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INC Activities Around the World Pt. 2

From Latin America to North America, we take a look at some of the latest inspiring events happening in the Church Of Christ around the world. Featuring the ecclesiastical districts: 'Care For Humanity' in Brazil, Special Gathering and Oath-Taking events in Ottawa, Manitoba, and Hawaii-Pacific.


INC Activities Around the World Pt. 2


Michelle Peredo: From North America to Latin America, we take a look at some of the latest events happening in the Church Of Christ around the world. Let’s check it out.




Michelle Peredo: Our first stop takes us to the ecclesiastical district of Brazil. Through its exotic and artistic culture, Rio de Janeiro captivates a blend of natural scenery. Deep in the heart of Rio de Janeiro is the municipality of Petropolis known as the Imperial City, once recognized as the home of the Emperor of the Former Portuguese Empire, Petropolis is now home to many people – many living on a minimum daily wage. But as a response to this great need, the Church Of Christ reached out to residents through a Care For Humanity event, aimed to provide assistance to those living in impoverished communities.


Michelle Peredo: Following, members distributed food care packages to those in attendance. Filled with daily essentials supplying residents with their daily needs. It is through humanitarian efforts like the Care For Humanity project held in recent years in Brazil, that the Church Of Christ has provided care to residents in Rio de Janeiro…


Rafaela Soares De Souza (Recipient, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil): It came at the right time, thank God, precisely when I needed it. I’m not lying to you, I’m speaking honestly. I am very grateful for everything that happened here.


Marcia Cristina (Central De Pais E Amigos Dos Excepcionais De Magé): Speaking as a social worker, knowing how we live in a needy community, they need this help and are thankful that this is what the Church Of Christ is always doing.


Michelle Peredo: The resulting impact of this recently held Care For Humanity event is a continuation of the ongoing humanitarian efforts of the Church Of Christ as another Care For Humanity event took place in Brazil. The most important help that the Church Of Christ extended to guests was the knowledge about the truth through a study of the words of God led by Supervising Minister, Brother Rene Manansala. Despite impoverished conditions, members were unhindered in their efforts to provide care to their fellowmen by also sharing their faith in hopes that more would be brought to the true Church.


We take our next visit north to the ecclesiastical district of Ottawa, where members came together for a special gathering and grand oath taking of new Church officers housed at the Pierrefonds Community High School Auditorium in Montreal.


Led in a preaching by Supervising Minister, Brother Jose Razon II, newly inducted Church officers accepted duties with full dedication uniting with the goal in being an extending help to the Church Administration. New Church officers like Aliyah, were among those who took oath, eager to guide and teach youth members in this part of the world.


Aliyah Collantes (CWS Coordinator, Vaudreuil, Ottawa): I wanted to take oath as a CWS coordinator because I want to help intensify the faith of the young ones, who are the future of the Church.


Yasmin Abilar (CWS Assistant Chairperson, Vaudreuil, Ottawa): It entails a great duty that we have to be an example to our brethren, so that we may be able to give them inspiration in worshiping our Almighty God.


Michelle Peredo: Despite busy schedules, the newly inducted officers were unmoved in their conviction to care for members here after being entrusted with their respective duties.


Carlo Marquez (District Kadiwa President, Montreal, Ottawa): For me, the definition of being a leader is being more of a servant, or to be more of help to the brethren under my care. And I find solace when I’m here, especially like in the special gathering. It’s just only in the Church where I can find really the peace that I need.


Brother Jose Razon Ii (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa): We would like to once again sincerely extend our heartfelt thanks to our most beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for his endless love and care for the welfare of the Church. Even though we are in this part of the world and far from distance from our dearest brother, we can truly feel his love and his concern for each of us. So it is our solemn promise that we will not waste the labors of the messenger and the labors of the present Church Administration in striving to bring us all to our spiritual maturity and also in leading the brethren here so that all of us will attain the promised eternal life.


Michelle Peredo: New officers continue to be added to the Church Of Christ as we take our next visit to the ecclesiastical district of Manitoba, where another special gathering was held for new Church officers in taking oath held at the house of worship in Winnipeg South. This historic milestone was marked as hundreds of new Church officers were added and where a preaching of the words of God was led by Supervising Minister, Brother Roland Andrade.


Brother Roland Andrade (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Manitoba): The membership continues to grow far and beyond. We need more officers to take care of the growing flock and make sure that all the brethren under our care be prepared on receiving salvation and merit that promise upon the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Michelle Peredo: The oath-taking of new Church officers included youth members, like Daniella, inspired to help lead her fellow youth members in this part of the world.


Daniella Suarez (Local Secretary & Binhi President, Regina, Manitoba): I’ve always aspired to be a leader and also to lead not only other members of the Church Of Christ but especially [the] Binhi, and I feel really wonderful and I feel really wonderful because I’ve been waiting for this moment.

Kayla Padilla (District Kadiwa Officer, Weston, Manitoba): Truly it is a blessing because not only are we entrusted with more duties unto God, but also we have just more opportunities to get really close to other brethren in the Church.


Michelle Peredo: In taking on new leadership roles, new Church officers are further inspired to be instrumental in helping the Church Administration.


Alvin Pamadanan (Los Officer, Manitoba): It’s very humbling and I am thankful that our Lord God is entrusting me with this duty, and I pray to God that He will help me in fulfilling this role to the best of my abilities so that I’d be a good help to the Church Administration.


Michelle Peredo: Members continue to show their support in caring for the Church as we head west to the ecclesiastical district of Hawaii Pacific. On the island of Maui, another special gathering was held for members to take oath as new Church officers held at the house of worship in Wailuku. The special gathering was led by supervising Minister Brother Gem Baitan, reminding new officers of the importance in holding officers in the Church Of Christ.


Michelle Peredo: The special gathering was then followed with an oath-taking of new Church officers, who were inspired to further help in strengthening the faith of their fellow members.


Leslie Anne Santiago (Choir Member/Local Secretary, Wailuku, Hawaii-Pacific): This has inspired me to be more active in fulfilling my duties. So hearing tonight’s lesson reminded me that although I may be going through tests and trials, you know, I can always fall back to fulfilling my duties and gain the strength and courage to continue on in serving God.


Janae Bulosan (Choir Member, Wailuku, Hawaii-Pacific): This activity had not only inspired me by strengthening my faith all the more, but it had also reminded me to always perform my duties with love and joy in my heart.


Michelle Peredo: As a result of the growth of the Church Of Christ, members continue to express their love and concern in caring for the needs of the Church and their fellowmen. It is through these activities that more are eager to learn more about the Church Of Christ. If you want to learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit, and subscribe to our YouTube channel at INCMedia.Official.




Michelle Peredo: Well, that does it for us on INCNews World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Michelle Peredo. Thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.

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INC Activities Around the World Pt. 2