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INC Welcomes Thousands of New Members in Philippine Arena

Thousands of countrymen in the Philippines are welcomed by the Church Of Christ. Witness the Spanish inaugural worship service in Napa Valley, Northwest California.


INC Welcomes Thousands of New Members in Philippine Arena

Naomi Delacruz: This week on INC News World: 




Host continued: Watch thousands of Church Of Christ in Metro Manila, Philippines, gather for a grand event in the Philippine Arena. Witness a milestone happening in Napa Valley– a Spanish inaugural worship service in Northwest California. More details when we come back. Your INC News World starts now.




Naomi Delacruz: Welcome to INC News World. I’m Naomi Delacruz coming to you from the INC Media Studios in Anaheim, California. Already in this new year, thousands of people have joined the Church Of Christ. And to welcome new members like in Metro Manila, and Benguet, Philippines, a grand event, better known as ‘Welcome, My Brethren’, fostering love through faith, was held at the Philippine Arena and in Baguio City. Michelle Peredo has that report.




Michelle Peredo: With thousands traveling from the ecclesiastical district of Metro Manila East, including the cities of Pasay, Marikina, San Juan, and Pasig, they all gathered for a “Welcome, My Brethren” event held at the Philippine Arena– the world’s largest indoor arena in Bulacan, Philippines.


This special event brought together members, newly baptized members, Bible students, candidates for baptism, among other individuals seeking to learn more about the true doctrines inside the Church Of Christ.


SOT 1 (NO L3): It’s so nice. It’s a good feeling because of being around all the brethren. This is so important to me because I’m a new member of the Church Of Christ.


SOT 2 (NO L3): Because I’m in the process of joining the Church Of Christ, I felt happy because it’s my first time here. There are so many people. And it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that’s in the process of joining the Church. That’s why I’m happy.


SOT 3 (NO L3): It really is a great help because it furthermore fortified our relationship as husband and wife. I will work so that I will be baptized in the Church Of Christ.


Tonipet Gaba (INC Member/TV Host): I am so proud to tell everybody, to tell everyone here and the whole world, (In Tagalog) I am a proud member of the Church Of Christ. 

Michelle Peredo: Multiple interactive booths were prepared… 


… And special musical performances were put on… 


… Including numbers by the Iglesia Ni Cristo Production Company.


With the same enthusiasm, a similar event was held in Baguio City, in the ecclesiastical district of Benguet. 


Though separated in different venues, the same love was felt by thousands of people, experiencing the unity of the brotherhood being upheld inside the Church Of Christ.


Brother Glicerio P. Santos IV (General Auditor, Iglesia Ni Cristo): We are welcoming these new members so that they can all the more feel they have a new family here inside the Church Of Christ. The brethren can see how the Church Administration and the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo take care of them. He is always thinking of them, and there are always activities like these for us to be enthusiastic about our faith. That’s why we do it. All for the glory of our Almighty God. All praises and glory belong to Him.


Michelle Peredo: With the drive to reach out to those seeking the truth, Church Of Christ members around the world continue to hold activities like these to bring their fellow men closer to God. Whether in the Philippines or elsewhere, find the closest local congregation near you by logging on to

Michelle Peredo for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.




Naomi: In Northwest California, a milestone event took placeanother first for the Church Of Christ. Let’s head to Napa County where we witness the impact of this historical event. Angelica Fisher has that report.




Angelica: Known as a major tourist destination in Northern California, Napa is also the largest city and county seat of Napa County. It is also known for its locally driven restaurants and art scenes. With a population of 136,000 residents, it is also known for its extensive vineyards.


Forty miles north of the bustling city of San Francisco is Napa Valley. Known for its vineyards stretching miles upon hillsides, bringing tourists all year around. Among the different ethnic groups that comprise the county, over 35% are Latino, many of them immigrants working in other agricultural sectors.


Because of the continuous works of propagation and preaching of God’s Words, members of the Latino community here have gained an understanding of the true doctrines found inside the Church Of Christ. And today, we witnessed a historic event take place, the inaugural worship service in Spanish of the Napa Valley group worship service. 


Brother Andrew Paragas (Resident Minister, Napa Valley, Northwest California): The Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, allowed us to have this worship service in Napa Valley because there are many Bible students who are Latino who speak Spanish. Especially in Napa Valley and Calistoga.


Angelica: Members and Bible gathered from within the latino community and around the district like Yvette, originally from Puerto Rico, who was first introduced to the Church Of Christ through an Evangelical Mission. 


Ivette Rojas (Doctrinal Instructee, San Leandro, Northwest California): I met the Church Of Christ through my neighbors. Brother Joseph invited me, through Project 109, to a Spanish service. I believe that when I entered the house of worship of the Church Of Christ, I felt something inside me, an immense peace that, as it had, called my heart.


Angelica: Led by Supervising Minister Brother Eduardo Javier, this worship was conducted entirely in Spanish. This same joy was felt by Ivette and all that gathered to witness the Spanish inaugural worship service of the group worship service in Napa Valley. 


Ivette: A deep joy now we are also opening the doors more to the Latino community that does not speak English. 


Brother Andrew: We want our friends who speak Spanish to hear and understand the importance of the Church Of Christ for our salvation. 


Angelica: Jorge, who made the two-hour drive from San Jose, was also in attendance along with his father and friends Minerva and Miguel, Bible students learning about the true doctrines found in the Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church Of Christ.


Jorge Beceril (INC Member, San Jose, California): I wanted to be part of this event, and together with my family and my invited friends, we feel very happy to be because maybe in a few years, it’s not just going to be here, it’s going to be, it’s going to be all over Northern California, in every local. 


Miguel Martinez (Doctrinal Instructee, San Jose, California): It impressed me a lot. I liked the message, the sermon. I liked it when a brother said his prayer of thanks and blessing for the Church, for the members and for the guests, I really liked that. 


Minerva Garcia (Doctrinal Instructee, San Jose, California): I loved it, I understood the 100%perfectly. It was very, very good. I would love to get to the moment [of my baptism], because I know with baptism, one is freed from everything and one is cleansed of [sins]. 


Ana Trigonis (INC Member, Burlingame, California): I considered it something very special, especially in the lesson. It was very spiritual. It is special because I have my mother with me, and I want her to always be there and know the teachings of the Church.


Ana Trigonis (Guest): I really, really liked the first sermon. Everything that the Lord of salvation says is important.


David Corona (Deacon, Antioch, California): This gives us another opportunity to share our faith and not only through an evangelical mission but through a worship service. Our guests can really experience 360°, the full effect of what a worship service is.


Angelica: After, a Care For Humanity event was conducted where care packages were distributed filled with non-perishable goods and everyday essentials, and free medical services like blood pressure checks were also available. 


Brother Eduardo Javier, Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Northwest California): We thank God and the Church Administration in the Church Of Christ, our Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for allowing us to have the inaugural worship service here in Napa Valley Group worship service. This event today is the result of the intensive propagation of God’s words and is part of our Project 109. This is just the beginning because, after this, there will be another Spanish worship service that will be opened in Shoshoni, Wyoming, to cater to the spiritual needs of our brethren and those undergoing Bible studies in that area.


Angelica: For Yvette, not only does she look forward to the day of her baptism, but the opportunity to tell her family and friends about the hope she found inside the Church Of Christ. 


Ivette: I want my friends, my neighbors, the entire Latino community to have that experience that I had the day I walked through those doors, that joy—knowing that achievement [finding the Church Of Christ] will be my salvation. It even brings me to tears. They’re coming out because of the peace that I found within me. 


Angelica: To learn more about the true doctrines found in the Church Of Christ in the Spanish language, log on to Angelica Fisher for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Napa, California. 



Naomi: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World. Watch how a ‘Care For Humanity’ event impacts the lives of residents struggling from food insecurity in Vanuatu. Find out how a large-scale humanitarian effort helps residents share their passion with a community in Toronto, Canada. From North America to Europe, Asia and the Pacific, see the various events that have captured many in learning more about the Church Of Christ. Stay Tuned.

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INC Welcomes Thousands of New Members in Philippine Arena