduation recognition events are back in California.


DANICAH VHIN DRIZA (INC MEMBER & COLLEGE GRADUATE – PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA): Tonight, is our Kadiwa Graduation Recognition Dinner. It’s our first in-person gathering for all Kadiwas since the pandemic hit. So, it’s been a really fun night so far.

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: For the Kadiwa organization, made up of single members of the Church Of Christ over the age of 18, got together to celebrate two years’ worth of graduation accomplishments, making up for a year lost to the pandemic. Among the graduates was molecular biology Major Danica Vhin Driza.

DANICAH VHIN DRIZA (INC MEMBER & COLLEGE GRADUATE – PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA): Since the pandemic hit, and we haven’t been able to have in-person events for the past year and a half. That was a really hard thing for me to adjust to.

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: But as soon as government regulations allowed, these college graduates in Orange County, California, got together first to thank the Almighty Father for his continued guidance during a special worship service led by District Supervising Minister, Brother Jonathan Jamias.

JOEY SANCHEZ (EVENT ORGANIZER – ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA): We were planning this event since 2020, with the pandemic that hit it put a lot of stoppage on a lot of our projects. But like we are in the Church, we continue on.

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: And like the Kadiwa members, those of the Binhi Christian Family Organization, or baptized members aged 17 and under, also held a special gathering and recognition dinner to acknowledge they’re moving on from high school and entering early adulthood during unprecedented times.

TRYSTAN VASQUEZ (INC MEMBER & HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE – IRVINE, CALIFORNIA): This was definitely one of the most difficult years of our lives and I believe that events like this are what are able to pull us through tough times and so the grace of our Almighty God are really able to unite the brethren and the young brethren within the district all together as one.

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: Finally together, the love of the brotherhood shines through, as does God’s guidance and protection given to all these young people over the last year.

DANICAH VHIN DRIZA (INC MEMBER & COLLEGE GRADUATE – PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA): Now that I graduated and survived a difficult year, I’m very grateful to our Almighty Father because I know that He really gave me the strength and the courage and the power that I need to finish my studies and to finish strong.

BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: And as these young people move on to their next big accomplishments, they’ll always remember how God was with them during the hardest of times. To see more stories of God’s guidance in the lives of members of the Church Of Christ. Visit


BROTHER MICHAEL GUERRERO: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Friday for new episodes of INC News World on I am Brother Michael Guerrero on behalf of the entire INC News World team, thank you for joining us and we hope you continue to stay safe. Wherever you may be. We’ll see you next time. Have a great weekend. And God bless.

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Outreach Strengthens Community Bonds in Sacramento