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Married Couples’ Faith Strengthened in Mountain States

Married couples get together in the Mountain States and are strengthened; an event in Northwest California is held to welcome individuals to the INC.



RICHIE FERRERA: This Week on INC News World, married couples in the Mountain States are strengthened and enjoy a night out together. A welcoming event for neighbors, friends and new members of the Church Of Christ in California. Your INC News World starts now.


RICHIE FERRERA: Welcome to INC News World, I’m Richie Ferrera coming to you from Los Angeles, California and we hope everyone is continuing to stay safe wherever you are today. (cont. in graphics) 


HOST CONTINUED: In the state of Nevada, decade over decade, there has been a decrease in the divorce rate, with 4.2 divorces per thousand inhabitants.

RICHIE FERRERA: Kiana Lei Poblete has more details on a recent event made to celebrate the strength of those who have been staying strong in their marriages. 


LEVI AND JACKIE MONICO: It was amazing, like being with other Buklods [members]. It’s really something new for us of course, but so far I’ve enjoyed it.

KIANA LEI POBLETE: Levi and Jackie are a young couple in the Las Vegas area. Married in late 2021, they are one of the newest additions to the Buklod organization in the Church Of Christ, here in the ecclesiastical district of Mountain States. Buklod is the Christian Family Organization for married couples, and today, they had the opportunity to take part in events like this for them to spend quality time together with other married couples.

LEVI AND JACKIE MONICO:  There’s just this openness that you have to share experiences with each other, and we had a chance to see the people who have always mentored us during our relationship, and now they’re giving us this new wave of guidance now that we’re actually married. Marriage guidance.  

KIANA LEI POBLETE: It was an evening for these couples from around the district to dress up, enjoy each other’s company, and musical performances, and spend time with other married couples  who uphold the Christian values of life long marriages given by God.

SHERWIN AND ROSIELYN VALDEZ: It is important for us to have the one on one connection because that’s where you build [a] relationship. That’s where your faith comes in, that’s where your love comes in. That’s where everything with understanding with one another comes in.

KIANA LEI POBLETE: No matter how long these couples have been married, the Buklod organization events are always a reminder that marriage is a blessing from God.  

LEVI AND JACKIE MONICO: We’ve never stopped having devotional prayers and I don’t think we ever will because you thank God for what he blessed you with, which of course in this case it was the marriage, and we thank him for it in our devotionals [prayers].  

KIANA LEI POBLETE: A life long marriage is one of the Biblical teachings upheld by the Church Of Christ members, and it’s activities like these that continue to strengthen families like here in the Mountain States  and all around the world. If you’d like to see more events like this from all around the world, stay tuned for more INC News World  on

Kiana Lei Poblete, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Las Vegas Nevada.  


RICHIE FERRERA: As the pandemic carries on, the social lives of those in the US continue to suffer. The CoronaVirus pandemic is causing an epidemic of loneliness and social isolation among adults, carrying with it, significant health and emotional risks. But in an effort to combat these negative effects, let’s learn how a group of people in Northwest California strive to bring a stronger sense of community to the people around them. Sophia Tragonas has more.


SOPHIA TRIGONIS: Like many people during the pandemic, Felix, a resident in Monterey spent time reflecting on his life and sought for answers. 

FELIX SOMOZA: Finding, seeking God and knowing the truth.

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: Finding and seeking God, and the truth, was exactly what Felix, a resident in Monterey, California, was able to do earlier this year. After undergoing Bible Studies inside the Church Of Christ, he was able to receive the Holy Baptism, and his life changed for the better.  

FELIX SOMOZA: I’ve been happy ever since I’ve been baptized and always attending to these activities.

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: A “Welcome, My Brethren” activity held today at the newest 108 acre property acquired by the Church Administration in the city of Pacifica, Ecclesiastical District of Northwest California aimed to bring together newly baptized members, Bible students, candidates for baptism, among other individuals seeking the true doctrines inside the Church Of Christ. Members across the district also gathered to show their support. This activity was an opportunity to socialize and connect while musical performances of original Christian music were also put on for attendees to enjoy.

FELIX SOMOZA: Makes me feel like I’m at home. It’s like anywhere you go, you know it feels like home. At a chapel you know, even at a property like this, because [of] the love of the brotherhood.

BROTHER EDUARDO JAVIER: In spite of the inclement weather, you can see how active the brethren are. They brought their Bible students, the candidates for baptism in the event, for them to see unity of the Church and most especially for them to be prepared for their upcoming baptism. Events like this are very important for the sake of the brethren, knowing that the call of our Executive Minister is to intensify further the works of propagation.

FELIX SOMOZA: [We] want to share our faith with people so that way, they can, too, receive blessings from our Almighty God.

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: With the drive to reach out to those seeking the truth, Church Of Christ members here continue to hold activities like these within the communities to bring their fellow man closer to the words of God. Whether on the US West Coast, or somewhere else in the world, to find a congregation near you, go to Sophia Trigonis, for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Pacifica, California.  


RICHIE FERRERA: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World, in Ottawa, a long awaited socialization for these young professionals and college students. And in the island nation of Sri Lanka, more people find the truth. Stay tuned. 


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Married Couples’ Faith Strengthened in Mountain States