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Celebrating 109 Years: INC’s Remarkable Growth and Successes in Propagation

We reflect on God's blessings to the Church Of Christ since the last anniversary, including the victories around the world. n part one, we remember the tremendous growth experienced by the Church— as many were baptized and how the true faith reached many new places.


Celebrating 109 Years: INC’s Remarkable Growth and Successes in Propagation


Michelle Peredo: Welcome to this special episode of INC News World, marking the 109th anniversary of the Church Of Christ’s establishment in the Philippines. I’m Michelle Peredo. And to all the members around the world, happy anniversary. Despite struggles, it has been another eventful year since the last anniversary, filled with God’s blessings and another year to be thankful for our faith, the guidance of the Church Administration, and the victories God outpoured to His Church.


And part of those victories is how the true faith was able to reach more people than ever. For the first part of this special episode, we take a look at the intensive work of propagation happening throughout the world and how individuals coming from different walks of life were able to receive the holy baptism. From Ladybrand, South Africa, Brother Zach Mahanetsa has that report.




Zach Mahanetsa: As the Church continues to reach more places around the world, the number of members also increases in various continents, like here in Africa, through many receiving the holy baptism.


Malehloa Jeanette Tladi (Newly Baptized Member, Southern Africa): Back then, I only knew that there was God, but I didn’t understand. God showed me the way and taught me how to attain salvation.


Marie De Wee (Newly Baptized Member, Southern Africa): The reason why I joined the Church Of Christ– it taught me a lot about the Bible and they taught me that there is only one God. So, that is why I joined the Church Of Christ.


Zach Mahanetsa: More continue to discover the true faith coming from all walks of life and different religions. 


Robert Otthenthal (Newly Baptized Member, Winslow, New Jersey): The Church has been nothing but blessings to me. It’s an honor to be a part of this Church.


Vishal Pillay (Newly Baptized Member, Ba, Fiji): I am a newly baptized member and I’m so grateful. I’m looking forward that the Church Of Christ will flourish in Fiji.


Emmanuel Matthew (Newly Baptized Member, Papua New Guinea): All my doubts and questions I had in my mind were all gone now that I am inside the Church Of Christ. Now, I see that the Church Of Christ is the only one true Church.


Zach Mahanetsa: And across all continents from different ethnicities.


Andrea Posterli (Newly Baptized Member, Sicily, Italy): I feel or at least I hope to be a person who is reborn because clearly with baptism, we are reborn. It’s a new life. I feel the fervor of this motivation, which I truly delight.


KAZUYOSHI KIHATA (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER, ICHIKAWA, JAPAN): Other Christian religions are difficult to understand, but this Church is easy to understand and I was able to learn that it is totally different from other religions like Catholicism, and that it is properly based on the Bible.


TANYELA KAUKOHE (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER, REPUBLIC OF TONGA): After my baptism, it’s like the Holy Spirit came upon me and gave me strength. Being in this Church has helped me change my life. [It] transformed the way I think, the way I do things, the way I deal with people.


Juana Ayala Castrejón (Newly Baptized Member, Mexico): I’ll move forward. I won’t give up, never leave the teachings of the word of God because in them, we have eternal life. The Scriptures is everything we need for our salvation.


Norwin Saloman (Newly Baptized Member, Union City, California): It is the most memorable day of my life. There is a lot of joy and happiness in my heart right now. I’m a full-fledged member of [the] Church Of Christ.


Angela Reid (Newly Baptized Member, Oakland, California): After going to worship service constantly and going to Bible studies and actually learning the true word of God. I wanted to keep coming more and more and learning more. It just changed me. I am so happy. I’m very blessed and I’m so thankful.


Glen Harris (Newly Baptized Member, Monterey, California): Bible studies and the worship services pertain directly to the way the Bible was written, in the way it should be done. I believe strongly in this faith. It was my decision. I’m glad I went the direction that I did and I’m looking forward for the future and continuing what I can do to help with the Church Of Christ.


Grace White (Newly Baptized Member, Winslow, New Jersey): We found the real Church Of Christ. This is the one.


Milton White (Newly Baptized Member, Winslow, New Jersey): All these years you’re being told of all these things from the [former religion] church, and then you go into the Church Of Christ and it’s totally different. No matter which [minister] comes up there to speak. I thank God, I’m here.


Ella Wise (Newly Baptized Member, Temple Hills, Maryland): I know that I’m gonna serve, I’m going to serve God in this Church with all my heart and soul. Because it’s a beautiful thing. Really beautiful. Choosing the Lord Christ Jesus means more to me than anything you can imagine.


Zach Mahanetsa: Through the leadership of the Church Administration, the campaign of propagating the true faith never ceases, as members put into practice, sharing with their friends, loved ones,  and neighbors the good news changing their lives for the better.


Ronald Lim (INC Member): I attended the [Mormon service] and even SDA [Seventh-Day Adventists] and Jehovah’s Witness. I was invited to attend [and to listen to the] Church’s doctrine. I was a young teenager. As a convert of the Church Of Christ, I am very delighted to be able to bring a visitor today. It gives glory to the Lord God.


June Phil (Guest): Regarding the lesson, it is far different from the other religion. Teaching is really based on the Bible.


Zach Mahanetsa: And so, more continue to learn more about the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ. They are welcomed with open arms, gaining a second family.


Interviewee: It’s so nice. It’s a good feeling because of being around all the brethren.


Yuichiro Miyamori (INC Member, Yokota, Japan): When I joined the Church, everyone welcomed me, so when other people join, I want to welcome them.


Zach Mahanetsa: I am brother Zach Mahanetsa for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.




Michelle Peredo: No matter where in the world, many continue to join the true faith and with the growth in membership, the need to establish group worship services and local congregations also grow. Year after year, the Church continues to reach new countries, new territories. And for members throughout Europe, they celebrate 50 years of growth and most especially God’s blessings. Rachele Mattera from London, United Kingdom has more.




Rachele Mattera: All across Europe, leading up to a milestone anniversary of 50 years, a series of events continue to be conducted. From special worship services to evangelical missions in commemoration, like here in the United Kingdom.


Brother Joel San Pedro (Minister Of The Gospel, INC Overseas Mission Office): In Europe, we have the upcoming 50th anniversary, a significant milestone of victories of God’s mighty hand helping His people. We are further gearing above all for the greatest celebration of the entire Church where Brother Eduardo Manalo wants to make sure [that] not even one member ever gets left behind. Because of that celebration of God’s words leading us to God’s eternal kingdom, our salvation when our Lord Jesus returns.


Rachele Mattera: All in commemoration of the growth of the Church Of Christ in places like Europe. The Church Of Christ, comprising over 165 countries and territories and over 150 ethnicities continues to grow, reaching more places throughout the world.


And within a span of one year, from July 2022 to July 2023, over 350 local congregations and group worship services were added outside the Philippines. 


Brother Ramil Regino (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Mediterranean): God continues to work miracles in this part of the world.


Rachele Mattera: From various parts of Europe… to North America.


Barbara Guthrie (Inc Member, Cleburne, Gws, Texas): It is a blessing to start the worship service here in Cleburne. It gives people here the opportunity to hear God’s words and be able to serve Him the right way. Even in the snow or in the rain, God said serve Him no matter what. And that is the blessing that God had granted us to be able to have this group worship service.


Rachele Mattera: South America…


Reyna Navarro (INC Member, Chorrera, Panama): [I am] happy! Seeing the growth of the Church [Of Christ] makes us strong already. And we know that we have to continue inviting [people] so that the Church would continue to grow even stronger here in Panama.


Rachele Mattera: Australia…


Sheetal Pillay (Inc Member, Ba, Fiji): We thank all the ministers who give us teachings from the Bible, which is the truth, and now we’re part of this Church Of Christ family.


Rachele Mattera: Africa and Asia. And the growth continues as members unceasingly share the true faith found in the Church Of Christ.


As we celebrate the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s 109th anniversary and the 50th anniversary in Europe, members unite in celebration all around the world for the Church’s continuous growth and God’s blessings to His people. I’m Rachele Mattera reporting for the Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.


Michelle Peredo: Coming up on INC News World, we continue this special episode by commemorating the 109th anniversary of the Church Of Christ in part two. We’ll see you there.

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Celebrating 109 Years: INC’s Remarkable Growth and Successes in Propagation