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How should husbands treat their wives?

A man and woman sitting on a couch together speaking; He looks concerned, and she is defiantly crossing her arms. Text reads: "Should men dictate how women should live?"

A viewer asked “Should men dictate the lives of women?” What are God’s commandments for how husbands and wives should treat each other for a happy and peaceful life? You asked, the Bible answers.

Teamwork And Its Worth

Hands in during team huddle with God's Message podcast episode name "Teamwork And Its Worth"

‘Together Everyone Achieves More’—is this true? Does TEAMwork really work? Find out now in this episode of God’s Message podcast.

Keeping Your Christian Faith While in College

Vector art of two girls, one wearing a college cap

Meet Marielle and Chanelle. Marielle is an incoming college freshman and is getting advice from Chanelle, who graduated college last year and actually moved away overseas to study abroad. They’re having the tough conversation on how to keep your faith while away in college with new found freedom and surrounded by so much temptations. They’ll talk about how college can actually be a time to be even closer to God.

Christian Brotherhood

photo of two men in vector art

In this first episode of our “Thank You Series,” we hear about a friendship that has lasted over 30 years. Brother Eric Waterman surprises Brother Bob Pellien to thank him for the impact and change he’s had in his life. It’s a heartfelt conversation between two ministers of the gospel whose lives are connected by their duty and love for God.

Can I be a Christian and a Scientist?

A man in a collared shirt and tie surrounded by science textbooks, and a Bible, studying. Text reads: "Can I be a Good Christian and a Scientist?"

Does science and knowledge go against the Bible? A viewer asked “If I study science, am I a bad person?” Hear Bible verses about false science.

What is a Wellness Journal

Journaling in a wellness journal

When is comes to journaling how do you go about writing? How do you start a wellness journal? What do you put in it? More so, how does journaling help our faith?

On Following My Dad’s Footsteps

Meet a father and son who have both decided to devote their lives in the holy ministry. Brother Donald Pinnock, the host of the INC Media show, “The Solution” will be talking with his son, Brother Daniel Pinnock, who followed in his father’s footsteps. They’ll take us back to their journey on how their life-changing decision to answer God’s call to the ministry has given their lives purpose and meaning. And Brother Daniel seeks fatherly advice on parenting as he and his wife raise two young sons of their own.