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INC Purchases Chapel in Waldorf, Maryland

INC purchases chapel property from Living Word Christian Ministry Church in Waldorf, Maryland; the true faith reaches Egersund, Norway and Padova, Italy.


INC Purchases Chapel in Waldorf, Maryland

MICHAEL GURRERO: This week on INC News World, in Waldorf, Maryland, the INC purchases a chapel from Living Word Christian Ministry Church. The Church Of Christ continues to grow in Europe. Your INC News World starts now.  


MICHAEL GUERRERO: Welcome to INC News World, I’m Brother Michael Guerrero coming to you from San Francisco, California and we hope everyone is continuing to stay safe wherever you are today. Many churches in small towns with aging congregations are closing their doors across America. A study found that (cont. in graphics) 


HOST CONTINUED: between 3,850 and 7,700 houses of worship have closed their doors each year over the last decade and those closures are trending up. 

MICHAEL GUERRERO: But in Maryland we see a Church that goes against this trend as they continue to grow and expand in their community. Nydel-Ann Ibarra has more on this story.


NYDEL-ANN IBARRA: Michael, a pastor at the Living Word Christian Ministries prepares to close its doors at this location. Today, as the former owner, he signs over this 3.27 acre property to a new owner. 

MICHAEL CARTER (PASTOR AND FORMER OWNER – THE LIVING CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES): We’ve experienced some really phenomenal things there. I’m delighted that you guys got it.

NYDEL-ANN IBARRA: With the Church Of Christ steadily growing in the Ecclesiastical District of Washington, D.C., the prayers of the Local Congregation of Waldorf for a permanent place of worship were answered.

ROMEO DIZON (HEAD DEACON – WALDORF, MARYLAND): When we learned about the purchase of this house of prayer, there are happiness, that we have a permanent place of worship, and also the responsibilities in taking care of this house of worship.

BROTHER ALBIN QUITORIANO (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): As a local congregation, 12 years ago, the brethren have been moving from place to place in order to worship our Lord God, from rented halls, to the chapel of Temple Hills. The purchase of this house of worship is a blessing to the Church. Because not only [does ]it add to the number of the houses of worship acquired, but it also serves as a permanent place as the dwelling place of the name of the Almighty God, where the Lord God blesses His people. 

BROTHER MATTHEW CAPISTRANO (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON, D.C.): And make sure that we continue to do our part to take care of this edifice. Remember, this is just the beginning.

NYDEL-ANN IBARRA: Built in 1953, this property sits on 3,894 square feet of land. Residents in the surrounding area will soon see that this Church located on Bunker Hill Road is open to welcome Waldorf residents to worship God inside the Church Of Christ.

ROMEO DIZON (HEAD DEACON – WALDORF, MARYLAND): The Local [Congregation of Waldorf]  looks forward. We’re in a permanent place of worship, spiritually and serving God fulfilling our duties before Him. We will always entrust everything to our Lord God.

BROTHER ALBIN QUITORIANO (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): Through us, it brings knowledge of Christ everywhere we go.

NYDEL-ANN IBARRA: Established in 2009, the Local Congregation of Waldorf has been a light of hope in this region.

ROMEO DIZON (HEAD DEACON – WALDORF, MARYLAND): We do have a lot of activities in line with the Church Administration launching all these activities, especially in the field of propagation, where we can use this place to have an Evangelical Mission.

NYDEL-ANN IBARRA: Also holding various outreach programs.

MICHAEL CARTER (PASTOR AND FORMER OWNER – THE LIVING CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES): The reach out programs and the blessings to the people. Those are the things that were major to me. So, you know, coming by there and seeing you guys. I’m going to rejoice and believe God, that you guys are going to impact and touch lives.

NYDEL-ANN IBARRA: As the Church Of Christ continues to grow in Maryland, plans for renovations are underway. This worship building becomes the new home where residents in Waldorf can learn more about the true words of God. To check out how houses of worship are purchased and renovated in the Church Of Christ, watch Blueprint on Nydel-Ann Ibarra; Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network; Waldorf, Maryland.


MICHAEL GURRERO: As the pandemic may have slowed the pace for everyday life and created a new normal, it has not stopped the true faith from growing.  Reaching newer places in Europe and making milestones when it comes to the true faith. Let’s take a look.


MICHAEL GURRERO: Whether you travel to Padova, a city and comune in Veneto, northern Italy or Egersund, also known as the wooden home town in Rogaland County, Norway, both provide a unique experience of the outdoors and yet have something great in common. They are both now home to newly established group worship services of the Church Of Christ.

BROTHER DYLAND RAMOS (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCIESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF ITALY NORTH): The historic event that has just taken place today is the establishment of the Padova GWS [Group Worship Service] here in the area of Veneto in the Ecclesiastical District of Italy North.

MICHAEL GURRERO: Two new congregations and milestones for the Church Of Christ in Europe. Amongst the many congregations already in the Ecclesiastical district of Italy North, Padova is its newest addition. While following Covid-19 protocols, members gathered in a special worship service officiated by the Supervising District Minister Brother Dyland Ramos, uniting in another milestone happening in Italy.

FRANCISCO AZUELA (HEAD DEACON – PADOVA, ITALY): We are so thankful to our Almighty God and to our Executive Minister for the establishment of the Padova Group Worship Service. We are overjoyed because now we have worship service in this part of the world. 

MICHAEL GURRERO: That same was shared also in Egersund, Norway in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe, where members also gathered in a special worship service led by the Supervising District Minister, Brother Romeo Marquez, bringing the worship service even closer to members and further giving opportunity for the spread of the true faith.

DAISY ØSTBØ (INC MEMBER , EGERSUND, NORWAY): First, I am so thankful that now we have a worship service here in Egersund. I used to travel far from home to attend the worship service. Having a worship service in our place is of great help, especially since I will be able to perform my duty. And be of help to the Church Administration to help intensify the work of propagation. 

MICHAEL GURRERO: And now with these new group worship services, members are poised, even during the ongoing pandemic, to share the same feeling of joy of faith with others, in Padova and Ergusund.

BROTHER ROMEO MARQUEZ (SUPERVISING DISTRICT MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF NORTHERN EUROPE): Because of that, they are promising our Almighty God and the Church Administration that they will become even more active in worshiping God and in spreading the words of God in that part of the world.

BROTHER FERNANDO ROMAN JR. (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): We all promise here in Padova, that we will continue our worship service to our Lord God, and we promise our Lord God, that here in Padova, we’ll all participate intensively in the propagation of the words of our Lord God, so that many people can return to our Lord God to become members of the Church Of Christ, that they can be saved on the day of Judgment.

MICHAEL GURRERO: These added group worship services in Italy and Norway are amongst the many more to come throughout Europe. And as health officials in Europe are optimistic for 2022 to be a better year when it comes to the pandemic, the Church Of Christ continues to grow no matter the circumstances. If you live in Norway, Italy, or one of the many countries in Europe and want to learn about the teachings upheld in the Church Of Christ, visit us at and click the worship with us tab and type in the location nearest you and schedule to speak with a minister of the gospel.


MICHAEL GUERRERO: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World. More are baptized in the biblically significant Red Sea. A special recognition by the mayor of Brampton is made to a group of volunteers celebrating their 15th anniversary. Stay tuned.


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INC Purchases Chapel in Waldorf, Maryland