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Facing Life’s Woes

Man bowed down in sorrow

No one is exempt from experiencing problems and hardships in life. But, how can we properly deal with these troubles? Learn more in this episode of the God’s Message podcast. Visit Pasugo: God’s Message Magazine to read more articles on how God’s words can guide your life.

Is Killing in War a Sin?

A soldier in camouflage grips his bag; text reads “Is killing in war sinful?”

The Bible has very strict instructions concerning murder. But what about killing in war? Can a Christian serve in the military and fight for their country?

The Biblical Teachings About Mary

Figures illustrating Joseph with Mary holding Jesus Christ as a newborn baby

The Virgin Mary is said to be sinless and the mother of God. But are these “titles” biblically sound? Find out the truth on this episode of the God’s Message podcast.

How many gods are there?

A group of colorful statues of humans representing gods; text reads "Is there one God, or many gods?"

People ask: Who is Jesus? Is there one God, or many gods? Is there a true god among them? How can God be three: Father, Son and Spirit? The Bible clarifies.

Are All Sins Equal?

A sin point in many directions towards many kinds of sins; text reads "Are there different kinds of sins?"

What is a sin? Are all sins the same? Do people pay for their sins? According to the Bible, Is there a proper and improper way to be forgiven of sins?

Are God and Jesus Christ the Same Person?

A ray of sunshine emerges from the clouds upon a vast landscape; text reads "What is God's state of existence?"

What is the difference between God and Jesus? What is the nature of Christ and is that the difference between God and Jesus? Hear the discussion in this live studio recording.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

A sad person slouching in shadows; text reads "Does a compassionate God allow suffering?"

Does a compassionate God allow suffering? If we suffer because we all have sinned, how do we receive the forgiveness of our sins? How do we stop suffering?

Enjoying God’s Gifts

Young woman smiling with God's Message podcast episode title Enjoying God's gifts

Despite the problems and challenges in life, God blessed mankind with gifts for their happiness and wellbeing. Learn more in this episode of God’s Message podcast.

Los beneficios de poner Dios primero

a chapel in front of a yellow background

Aunque parece que no hay suficiente tiempo en el día para hacer todo, ¿por qué es importante poner a Dios primero en nuestras vidas? ¿Hay algún beneficio?