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INC Extends Help to Refugees, Residents, Organizations in Ottawa

Refugees of war, low-income residents, and organizations impacted by demands receive assistance from the INC through 'Care For Humanity'; from the ecclesiastical districts of the Mediterranean, New Zealand, Tokyo, Japan, and Micronesia— the latest events inside the INC.


INC Extends Help to Refugees, Residents, Organizations in Ottawa

Michelle Peredo: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: 


Host continued: The INC extends help to refugees and other members in the community in Montreal and Nepean. From North America to the Mediterranean and the Pacific, the latest events inside the Church Of Christ. Your INC News World starts now.


Michelle Peredo: Welcome back to INC News World.

[ON SCREEN GRAPHIC] Since 1980, Canada has welcomed over 1 million refugees seeking to resettle with many finding solace in local shelters.

Host Continued: But with the influx of refugees due to recent crises, organizations are struggling to keep up with demands. Let’s discover how a group of volunteers stepped up to help. Laura Bridgette Ibañez has that report.


Laura Bridgette Ibañez: Ana, currently in Canada and who sought asylum from Ukraine, recalls the struggles of living through the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Ana Kulikova (Ukrainian Refugee, Ottawa, Canada): When the war started, we forgot about COVID because it’s not the same thing. We can die every minute, every second.

Laura Bridgette Ibañez: Canada has a long-standing tradition of providing refuge to individuals forced to flee their homes due to persecution, war and or other forms of violence. Now re-located in the region of Ottawa, Ana remembered the struggles of seeking shelter and survival. 

Remedios Mendoza (INC Member, Riverside, California): It was hard because we stayed [there] about one week and we, every time we go to shelter in the night, in the morning—it’s hard.

Laura Bridgette Ibañez: In the midst of this difficult situation, on this day, she found an unexpected help that gave her hope and timely support. This wasn’t the first time that this kind of help was extended; in the previous year Greater Montreal help was also extended to Ukrainian and Afghan refugees in another ‘Care For Humanity’ event.    

Ana Kulikova (Ukrainian Refugee, Ottawa, Canada): You feel [the] support, and you feel that you are not alone here.

Laura Bridgette Ibañez: East of the Ottawa region, a simultaneous event was taking place at the Côte-des-Neiges community center in Montreal. In response to alleviate challenges from rising costs and needs, through the Felix Y. Manalo foundation, members of the Church Of Christ, in the ecclesiastical District of Ottawa organized a care for humanity event, reaching out to some of the most vulnerable within the community– where attendees also received care packages containing food items and hygiene products. Financial assistance was also presented to different charitable organizations in Montreal.

Marina Boulos-Winton (Executive Director of Chez Doris, Montreal, Quebec, Canada): Thank you for the message of kindness and being good to one another and for also being generous today with people. I saw that food bags were being given out and it’s a really difficult time for people to get by these days because of the high cost of living.

John Tessier (Board President And Director Of Advocacy For Montreal, Quebec): I think it has a huge impact. It’s really nice to see, especially after the pandemic. There were approximately 3000 people that were considered unhoused or homeless, and now it’s over 6000. So the need has greatly increased and there’s no better time than a foundation like Felix Y. Manalo Foundation is out there supporting people and helping the most vulnerable citizens in Montreal and from what I can see across the world.

Brother Jose Razon II (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of Ottawa): During these times people are struggling and sometimes the struggles does not only come in the form of financial crisis, sometimes even emotional distress is being felt by our fellowmen. Not only were we able to extend our help through care packages, but most of all, the sharing of our faith by means of the study of the words of God taught to us this afternoon.

Marina Boulos-Winton (Executive Director of Chez Doris, Montreal, Quebec, Canada): It was a very moving event. It was lovely to see him preach the Word of God and to live by the Scriptures of God and be a good person. It’s a really positive message to help other people. It’s a really important time for that.

Brother Eduardo Javier (Felix Y. Manalo Foundation Representative): We witness the different nationalities of people who migrated here in Canada. People are experiencing hardship, they are looking for solutions to the problems that they do have in life. But just like what was mentioned in the lesson, it is not just looking for the betterment of this life but most especially as stated in the holy scriptures we look for the salvation of our souls .

Ana Kulikova (Ukrainian Refugee, Ottawa, Canada): You know, it’s like a second family. You feel [the] support, and you feel that you are not alone here. It’s great. Yeah, it’s great.

John Tessier (Board President And Director Of Advocacy For Montreal, Quebec): Thank you very much, Brother Eduardo. Salamat po and thank you. Keep going. It’s amazing.

Laura Bridgette Ibañez: Whether in times of crisis or as part of ongoing efforts to bring relief to the increasing demands of our time today, events like this in the Church Of Christ, deeply rooted in the teachings in the Bible, remind us that wherever life may lead us, we are never alone, and that the greatest refuge is in God’s help. To learn more about the Biblical doctrines inside the Church Of Christ, visit From the district of Ottawa I’m Laura Bridgette Ibañez for the Iglesia NI Cristo News Network, Ontario, Canada.  


Michelle Peredo: from North America to the Mediterranean and the Pacific, we take a look at some of the activities in the Church Of Christ. Let’s check it out! 


Michelle Peredo: Our first stop takes us to the ecclesiastical District of the Mediterranean, where an inaugural was held for the group worship service of Dead Sea.

Merely Linis (Pioneer Member/Secretary, Dead Sea, Israel, The Mediterranean) : I am full of joy and I can’t even express how happy I am. I am so thankful to our Lord because He allowed us through the Church Administration to conduct the first ever worship service here in Dead Sea, Israel.  

Michelle Peredo: Attendees from Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem gathered to witness another historic milestone for the district led by Supervising Minister Brother Ramil Reginio.

Brother Ramil Regino (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of The Mediterranean): Praises be to God with His help and mercy. Another group worship service was added here in the Ecclesiastical District of the Mediterranean, particularly in the country of Israel. Here in the Dead Sea, this is the fourth group worship service that was added, which we firmly believe is a blessing from our Lord God, because the brethren can continue to fulfill their inherent obligation to worship God and also to share the true faith which will lead to salvation.

Michelle Peredo: Members were reminded of the importance of upholding their services to God no matter what they may encounter. And we will continue to respond to the duties that He has entrusted unto each of us. 

Brother Erwin Rivas (Ministerial Worker, Jerusalem, Israel, The Mediterranean): We will continue to be active in our worship services to Him. 

Michelle Peredo: We continue the inaugurations as we take our next visit to the Ecclesiastical District of New Zealand where an inaugural worship service was held for the local congregation of Manukau South. Located approximately 23 kilometers south of Auckland in New Zealand’s North Island.

Brother Arturo Martin (Minister Of The Gospel, Manukau South, Ecclesiastical District Of New Zealand): The brethren are very thankful to God and to the Church Administration because they are able to witness the inaugural worship service of the congregation of Manukau South.

Michelle Peredo: Members from neighboring congregations like Manukau and Metro Auckland, were eager to travel to this event.

Brother Nolly Esperanza (Assistant Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of New Zealand): While other religions and churches are evidently dwindling in terms of membership, the opposite is happening in the Church Of Christ. It continues to reach many more people with the truth about salvation. It also means that membership in the Church Of Christ continues to grow rapidly.

Michelle Peredo: As many came to witness the establishment of this new local congregation. The event was then followed by an oath taking of new Church officers.

Brother Nolly Esperanza (Assistant Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of New Zealand): In order to cater for the growing needs of the Church. More congregations continue to be established for its greater care.

Michelle Peredo: Activities in the Church of Christ, continue to spark enthusiasm for both members and even their fellow men. As we take our next visit to the ecclesiastical district of Tokyo, Japan, where a ‘Care for Humanity’ event was held across multiple regions in Japan. Recipients like Jennie were provided with essential items for their well-being.

Jennie Borromeo (Guest, Tochigi, Tokyo, Japan): We are thankful. My husband and I were invited here wherein we received this package which was a really big help. Not all churches provide such help but here we have received this package.   

Sanae Matsui (Guest, Tokyo Japan): I thought it was very wonderful. 

Kazuhiro Usui (Head Deacon, Saitama, Tokyo, Japan): I am very happy that so many people have gathered for this event, even though the situation is still very difficult, and the COVID-19 situation has not yet been resolved. 

Michelle Peredo: Care packages filled with food and hygienic products were distributed from the northern Tohoku Region in Fukushima to the Kanto Region including: Tokyo, Chiba, and Ibaraki. This ‘Care For Humanity’ event also extended its outreach as far as the Tokai Region from Numazu to Hamamatsu and even to the southern region of Okinawa.

Sanae Matsui (Guest, Tokyo Japan): Everyone around the world is being helped. Not just the Philippines, right? I understand that very well. I think it is very wonderful. 

Michelle Peredo: And for guests like Sanae and Jennie, the ‘Care for Humanity’ event offered them an opportunity to learn more about the Church Of Christ.

Jennie Borromeo (Guest, Tochigi, Tokyo, Japan): I listened attentively to the [Bible teachings] shared by the minister and I observed that the explanation was so clear, and it is truly Bible-based. 

Brother Amante Rodriguez (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District Of Tokyo, Japan): We were able to see great delight among our brethren as they became instruments to propagate the true faith. It is here where we can offer to our fellow men the most important thing: that is the true faith, the teachings of God that we believe in the Church.  

Michelle Peredo: Members continued to share their faith as we take our next visit to the ecclesiastical district of Micronesia, where members gathered from across the district to participate in the worldwide distribution of Pasugo or God’s Message magazines.

Michelle Guiang (INC member, Saipan, Micronesia): I’m so happy because I am able to share the faith with others here in the island of Saipan. 

Brother Meneleo Dinogan (Minister Of The Gospel, Saipan, Ecclesiastical District Of Micronesia): The purpose of the Pasugo drive is to shine brightly by introducing to the people of the world the truth about the Church Of Christ.

Michelle Peredo: Members from the Islands of Guam and Saipan eagerly participated in sharing their faith with their fellowmen.

Michelle Guiang (INC member, Saipan, Micronesia): It is very important for us members of the Church Of Christ in sharing our faith with our fellowmen here in Saipan. First of all, this is our duty we accepted from our Lord God, for us members of the Church Of Christ to serve as lights of the world. Hence, this is an important duty for us, as members of the Church Of Christ.    ‘

Warren Clave (Organizer, Micronesia, Ecclesiastical district of Micronesia): This will serve their guide in coming to the knowledge of the truth.  

Michelle Peredo: From inaugurations to sharing the true faith with their fellowmen. Activities in the Church Of Christ continue to inspire many to learn more about the true teachings found inside the Church Of Christ. If you want to learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit 


Michelle Peredo: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on I’m Michelle Peredo. Thank you for joining us, stay safe, and we’ll see you next time. God bless! 

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INC Extends Help to Refugees, Residents, Organizations in Ottawa