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Earthquake Victim Finds Hope Amid Calamity

Amid calamity in Haiti, people find hope in discovering the true faith; a man who learns the prophecy of God's Messenger is inspired to seek the truth.


RICHIE FERRERA: This week on INC News World: the true Words of God reach remote regions in Haiti. And in Southern Africa, a man who learns about the doctrine of God’s Messenger is inspired to seek the true Church.


RICHIE FERRERA: Welcome back to INC News World, I’m Richie Ferrera, as we continue this week’s episode. Haiti’s outlook for 2022 continues to be grim. With back-to-back earthquakes in different regions and the rising levels of poverty and lack of daily necessities, the nation continues to face challenges. But these challenges have not stopped the true religion from reaching even remote areas of Haiti, improving their spiritual lives for the better.


SYLVESTER, LEJEAN (RESIDENT – KASHON, HAITI): [During the earthquake] it was shaking a lot.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: The earthquakes and floods 2022 shook once again the lives of Haitians, destroying structures and taking lives.  But for Sylvester, his spirit wasn’t broken.

SYLVESTER, LEJEAN (RESIDENT – KASHON, HAITI): Even with that earthquake, we didn’t die. I’m still alive so all of us needed to pray more because God saved us.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: A prayer that also led him to the true faith.

SYLVESTER, LEJEAN (RESIDENT – KASHON, HAITI): I am always praying to God to show me the path to the true Church.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Prayers that led him to not only know the true faith while attending Bible studies within the Church Of Christ, but also receive the true baptism while living in the remote area of Kashon, one of the numerous mountainous regions near Petit Goave. Leaving his former religion behind due to the truth he received.

SYLVESTER, LEJEAN (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – KASHON, HAITI): It was because the teachings all came from the Bible.  In the Bible studies I learned that Lutheran beliefs aren’t the truth that I see today in the Church Of Christ. They are preaching the truth and that is the reason I became a member of the Church Of Christ. 

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Sylvester was part of the overwhelming response of residents in accepting the true faith leading to multiple baptisms conducted over a three-day period throughout Haiti in the Ecclesiastical District of the Caribbean.  Including other areas like Les Palmes and in Petit Goave through special worship services led by the Supervising Minister, Brother Esteban Inocencio and the Assistant Supervising Minister, Brother Ruben Bustos, Jr.

BROTHER RUBEN BUSTOS, JR. (ASSISTANT SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF CARIBBEAN): Well, firstly, we are commanded by God to help those who are truly in need, in fulfillment of the will of our Father in heaven.  Another very important reason is so that we would be able to introduce people to not only the true Church but also putting their trust in what our Father can do. Most especially during these difficult times.

GUSTAVE VITAL (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – LES PALMES, HAITI): I was introduced to the Church Of Christ and I see how it helps me walk on the right path. I joined because I want to know the truth through God’s Words and I want salvation and I know that it’s through obeying God’s commandments. 

BROTHER ESTEBAN INOCENCIO (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF CARIBBEAN): The intensive work to share our faith goes unhindered no matter what country it may be. No matter what part of the world. And we could see that even if we are in dangerous places or even in countries that are suffering because of economic, as well as political turmoil, God’s Words remain unhindered.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Another important command of God that the Church Of Christ obeys is helping our fellowmen. Especially those who are in need. It’s this reason that the Church Of Christ also conducted an Aid to Humanity in Les Palmes and Kashon to help those living in impoverished areas especially affected by the recent earthquake.

 SYLVESTER, LEJEAN (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – KASHON, HAITI): It’s a blessing, such a blessing. I say thank you to all the members throughout the world and especially to the Executive Minister for the great work we have seen here. Even though I can’t see him face to face, we now have the true faith because of what he teaches regarding the truth about the Church Of Christ.  

MICHAEL ROBINSON: As Church membership continues to grow throughout Haiti so do its congregations and places of Bible studies for more to learn about the true faith and change lives for the better. If you live in Haiti and want to learn more or know of those who live in Haiti and want to help them come to learn about the true faith, visit and click the worship with us tab and find a congregation near you to speak to a Minister Of The Gospel. Michael Robinson,  Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.


RICHIE FERRERA: South Africa, with over 60 million people remains the 23rd most populous nation in the world. And it is also here, we also see the growing population of the true faith.


RICHIE FERRERA: Working as a security guard in Ladybrand, South Africa, Moses never had a religious foundation. Until he decided to make it his driving motivation to find the true one, and through a friend, was introduced to the Church Of Christ.

MOSES MPHENE (RESIDENT, LADYBRAND, SOUTH AFRICA): I went through the Bible studies of the Church Of Christ. And I learned so much.

RICHIE FERRERA: And he was amazed at what he discovered.

MOSES MPHENE (RESIDENT, LADYBRAND, SOUTH AFRICA): My first worship experience was that I found it very peaceful inside the [house of worship]. And the preaching was very, very good. And the singing was outstanding.

RICHIE FERRERA: Along with being impressed by the way worship services in the Church Of Christ were conducted, there was one thing about this particular religion that proved he found the right one.

MOSES MPHENE (RESIDENT, LADYBRAND, SOUTH AFRICA): The lesson that stood out for me is the lesson about the true Messenger, [who] is Brother Felix Y. Manalo. That really, really made me join because he [preached] the true Gospel and he’s a true Messenger in these last days.

RICHIE FERRERA: After learning about and believing all the true doctrines found in the Holy Scriptures, it was today that he and many others in the Ecclesiastical District of South Africa received the Holy Baptism. Officiated by Supervising Minister, Brother Sheridon Santos, members from around the district gathered in Manzini while other sites, such as Ladybrand, King William’s Town, and Nelspruit  connected via video conferencing to witness the glorious day of the newly baptized.

BROTHER SHERIDON SANTOS (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF SOUTH AFRICA): Our hope for those who were recently baptized is that all of us would come to receive what was promised by God, which is our salvation.


RICHIE FERRERA: With the Words of God spreading rapidly in this part of the world, God’s work continues to be fulfilled. More are discovering the true faith with the help of members around the district and their care for their fellowmen.

ELIZABETH MARITI (INC MEMBER, LADYBRAND, SOUTH AFRICA): It’s very important to share my faith with other people. I feel so grateful when I did share my faith with other people and I become more strong in the faith knowing and seeing that each and every Word or preaching in the Church, the ministers always read from the Bible. They just give us the Word of God. That’s why I am so grateful to introduce that to people knowing that by doing that, lots of people will be saved.

BROTHER RONNIE VER GAMBOA (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): We travel long distances, to go to far places such as villages, to preach the Gospel. And even during this time of pandemic with the help of our Almighty God, we were able to bear much fruit.

BROTHER SHERIDON SANTOS (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF SOUTH AFRICA): When it comes to what is true, Scripture teaches us that truth and salvation is connected together. It is our faith and it is our desire that more people would come to know what is truth that we continue to share with our friends and our loved ones. That we may be able to fulfill what God desires. 

RICHIE FERRERA: As members continue to find inspiration to share the Words of God with as many people as they can, more discover the hope and true faith that is found inside the Church Of Christ. If you want to learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit us at and click the worship with us tab and type in your location to find a congregation near you to speak with a Minister of the Gospel.


RICHIE FERRERA: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. tune in every Friday for new episodes of INC News World on I’m Richie Ferrera. On behalf of the entire INC News World team, thank you for joining and we hope you continue to stay safe wherever you may be. We’ll see you next time. Have a great weekend and God bless! [/expand]

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Earthquake Victim Finds Hope Amid Calamity