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Number of INC Officers Grows in Northwest California

In Northwest California, learn how a recent UC Berkeley graduate and Sheldon Margen Award recipient achieves academic success while prioritizing what matters most.


Number of INC Officers Grows in Northwest California


Richie Ferrera: Welcome back to INC News World. The physical and mental demands that college students face can be taxing, especially with many taking on full time jobs. But as we head to northwest California, let’s meet a young woman and learn how she was able to navigate through it all while prioritizing something even greater. Michelle Peredo with more.




I’m happy to announce the recipient of the 2023 Sheldon Martin Award. Rushlenne Pascua.


Rushlenne Pascual: Overwhelmingly honored and grateful to receive this award and would like to express my deepest thanks to Berkeley Public Health for all the opportunities I’ve had during the MPH program. Congratulations to us and congratulations to the entire BPH Class of 2023. We did it.


Michelle Peredo: Rushlenne, a recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a master’s in public health and was recently awarded the Sheldon Margen Award for exemplifying mastery of multiple disciplines in public health and serving as a pillar to the student body. And she looks back at the eventful years she’s had throughout her academic career.


Rushlenne Pascual (Newly Graduate, Masters in Public Health, U.C. Berkeley Sheldon Margen Award Recipient): I made Dean’s list during undergrad a couple of times. I received a few fellowships as student ambassador for prospective students. So people that identify as sort of disadvantaged, minority or underrepresented. I helped to kind of bridge the gap between them and applying to grad school, juggling both with classes and work full time being in the lab.


Michelle Peredo: And it has been a difficult journey to get to where she is now. But amidst the success and accolades, while striving to balance her busy and challenging schedule, she cites one thing as the highest source for strength and inspiration. Performing her duties as an organist in leading the worship services in the Church Of Christ.


Rushlenne Pascual (Newly Graduate, Masters in Public Health, U.C. Berkeley Sheldon Margen Award Recipient: We are one of the first ones to get the hymns, and so it’s on us to learn them first and then so we can also effectively and efficiently teach the choir as we prepare the choir members and the brethren. And so it’s just being very aware of that role and that great responsibility you have in the worship service. No matter what, it was always prioritizing church and prioritizing God, prioritizing my duties in the moments where it got really hard and very difficult. The thing that I clung most to was the feeling of performing your duty. And even though you’re exhausted, there’s just this feeling of being complete and a feeling that nothing else matters.


Michelle Peredo: And even while handling a full load as an organist and KADIWA secretary, she’s driven to further help the Church Administration, by taking on another duty as a group secretary. As today, where Rushlenne, among many others at the house of worship in Fremont, in the ecclesiastical District of Northwest California, made their oath to God in accepting duties to take care of members in this part of the world.


Rushlenne Pascual (Organist, Secretary, Oakland, California): It’s another added responsibility. But with more responsibilities comes more blessings. We’re also extensions of the Church Administration. Our Executive Minister, as much as he loves and cares for us, he might not be able to be everywhere at the same time. And so we as officers are really his help in taking care of the brethren.


Michelle Peredo: During the special gathering of officers led by Supervising Minister Brother Eduardo Javier, they were reminded of the great task ahead that were entrusted to them all the more inspiring them to dedicate themselves in service to the Almighty God. And it wasn’t just here in Fremont that gathered as many others connected via video conferencing to witness the sacred event. For Mia and her daughter, Alexis, this was anything but an ordinary day for them. As a convert and divorcee. She’s thankful to God that she was able to bring her children along with her into the true faith and was also able to lead her daughter into accepting their first duties in the Church.


Mia Domingo (LOS Secretary, Fremont, California): Tonight, me and my daughter, we’re so blessed to take a role in duty inside the Church, and we’re so thankful with that in doing this duties. I know this is a big responsibility obligation to God, but we’ll continue to serve Him until the rest of our days.


Alexis Domingo (Kadiwa Officer, Fremont, California): Being able to actually take oath with my mom right next to me. It was a whole different type of feeling, especially the Holy Spirit being there.


Mia Domingo (LOS Secretary, Fremont, California): I’m really, really blessed to have and take the opportunity to help out in the Church. And at the same time, I would really like to help our brethren and some of our future brethren that will be wanting to join the Church Of Christ. I am very thankful for that.


Alexis Domingo (Kadiwa Officer, Fremont, California): I actually plan on becoming a choir member. I’ve also seen other officers who are continuing to take leadership in the CWS, and I’ve actually wanted to join that as well. Help the young, you know, benefit from that to shape them into the good.


Mia Domingo (LOS Secretary, Fremont, California): I am very thankful because through all the hardship that we’ve been through, like God is always there to help us.


Michelle Peredo: Along with Mia and Alexis, Shadrach from Milpitas was also able to accept his first duty today.


Shadrach Rodriguez (Choir Member, Milpitas, California): I studied as a music major. Feel very fulfilled now because all the skills that God blessed me with can now be fully utilized to their fullest potential for the good of the Church. I’m looking forward to just fulfilling my duties from now on, living the rest of my life as a choir member.


Michelle Peredo: For Nenita, a deaconess of 55 years, she has hope knowing the future of the Church is in good hands.


Nenita Josol (Deaconess, Fremont, California): I am so happy many took oath now to take up offices because the Church [Of Christ] really needs officers. It means many will help in all the works of the Church. For me, being a deaconess, I have promised to God that as long as I can walk, I will perform. That’s my number one priority in my life.


Brother Eduardo Javier (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Northwest California): The Administration made that call to recruit more officers inside the Church because of the growing needs of more officers within the Church. As we intensify the works of propagation, more and more people are joining the Church Of Christ. So there is really a need for more officers to take good care of these new members within the Church Of Christ. Every local congregation reacted positively to this call of the Administration to be an extension of the Administration inside the Church Of Christ. There is a great joy that they do feel from their hearts, that willingness to be of help to Brother Eduardo Manalo in taking good care of the members of the Church.


Rushlenne Pascual (Organist, Secretary, Oakland, California): Whoever might be feeling doubts about taking up another duty, especially when they’re working and in school or both. There’s a reason why God is calling you for that duty, and taking up more duties is just our way of becoming closer to Almighty God. It’s definitely not easy and it can get really, really challenging at times, but I think it’s a way to remind us that nothing is impossible with our Almighty God.


Michelle Peredo: As Church Of Christ members like Rushlenne continue to strive towards greater success, whether in academics or in their careers, it is their faith and duties they prioritize putting the Almighty God first and trusting him with the future despite the trials ahead. Michelle Peredo for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Fremont, California.




Richie Ferrera: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Richie Ferrera, thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.

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Number of INC Officers Grows in Northwest California