How to Decide on a Religion?

A hooded young man walks down a grand staircase away from a large stone cathedral; Text reads "Can you change your religion?"

Is there a true religion? And if you find the right church can you even change your religion, or is that a sin? How do you decide on a religion?

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Hand reaching out for help with the graphics titled, "It's Okay to Ask for Help".

It can be difficult to ask for help. How do you go about asking for help? Tune in on this episode of Heart And Soul to learn more about the benefits of asking for help.

How Much Do Words Matter?

Hand on book while turning page

We ask the question “How much do words matter?” And hear from a published author about her journey in deciding to share positive words through her children’s book and later hear from a Clinical Psychologist about the neuroscience behind how words we hear, read, and even say really matter and why our words are so powerful.

Mantenerse positivo frente a la negatividad

a glass half-filled with water

Mantenerse positivo en el mundo de hoy puede ser un desafío, pero la Biblia nos muestra cómo superar esa negatividad que podría influir en nosotros.

(Staying positive in today’s world can be a challenge, but the Bible shows us how to overcome the negativity that might influence us.)

La Biblia: ¿Está abierta a interpretación?

Hand holding up an open Bible

¿Alguien puede simplemente abrir la Biblia y entender o predicar las palabras de Dios? ¿Es así de simple? Aprenda la verdad sobre esta enseñanza. [Can someone simply open the Bible and understand or preach the words of God? Is it that simple? Discover the truth about this teaching now.]

Was Thomas Wrong in John 20:28?

Bible opened to John 20:28; text reads "My Lord and My God" - Apostle Thomas

When Apostle Thomas said to Jesus “My Lord and my God!” in John 20:28, was he proclaiming Jesus to be God? Was he wrong, or was he right?