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INC Receives Recognition for Outreach to Turkey Earthquake Victims

The INC is given special recognition from the city of Ottawa and Turkish Embassy for their prompt response in extending help to Turkey Earthquake victims; in the Northern Midwest, married couples spend quality time to keep marriages strong.


INC Receives Recognition for Outreach to Turkey Earthquake Victims

Richie Ferrera: This week on INC News World: 




Host continued: This week on INC News World, the Turkish government and the city of Ottawa give recognition to the FYM foundation for its outreach to earthquake victims in Turkey. 


Despite rising U.S. divorce rates, learn how couples in the northern midwest are keeping marriages strong. Your INC News World starts now.




Richie: Welcome to INC News World. I’m Richie Ferrera coming to you from the INC Media studios in Anaheim, California. The Turkish government continues its call for aid to be provided for victims of the catastrophic earthquake that impacted thousands of lives in Turkey. And in Ottawa, Canada, one organization known for its humanitarian efforts throughout the world was commended for its immediate response to the call for aid. Laura Ibañez has the details.



Dr. Yusuf Turan Çetiner (Chargé D’affairs and Deputy Ambassador, Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, Canada): “The FYM Foundation, led by the Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, and the Church Of Christ’s charitable arm, continues its outreach programs, as we have been informed. At such times of tragedy, your kind contribution and valuable support are deeply appreciated. Thank you once again.”


Laura Ibañez: Dr. Yusuf Turan Çetiner, Chargé d’Affaires and Deputy Ambassador of Turkey, commended Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo and the FYM Foundation, for their rapid response in extending help to families in Turkey who were affected by the devastation. Claiming over 50,000 lives and  thousands of infrastructure in a catastrophic ruin, a tragic event not seen in over 80 years. But in an urgent call to action, the Turkish Association Of Canada called for solidarity in the Ottawa community to help displaced victims. 


Along with the City of Ottawa and the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, the Church Of Christ, known for its humanitarian efforts, quickly responded and stepped up to help. 


Boxes filled with blankets, hygiene products, and essential items, these donations were put together by INC volunteers in a ‘Care For Humanity’ event through the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, the volunteering arm of the Church Of Christ. These boxes were shipped promptly to families affected by the devastation in Turkey.

Mustafa Selim Yilmaz (Social Affairs Counselor, Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, Canada): Actually, our embassy and our Consulate General in Montreal and also in Vancouver. They are coordinating all the transactions.


Brian Erpelo (Head Deacon Capital City, Ottawa, Canada): It was very important to do this activity. The brethren really supported, and [it] was really a blessing that they showed their love and care for the people and victims in Turkey.


Ibrahim Coskun // Religious Representative Of Turkish Association Of Canada): I think it will take a long time to recover, to heal. I am so grateful to see you, Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, here. God bless you, guys. 


Brother Jose Razon II (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of Ottawa, Canada): With the help and mercy of our Lord God, and through the inspiration of our dearest Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the brethren responded quickly by giving out care packages such as blankets, hygienic products. Because what moves us is what our dear brother taught unto us from the Bible that whenever we possibly can, we should do good to those who need it.


Dr. Yusuf (Chargé D’affairs and Deputy Ambassador, Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, Canada): “We thank you for the thoughtful gestures and kind efforts. It is deeply appreciated, and it took place at a time that really mattered the most. And please accept this as a token of our appreciation and with our sincere thanks again.”


Laura: Another recognition was also extended by the City Mayor of Ottawa, commending the efforts of the FYM Foundation. These special recognitions were a direct result of the continuous humanitarian efforts of the Church Of Christ motivated by faith and compassion.


Brother Jose (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of Ottawa, Canada): We promise that we will continue to work hand in hand through the leadership of our Executive Minister in extending help to our fellow men in need. 


Laura: In times of adversity, it can be easy to lose sight of what truly matters. But in these moments, the power of faith and love inspires Church of Christ members into action to help those in need. A reflection of the ongoing love and concern of the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, that even in the darkest of times there is hope.

To watch more  about the ongoing humanitarian efforts of the Church Of Christ, visit or subscribe to the youtube channel @incmedia.official. Laura Ibañez for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Ottawa Canada.




Richie: In the United States, almost 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. But let’s find out what couples in the Northern Midwest are doing to keep marriages strong. Leslie Esguerra has the details.




Leslie Esguerra: Doug and Salve McLaughlin, a couple from La Motte, Iowa, have been married for four years and are a part of the Christian Family Organization of the Buklod—consisting of the married members of the Church Of Christ. They understand the importance of a strong marriage.


Doug Mclaughlin (INC Member, Buklod President, La Motte, Iowa): Married couples are the foundation of the organization. Our children are the future, and we are the experienced and usually the leadership of most of the locals. The Buklod is like the backbone.


Leslie: And as part of the Buklod Organization, they also prepared to travel over three hours, from La Motte, Iowa, to Wadsworth, Illinois, for a special event. The event? A Buklod Night, held in the ecclesiastical district of the Northern Midwest. Buklod members from around the district gathered and dressed their best to celebrate and commemorate the 60th Anniversary since the establishment of the Buklod Organization.


Approved by the Church Administration, the goal in establishing the Buklod organization was implemented to ensure that bonds between married couples in the Church Of Christ remain strong. 


Brother Junie Alarin (Minister of the Gospel): The brethren here in the ecclesiastical district of Northern Midwest, especially the members of the Buklod Organization, are very thankful to our Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo for approving this activity to be conducted. Activities like this not only give enjoyment to the brethren who attended, but most importantly, we are able to give honor and glory to our Lord God.


Leslie: Couples in attendance were able to enjoy delicious food, games, and entertainment while spending quality time with their spouse and socializing with other couples from throughout the district. 


Doug (INC Member, Buklod President, La Motte, Iowa): It was amazing. I was very impressed. The games were a lot of fun, and the food was excellent. 


Leslie: Others present were those like Melissa and Jason Allen, who helped in making sure this was an event to remember for other married couples.


Melissa Allen (INC Member, Great Lakes, Illinois): Well, I was one of the organizers, and I helped find this venue. I just kind of manage all the subcommittee’s. 


Jason Allen (INC Member, Great Lakes, Illinois): I was one of the emcees for tonight.


Jason and Melissa (INC Member, Great Lakes, Illinois): We wanted to make this really special for everyone because it’s been such a long time since the whole district was able to get together for Buklod activity like this.


Alex De Jesus (District Buklod President, Northern Midwest): This milestone is really big for the Buklod, especially for two years, we didn’t have any Buklod gatherings because of COVID. So this is the first time that we’re celebrating it in person, they were excited to be here, especially celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Buklod.


Daniel and Roselle Moreno (INC Members, Northern Midwest): We enjoyed it so much. It’s so lively and you can see the unity and the love around us. Seems like we don’t have time for each other but since the start that we’ve attended this event, it seems like we’re back when we’re dating. This is our first time, and we love this. We love it. And for sure next year, we’ll be here.


Leslie: Events like Buklod Night give members the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and strengthen their bonds while remaining faithful couples inside the Church Of Christ. To learn more about the events inside the Church Of Christ, visit Leslie Esguerra for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Wadsworth, Illinois.




Richie: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World. Witness a milestone event happening at the first-ever eco-farm of the Church Of Christ in North America. Watch one woman’s transformation after discovering the true faith in Calgary, Canada.  Stay Tuned.

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INC Receives Recognition for Outreach to Turkey Earthquake Victims