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INC Reaches Caboolture, Australia

The Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ continues to grow this time in Caboolture, Australia; sports enthusiasts in New Zealand gather safely for a Unity Games sporting event.

INC Reaches Caboolture, Australia


RICHIE FERRERA: This week on INC News World: The Church Of Christ continues to grow, this time in Caboolture, Australia; and in New Zealand, sports competitions are back; your INC News World starts now. 


RICHIE FERRERA: Welcome to INC News World, I’m Richie Ferrera, coming to you from the INC Media Studios in Anaheim, California, and we hope everyone is continuing to stay safe wherever you are today. Just under an hour from Brisbane, Australia, Caboolture is the gateway to the sunshine coast which is a centre for tourism, attracting more than 3.2 million visitors a year. But it’s also here where we see a different kind of travel destination where many are gathering for a special occasion.


MARC AFENIR: With mountain scenery, historical villages, and a coastline filled with many popular beaches, this Queensland city is also home to members of the Church Of Christ. and today marks a special day. Led by District Supervising Minister Brother Felix Santos, members gathered to witness the inaugural worship service of the establishment of the Group Worship Service of Caboolture.

FRANKIE CRUZPERO (INC MEMBER – CABOOLTURE, AUSTRALIA): We’re so happy and we’re so overwhelmed. 

PETER KAISARA (INC MEMBER – NORTH BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA): I’ve been coming here doing some worship service and Bible study before. So I was intrigued to come in and actually witness this day,

MARC AFENIR: Today new officers also took oath to help in caring for the growing number of members in Caboolture.

VIRGILIO PAUL QUIDAY (HEAD DEACON – BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA): It is the success of the whole Church [that] despite this pandemic, we are given a chance to have another group worship service during the time of pandemic.

MARC AFENIR: The growth of the Church Of Christ here in the District of Australia East is a testament to God’s love for the members here. The Church continues to expand even during the pandemic.

FRANKIE CRUZPERO (INC MEMBER – CABOOLTURE, AUSTRALIA): I remember, seven, eight years ago, when we were still living in Kilcoy and the local is in Brisbane. We will travel one hour and 30 to 40 minutes just to go to worship service.

MARC AFENIR: With the Church Of Christ now established here, members are able to all the more share their faith with those in the community. 

FRANKIE CRUZPERO (INC MEMBER – CABOOLTURE, AUSTRALIA): Can really do much of our sharing our faith, evangelical missions, and for sure they can really come when we invite them because it’s closer to them.

EDUARDO CALAGUAS JR. (INC MEMBER – BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA): The number of the brethren in this part of the world is getting bigger and growing. 

IAN HENDERSON (INC MEMBER – BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA): We started off doing Bible studies together in the area, trying to find people who would like to join the Church Of Christ. And now it’s all coming to fruition and hopefully soon there’ll be a big chapel here.

MARC AFENIR: The establishment of this group worship service is only the beginning. 

BROTHER FELIX SANTOS (DISTRICT SUPERVISING MINISTER – AUSTRALIA EAST): In fact, we are preparing for one local congregation, and also one GWS in Canberra. 

TERRENCE STEVENSON (INC MEMBER – CABOOLTURE, AUSTRALIA): We could see the love and concern of the [Church] Administration, that they’ve allowed us to have this worship service and for sure it will strengthen all the brethrens’ faith within the area of Caboolture. 

MARC AFENIR: Found in more than 150 countries and territories around the world, the Church Of Christ continues to grow as more find the true religion. Want to learn more about the Church Of Christ? Log onto, click on the red questions tab and submit your query where you’ll be directed to a minister of the gospel. Marc Afenir; Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network; Caboolture, Queensland, Australia. 


RICHIE FERRERA: The country of New Zealand has maintained some [continued in on screen graphics]


of the toughest travel guidelines in the world since March 2020, during the early onset of the pandemic. CNN 

RICHIE FERRERA: They continue to maintain little to no cases of COVID-19, and for several months now. and as residents here continue to enjoy this growing sense of normalcy, we discover how a group of sports enthusiasts are taking advantage of the country’s disposition. 


KURT MAÑEBO: While adhering to local government guidelines, Church Of Christ members traveled to Christchurch, New Zealand to participate in a district wide Unity Games, making this the 2nd Unity Games event of the year.

BROTHER DENNIS DAHUNAN (DISTRICT SUPERVISING MINISTER – NEW ZEALAND): Beloved brothers and sisters, let us use this opportunity to manifest the true meaning of brotherhood, camaraderie, and sportsmanship,

KURT MAÑEBO: Starting off the event with a prayer, warm greetings and an oath of sportsmanship for players in attendance. And throughout the 2-day Unity Games series, Church Of Christ members competed in bowling, basketball, volleyball, board games and others; never forgetting the love of the brotherhood whether playing or cheering from the sidelines.

NESTOR FRANCIA (PARTICIPANT – CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND): The warmth of participation of the brethren in our Unity Games here in the District of New Zealand. Brethren came all over from the North Island and all the brethren from the south islands,

THOMAS KEATING (PARTICIPANT – CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND): It’s competitive, but it’s also fun. Everything is great. And I feel very welcomed, 

KURT MAÑEBO: And for Thomas he saw a different kind of atmosphere that brought about sportsmanship and love of the brotherhood inside the Church Of Christ. 

THOMAS KEATING (PARTICIPANT – CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND): Today is great. I love seeing everyone here and all the brethren getting along and playing together. 

KURT MAÑEBO: Prior to Unity Games, Thomas grew up in a non-religious household. It wasn’t until he was invited to an evangelical mission through a coworker wherein he learned Bible based teachings inside the Church Of Christ. 

THOMAS KEATING (DOCTRINAL INSTRUCTEE – CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND): The way that they read the teachings is they ask a question and read it right from the Bible. And I really liked that about it. 

KURT MAÑEBO: And as he learned more about the Church, he noticed the way Church Of Christ members show their love for one another, even during competitive sports activities like Unity Games. 

THOMAS KEATING (DOCTRINAL INSTRUCTEE – CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND): Over the last couple of months I’ve observed that the brethren are very welcoming to each other and they are very nice and they love to laugh. After worship services they talk afterwards and everyone gets along very well. 

KURT MAÑEBO: And while teams were competing against each other, and aiming to be part of the awards ceremony, they always remembered the values upheld inside the Church Of Christ.

BROTHER NOLLY ESPERANZA (ASSISTANT DISTRICT SUPERVISING MINISTER – NEW ZEALAND): We cannot serve God if we are not physically healthy. So to maintain our physical fitness, Unity Games is a very important activity. And we are so thankful to our Almighty God for utilizing the Church Administration in launching this activity. We are able to enhance the friendship and camaraderie and brotherhood of the brethren inside the Church Of Christ.

KURT MAÑEBO: Sports activities like the Unity Games here in New Zealand continue to strengthen the love of the brotherhood amongst brethren in the Church Of Christ. To learn more about the Church Of Christ log onto Kurt Mañebo; Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network; Christchurch, New Zealand.



RICHIE FERRERA: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: in Florida, a millenial denies the trends of his generation; and in New Jersey, planting trees to improve the environment and the neighborhood; Canadian Blood Services honors a group of loyal blood donors. Stay tuned on INC News World. 

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INC Reaches Caboolture, Australia