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‘Faith Speaks’ Storytellers Inspire Audiences in San Diego, CA

In San Diego, California, through an INC Media 'Faith Speaks' LIVE event, we hear inspiring individuals take the stage and share their testimonies of faith.


Naomi De La Cruz: Welcome back to INC News World.

Faith Speaks is a program of the Church Of Christ where its members tell inspiring stories about how they navigate life’s problems with the guidance of God. And in Chula Vista, California, we meet a group of speakers who have fearlessly shared their life stories, captivating the audience with profound inspiration. Jerrica Lea Adlawan has the details.


Jerrica Lea Adlawan: Janet and Roland Atencio, were among the live audience front and center at Faith Speaks San Diego to support their son, Sam, who was one of the speakers.

Rolando and Janet Atencio (Chula Vista, California): We have no idea. We keep on peeking when he was, like, practicing. But he said, “Mom, I can’t because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: Faith Speaks is a live storytelling event in the Church Of Christ that showcases individuals’ inspiring journeys of overcoming life’s challenges with the guidance of God, revealing how they discovered profound purpose amidst even the most difficult moments. And for the Atencios, they saw first hand all the challenges Sam went through. 

Rolando and Janet Atencio (Chula Vista, California): It’s difficult. There’s a lot of struggles. He has a problem with speaking. He has a speech delay, stutter. People, kids will be mean sometimes and rude. They’re going to belittle him.

Sam Atencio (Chula Vista, California): This speech delay was partly because of some brain damage from a near-death experience.

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: Despite those struggles, Janet and Roland do their best to be there for Sam any way that they can.

Rolando and Janet Atencio (Chula Vista, California): I want him to know that I am there every step of the way. 

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: Throughout his life, the most important thing that they taught Sam as a member of the Church Of Christ is to always trust in God.

Rolando and Janet Atencio (Chula Vista, California): I want you to understand that your faith should be bigger than your fear. Never, never lose your hope. Always pray It does nothing is impossible. And everybody will listen to you someday. And it happened.

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: The Faith Speaks event held in Chula Vista began with a pre-show of a special INCMedia Live, giving away prizes to attendees. And afterwards, the Faith Speaks featured five speakers that came from various local congregations throughout San Diego County. These speakers told their stories of faith, including topics such as “Building Grit and Resilience” and Healing The Negative Thoughts.” For the storytellers, they hoped that those who heard their stories know that they truly are not alone.

Taylor Joy Lagpacan (Faith Speaks Storyteller, Chula Vista, California): You can find fulfillment in life through things other than just your work because of God’s goodness and the lessons that I’ve learned over these past months, I realized that He has good plans in store for me in the future.

Chelsea Malicdem (Faith Speaks Storyteller, Chula Vista, California): The struggles deserve to be validated because, you know, we’re still all human living in this world. It’s super important to to acknowledge that. But for us as members of the Church, you know, we’re always taught to believe in trust, in rely on our Almighty God.

Adrian Villanueva (Faith Speaks Storyteller, Chula Vista, California): I hope that no matter how old someone was, that was listening to my story, that they always check up on the younger members or the older members that could be going through difficult experiences because those experiences aren’t defined by age.

Brother Christian De Dios (Minister of the Gospel): There’s a common theme that whatever problem they had, the solution was the same. To trust in, believe and rely on what God can do for them. And that was also the main theme of our activity today as well. They all had their own challenges, but they got through it because they put their trust in God.

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: All in attendance, were inspired and strengthened by the stories they had heard from the speakers at the Faith Speaks event.

Ivan Medida (Chula Vista, California): I felt emotional from each story, having to hear each of the brethren. There is some part of their own story that I can relate to…

Giancarlo Cruz (North San Diego, California): It really moved me. What people can learn from Adrian, whenever there’s so much chaos in the world around them, in their lives and nobody, they feel that nobody is around to help them. There really is somebody and that’s God that you can rely on. And that’s always a helpful reminder. Don’t ever feel that you’re truly isolated in the world because you always have somebody.

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: And Sam told his story called “I Find Confidence Through My Family”, a story that his parents did not know that Sam would speak about.

Samuel Atencio (Faith Speaks Storyteller, Chula Vista, California): For me it was me finding my voice, how God helped me through my struggles that you guys are not alone. God will always be there for you.

Rolando and Janet Atencio (Chula Vista, California): Hearing my son speaking in front of everyone makes me feel very happy. We’re so humbled and thankful and grateful for everything. And it was a surprise. in my mind thinking, He listens. He knows. He declared to everybody he loves us. That’s so sweet. I can take that in my heart forever.

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: Faith Speaks events in the Church Of Christ give members the opportunity to share their stories to the world of overcoming trials and struggles through their faith, hope and trust in the Almighty God.

Jerrica Lea Adlawan: To watch this episode and more of the program Faith Speaks, visit or visit our incmedia app. From Chula Vista, California, Jerrica Adlawan for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.


Naomi De La Cruz: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our YouTube channel and on streaming platforms. I’m Naomi De La Cruz and thank you for joining us. Stay safe and we’ll see you next time. God bless.

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‘Faith Speaks’ Storytellers Inspire Audiences in San Diego, CA